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Earn rewards

by playing games

Imagine you are playing your favorite game or using your favorite running app and want to keep track of your score. Zappermint lets you log in, just like any other social media login system. When you zap an app, you log in and connect Zappermint to the app. From this point forward, your data is connected to your wallet's public address instead of your e-mail address. Sharing your user data (e-mail address, profile picture, friends list, ...) to be able to save points, stars, scores and other in-game items like subscription data is history.

Removing ads and paywalls

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No more ads

Users that stake a minimum amount of USDN in the Zappermint app can benefit from applications without ads, paywalls or subscriptions. The Zappermint smart contract acts as a bridge contract to reward developers with the generated yield of all the users staking USDN. Once a user logs in with Zappermint the developer can remove ads, paywalls or subscriptions because they get rewarded with the generated staking profit of the USDN pool.

Rewarding users

by minting tokens

When users are logged in with Zappermint and are staking USDN they start minting new ZAPP tokens based on screentime per month. The rewarded payouts happen on specific time intervals yet to be decided. So for example if an app is used 1 hour, the smart contract mints ZAPP tokens for that hour and divides the minted tokens between the users based on their share of screentime. The more you play or use apps the more your share of minted ZAPP tokens will be. The amount that you are staking will also be a factor that determines your share. Our token will be used to incentivize users to stake, for governance and boost developers rewards.

Rewarding developers

by generating yield

The amount of USDN from users is collected and from this pool of USDN an annual yield is generated. A small percentage of the profit goes to Zappermint for support, network cost, buffer, royalty and providing liquidity. The rest of the profit will be distributed to the developers that use Zappermint. The distribution is allocated in 2 ways: 1. The Standard pool is based on the screentime of your apps. The more users play or use your app, the bigger your share will be from this pool.
2. The Bonus pool is based on the screentime of your apps, the amount of ZAPP tokens a developers has in his wallet and the amount of ZAPP tokens the developer burned into the app NFT.

The Zappermint ecosystem

We need

apps and users

The Zappermint ecosystem works better and better with every app that integrates Zappermint. Due to its built-in network effect every user and developer will make the network stronger and stronger. Please start sharing and let us build an adless revenue model for developers. If you would like to keep getting the latest news, please join our community on Discord, Telegram and Twitter.

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1. Use apps without any ads, paywalls or subscriptions and own your data. 2. Get rewarded with ZAPP tokens by playing games or using apps. 3. Unstake your funds and reclaim your staked USDN whenever you want. 4. Use ZAPP token as governance and be part of the community. Vote on proposals and grow together with Zappermint.


1. Monetize without any ads, paywalls or subscriptions. 2. Integrate the Zappermint Login easily using the Zapp SDK. 3. Benefit from the built-in network effect to promote your apps on the Network. 4. Use ZAPP token as governance and be part of the community. Vote on proposals and grow together with Zappermint.

Be part of the community

This is not financial advice. Neither Zappermint protocol nor USDN inherently provide any guarantee for profits, token price and system or protocol stability. Staking USDN is subject to a variety of risks. Prior to obtaining the token, users must get familiar with the underlying technology and adhere to applicable laws to ensure they are authorized to legally obtain and interact with the token.