What’s in My Wallet | Young Millionaire Edition

All right so ladies and gents in this Video I'm gonna be going over what is Inside of my wallet as a millionaire now It's been quite some time since I last Made one of these videos and when I First started this series it was about Five years ago since then I've gone Through my fair share of wallets I've Used a lot of different brands I've used Some fake Louis Vuitton Brands over on Amazon shout out to the OG days if y'all Remember that you are definitely a real One and we've also had multiple Louis Vuitton pocket organizers got myself a Couple YSL wallets as well and then Eventually we finally upgraded to this Piece right here so for this video guys Here's the way I'm gonna break it down I'm going to talk about what I carry Inside of my wallet we're going to go Over the details of what this wallet Actually is whether I like it in Comparison to some of the ones that I Mentioned and most importantly we're Gonna be going over the content and how I use some of the credit cards in here As well all right so this wallet I've Had for about less than a year now it Was gifted to me by my girlfriend and Her parents ended up getting this in Europe I believe in Paris at the actual Goyard store and by now you guys should Know this is a go yard wallet first of All I love the quality this is actually

One of my favorite colors gray I love Just minimal colors if you guys know me Well enough by now and this wallet Actually fits a ton of cards and Different things so since then I've used This uh ever since I got back from Korea I used it in my different vacations I Used it on my Vegas trip and I carrot on Me day to day and it's been holding up Great what you will notice though with This wallet is that some parts of it is Peeling and that's not because the Quality is bad if anything the quality Is really good and what ended up Happening was right after I got this for Around my birthday time my puppy if any Of you guys by the way have golden Doodles you'll know they literally eat Everything these things are like living Vacuums especially as a puppy so shout Out to credit Astro loving to death but As a puppy he would be eating my socks He'd be eating anything he can get his Hands on or his paws on I'd rather say And one of those things he got his paws On was my wallet so I'm remember turning My back and I like see in the Peripherals of my eyesight like him like Doing something I see a great little I I'm like there's no way there's no way He got my wallet he ended up chewing it Up just a little bit so on this uh side Piece he went through the leather thank Goodness at that time he had baby teeth

Because if he did that now as you know More of a teenager dog or an adult teeth Dog this wallet would have been wrecked Regardless it is safe now and I've been Loving it so the way this wallet Functions is you have one main card slot Here you have two back pockets here and Then on top of that you also have two More spots here on the left goyard has Really minimal branding aside from like The uh actual design that they have Which is something I really appreciate Because I've never liked really loud Flashy colors and things like that I Really like subtle quiet type of wealth Now compared to some of the other Designer Brands I do like YSL a lot and It seems like the quality has also been Pretty consistent I used this card Holder right here it ended up fitting a Decent amount now what I did notice with This card holder is that because it has Such a slim profile you may be one of Those individuals that don't like Carrying all that bulk on you but for me When it comes to my wallet I like Carrying bulk and that's because I don't Ever want to lose my wallet so if this Is off of my person It's got a serious amount of weight on It compared to something like this I Wouldn't know if someone pickpocketed me Generally out of all the different Styles of wallets I've carried over the

Years too I realized that I love the Ones where it opens up just like this It's more convenient and I find that Even though this has a smaller profile There's just a lot more work where it Takes you to like try and pinch some of These cards out now most of the credit Cards that I use these days are now all Metal so if I use certain brands where The pockets are too tight it ends up Actually becoming a struggle and trying To pull all of them out now finally Let's go into the contents of what I Keep inside of here starting out with my Main primary card this is going to be The Chase Sapphire Reserve now normally What I keep within this primary slot is My American Express gold card because That is my most used credit card Whenever I go out to eat that's Generally when I'm carrying my wallet But I applied for the Chase Sapphire Reserve about a week or two ago and I'm Working on that welcome bonus so for Right now every purchase I make I'm Putting it on this card I also have a Cool little trip playing with my Girlfriend to Mexico soon so this is Another card that I'll be fully Utilizing for all the dining and travel Benefits to the left of that I actually Have a few cards one card that I always Keep on me is going to be a business Credit card now as most you guys know

From watching this video and from Hearing my story I own multiple Businesses and for that if I ever have a Business expense or a business meal with Co-workers with one of my employees or Just with other YouTubers within the Space I'm going to be putting that meal On a business credit card now although I Know I'm not going to be earning the Most amount of points like if I put that Restaurant meal on any other card like Say as an example even the gold card I Use my business credit card because it Easily separates my personal and Business expenses for me it's not worth Getting Forex versus just taking the L On the 1X if it means I have to go back And reconcile my books and tell my Bookkeeper by the way that was a Business meal can we move it over too Much work so I like keeping things Simple within this stage of my business I always tend to keep one business Credit card on me so whether this is the American Express business platinum or The business unlimited by Chase or any One of the other Chase Inc business Cards that I also have within my binder Now what I also have within my wallet is Going to be the American Express Platinum Card this is a fantastic travel Card and in my most recent few months I've been to Vegas and I was also in Austin Texas for another conference and

