Most People Don’t Realize How Big These 5 Crypto Coins Will Be…

Big things are happening in crypto today With these five coins coin number five Today and case in point the leading Presidential candidate in Argentina just Explained crypto better than any public Official could have ever done Argentina Is a country in dire need of the Financial Freedom Bitcoin can provide This is a 90-second clip with subtitles So tune in Inflation Representative Problems Hernandez Foreign Privado Foreign Lumens invests in MoneyGram gets a seat On the board so as you know Stellar is a Cryptocurrency like an xrp in the sense That they're focusing on cross-border Payments and remittances stellar and MoneyGram have had a business Relationship these last few years the Move follows a commercial partnership The two entities forged two years ago Where MoneyGram partnered with the Stellar development foundation to Facilitate crypto payments and to launch A cash to crypto service well the news Today is that Stellar just invested now His ownership in MoneyGram and in a Direct quote from Stellar Foundation CEO She says during the recent go private

Transaction with the Madison Dearborn Partners Stellar became a minority Investor in MoneyGram International the Investment was made out of Stellar's own Cash treasury which are the assets set Aside to support the operations of the Stellar development foundation rather Than the Enterprise fund a fund to Invest in startups in early stage Companies this is the first investment Of its kind made from the Stellar Development funds treasury so Stellar Sees this investment more as supporting Operations rather than investing in an Early stage startup their CEO added that The investment gave stelder a seat on Moneygram's board of directors and would Help bolster moneygram's digital Business expansion by exploring Blockchain technology and next piece of News from sponsor of the channel Islamiccoin Sharia compliant Islamic Coin secures 200 million dollars in Funding from digital actually this Does bring their total up to 400 million Dollars in total funding and with Multiple members of the UAE royal family On their board as well as Islamic coin Being a hundred percent Sharia compliant Digital money meaning it serves the Muslim Community meaning it promotes Islamic values and as detailed by their Founder they do have a big September Coming up dear friends and steam

Partners after securing a record Breaking 400 million dollars in funding From throughout the world we are Incredibly excited and proud to announce A groundbreaking development that Carries profound implications for the World of finance and the global Muslim Community it is my pleasure to announce That the Islamic coin will start Launching on top cryptocurrency Exchanges from 1st of September even Before launch we have already received International recognition we have Recently signed a partnership with ddcap Group opening the doors to Collaborations with over 350 Banks Offering products to Muslim audience we Are incredibly proud to announce our Partnership with cameras one of the Largest Halal certification agencies in The world so I guess one of the big Value props is because the Muslim Community is so big globally and they Need to live their lives as Sharia Compliant as possible this is that Cryptocurrency to serve the community And promote Islamic values in a direct Quote from the co-founder he says Islam Is the world's second largest religion With almost 2 billion followers that's Roughly a quarter of the world's Population we know that adoption will Happen gradually however if only three To four percent of the Muslim online

Community will hold Islamic coin it will Become a Bitcoin scale crypto asset it Will generate a trillion dollars for its Holders and a hundred billion dollars For the Evergreen Dao and the Evergreen Dao specifically will be to support Projects in the Muslim Community or Given to Islamic Charities so they are Believers give me your thoughts on this Down below and if you want to stay Involved I encourage you to follow them On Twitter as well as download link down Below their native wallet to increase Your chances of any potential airdrop But another big piece of news for the Cosmos ecosystem see or say the Blockchain designed for trading goes Live but frustration mounts over airdrop So say is a new trading Focus blockchain Backed by jump crypto and multi-coin Capital the first day the market cap Jumped to over 400 million and a big Reason for that why the trading volume For say has stopped over 1.6 billion in The last 24 hours is because on day one It got listed on coinbase binance Kraken All listings say in tandem with the Network's debut and people are excited Say is a new network built using the Cosmos SDK and it's specifically for Traders the organizing principle behind Say is that it's an application specific Network unlike general purpose Blockchains like Bitcoin and ethereum

That have evolved to support a range of Use cases say is designed with a special Focus on speed low fees and other Features specially tuned to support Certain kinds of trading apps in a Direct quote from co-founder of the Project Jeff Fang he says every single Successful application in crypto right Now is either directly or indirectly a Trading application what we observed is That trading applications built on chain Right now they just cannot scale we Think the solution is a fundamental Rewrite of the underlying infrastructure So if you like trading you might like This but let's remember injective Injective 2.0 is also in a similar use Case now injective describes themselves As the fastest L1 blockchain for finance Backed by binance Pantera and Mark Cuban And the news today injective today is Releasing its largest tokenomic upgrade Yet which can dramatically increase the Amount of injective burned weekly now All daps built on injective can Contribute to the inj burn auction with No limit of how much they can burn so Again tokenomics wise this may make Injective deflationary as the Advent of The current crypto industry with the Launch of Bitcoin introduced us to the Idea of real sound digital money the Injective ecosystem takes this one step Further by creating an entirely new

System that allows for the creation of True ultrasound money so again make your Own decisions I would love to know are You more into say are you more into Inge And an update on Donald Trump's crypto Portfolio as you may remember a few days Ago through a series of Legal Financial Disclosures from Trump we found out he Had at least half a million dollars of Crypto in an ethereum wallet this was Proven well now new filings show Something more the former president's Holdings now make him a whale despite His past skepticism about Cryptocurrencies so this is what we know Today that in a fresh set of financial Disclosure documents submitted to the Office of government ethics Trump Reported owning just over 2.8 million Dollars in cryptocurrency so if you want The visual proof you can head right on Over to our Twitter I tweeted The Source Here are Trump's recent disclosures and We can see right here on page 10 he now Discloses that he has 2.8 million Dollars of cryptocurrency in an ethereum Wallet as well as 4.8 million dollars From licensing fees licensing his name Out to those nfts and big piece of news Arbitrum layer 2 eth scalar arbitrum Will unlock 1.2 billion ARB in in March Of 2024. so this is a big warning if you Hold arbitrum this is called a cliff Unlock and the amount to be released

Equates to 87 percent of the tokens Circulating supplies why launch a token Yeah that's a great question so the Point that I comment is from is really The technical point and that's really The point where off chain Labs comes From and from a technical perspective A token is really a symptom the the Thing that we actually wanted to launch Was decentralization decentralized Governance where there is a Dao and There's no centralized entity that Controls the network so You know some people ask this question Like oh why now it's not like the token Is just the tool that you need to get The decentralization because again the Token was never the point the Decentralization and governance was the Point this is an ongoing story click Subscribe we drop one video per day you Do not want to miss it


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