This is where that card came in handy I Used it for lounge access I used it to Purchase my flights and out of all the Cards within my setup I just find that I Still end up gravitating towards the Platinum if I don't know what card to Use outside of my gold card so platinum Card is here gold card is here outside Of that I actually do carry one more Credit card on me before we go into that Other credit card I have this one black Card if you guys are wondering what this Is it says VIP on here and Iva International pretty much in the DMV Area my restaurant group that I'm Invested in which owns guzo Which is That Japanese barbecue place that you Guys might have seen me talk about on my Instagram that is owned by this company Here and we own a lot of bubble tea Shops Hot Pot places a lot of other you Know barbecue joints within the Asian Niche and pretty much if it is owned by Our company I get 30 off anytime I flash This card right here so it's just a nice Little coupon card basically and then Behind that I also carry my built MasterCard now generally I don't have The Chase Sapphire Reserve within my Wallet but because I'm working on that Welcome bonus offer it is within my Wallet what you'll notice here is Outside of the Inc business unlimited Card I only have American Express so

Anytime I run into an issue where they Don't accept Amex for whatever reason I Use my built MasterCard Instead This is Still one of my most favorite cards and For no annual fee card out of all the Ones that I know about this is Definitely the heaviest Now we're gonna push those guys aside I Do have a few more things in my wallet One thing I like to do is I like Carrying as much cash as possible on me And this is used for the purpose of Giving people tips when I can you know We're in a recession if someone does a Really great job I don't know if I see Like a worker out there struggling I'll Usually give them a tip when I can and I Told myself if I'm ever in a situation Where I make enough money where I can Tip others I'm gonna do that so I've Been very blessed you know by God to be Able to make a lot of money so I try to Give it back in times that I can on a Regular day got a couple hundred dollars In cash 20 40 60. it's like maybe 1100 1200 bucks in here all right put that Aside now on top of that guys we have a Few more things within my wallet so First of all I got my driver's license Right here for the state of Maryland I Also have my Private Client debit card Uh this is because I was in Vegas I Ended up not gambling but I was planning To I was planning to try and get lucky

For a few times and if I needed to Withdraw some cash I would have done it With my debit card right here but Generally I don't actually carry this on My person unless you know times like That come up now I have three more cards Within my wallet one of those is going To be my care first blue Choice Insurance card for this past year my Company has started to pay for the Health insurance of our employees and I'm an employee of the company too and Guys I didn't realize how expensive like Health insurance was because I only Recently turned 26. crazy stuff crazy Stuff if your employer gives you good Health insurance tell them thank you on Top of that we also have my state of Arizona Department of Public Safety Concealed weapons permit I have a License to conceal carry so usually when I'm going out and I legally can do so I'll do that and then for the state of Maryland I also have my concealed carry Permit as well so all of these things Fit with inside of my wallet you might Be surprised but it does hold a decent Amount out of all of these things I Think the most important thing is to Just have a credit card that you use on A daily basis and if at any time you're Working on a welcome bonus keep that as Your primary credit card until you know You hit that offer and then rotate back

Into your primary everyday choice at the Moment guys I do still have a ton of Other credit cards that are coming up Now if you guys are new to the whole Credit card game you have never seen me Before or you don't even know why I have So many credit cards be sure to watch Some of the other videos that I made on This channel especially one called the Ultimate credit card hacking guide if at Any time you guys want to learn more About some of these cards and you want To pick one up for yourself be sure to Check out the links Down Below in the Description now those are affiliate Links there's no pressure at all in you Using them and if you want to use Another person's affiliate link or Referral link be my guest it's Completely fine but I do at least want To mention whenever you do take those Links it supports our Channel directly And I thank you for that one last thing Guys if you do want to go ahead and pick Up some free stocks be sure to check out MooMoo link Down Below in the Description and one last thing guys if You want to go ahead and join me in a Conference I'm going to be popping by be Sure to check out the link Down Below in The description for the travel Summit Happening in Canada for the month of April and one last thing if you guys Want to get my free notion credit card

Organized this is a template that I have Set up and you want to join my Facebook Group be sure to check out the link Down Below in the description when you pop in Your email we'll go ahead and send that Over to you as well like always I Appreciate y'all thank you again for Watching and until next time peace out


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