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Hey everyone and thanks for jumping back Into the Cryptoverse today we're going to talk About market cap hypotheticals for Various cryptocurrencies if you guys Like the content make sure you subscribe To the channel give the video a thumbs Up and check out the sale on intothe Cryptoverse premium at intothe Cryptoverse Tocom I do mention into the cryptoverse Decom into the cryptoverse premium quite A bit uh but I do want you to be aware That there is a free tier in fact and on That free tier is the DCA simulation Tool um and we've also recently added This tool so if you like what you see in The video and you would like to explore What I'm doing but for say um an asset That you hold then you can do that okay You can do that and it and it doesn't Cost anything you can just go to the Website and sign up I think having some Tools available for free uh is is great Because it can help people better Understand market dynamics it can better Understand help people understand you Know various strategies that they should They should focus on now this is bit a Bit more of of of a fun video someone Someone suggested yesterday that I Should make some more fun videos Occasionally um and I I understand that My my content can get pretty repetitive

I know the Bitcoin dominance views are Repetitive like you know Bitcoin will Basically chop up chop up the altcoin Market until the dominance is is much Higher and unfortunately I can't speed Things along right like those are my Views and I don't think those views are Going to change until we're on the other Side of of rate cuts which probably are Going to come within the next few months So at least we have that to look forward To which is nice but in the meantime I I Wanted to at least show this chart Basically what it is is it's just saying If this cryptocurrency had the market Cap of another cryptocurrency what would The price be right what would the price Be I think a lot of people have thought About that before you know like if if Altcoin a had the market cap of altcoin B then where would the price Be and so what this video allows you to Do or sorry not what the chart allows You to do is it allows you to select an Asset right and going through The first several hundred right maybe a Couple hundred almost couple hundred Cryptocurrencies now I don't know 99.9 I Mean I don't I probably don't even know What like 95% of those cryptocurrencies Are or even do that's just where they're Located by market cap so the default Asset is Bitcoin but this one might not It might not make the most sense to

Spend a lot of time looking at because If you're daydreaming about Bitcoin Going to you know to a higher price then You're probably not looking at it Compared to other assets because it's Number one by market cap okay but it Does show you like if Bitcoin had the Market cap of other cryptocurrencies Where would the price be so like if Bitcoin had the market cap of eth then The price of Bitcoin would be at like 14k but I don't really think a lot of People are are interested in that aspect Of this chart you could go to ethereum And see what would the price of ethereum Be if it had the market cap of Bitcoin And the hypothetical price would be 6.83k now one thing I will remind you is That even if ethereum ever went to the Market cap of Bitcoin today which I Think it probably would eventually note That bitcoin's market cap would likely Be higher if ethereum's market cap is Where Bitcoin is today I don't believe That ethereum is going to flip Bitcoin at least not in the in the near Future right I know a lot of people are Are very um Pro that but you you think About ethereum it it has been putting in Higher lows against Bitcoin since you Know basically since it's been around Macro higher lows when you think about It but this also been putting in lower Highs since 2017 and so if it were to

Ever do something like that which I'm Really skeptical of but if it were then I I I I would imagine it would be you Know many many years away for something Like that to happen so if a the were Ever at the market cap of Bitcoin in my Mind it would imply that bitcoin's Market cap is actually quite a bit Larger but I I think where this gets More interesting is if you go down the List right and and you you really go Down the list and look at various Cryptocurrencies and and kind of see Where they fit in for instance like if We were to go down to say salana it'll Show you where you know I mean it'll Show you basically what the price would Be if it had the market cap of various Assets so Essentially it shows you the latest Price and so you know if salana had the Market cap of xrp then the price of Salana would be $65 therefore it implies that the market Cap of salana is greater than xrp if Salana had the market cap of BNB then it Would be $107 if I had the market cap of Ethan it' be $631 if it had the market cap of madic It would be $16 if you were to look at xrp right you Can go through the same type of exercise Um cardano right same type of exercise Like if it if Ada had the market cap of

Of avalanche then it'd be at 34 cents But if it had the market cap of xrp then It would be at 81 cents so we know that ADA then comes right in between here xrp And Avalanche and again I mean you can you Can go all the way up the list right Like if a had the market cap of salana Then it'd be a buck 15 if it had the Market cap of B&B than it' be 133 just to provide maybe one more Example a couple more examples maybe Avalanche right like so if Avalanche had The had the market cap of ADA then it Would put it at $46 if it had the market Cap of B&B then it' put it at $126 if it had the market cap of Litecoin then it'd put it all the way Down at $13 so I think a lot of us get So focused on on sort of the price and And what is price doing um but it's Important to remember that like when you Put out a price prediction if your price Prediction for that asset is much higher Than bitcoin's current you know if if The price suggests a market cap of that Cryptocurrency that is orders of you Know that's multiples above bitcoin's Current market cap then it's likely not Going to happen right it's like back in Early 2021 when a lot of people were were Calling for you know cardano for Ada to Go to $50 and it's like guys like that's

That's not going to happen that would Imply it going to higher much higher Than bitcoin's market cap and you know It's like I I know that you guys are Bullish but I mean you also have to be Grounded in your Expectations you know there's there's All sorts of predictions out there that They sort of come out to play even even Bitcoin you know there were all sorts of Predictions of calling for 300K back in The last cycle I'm sure a lot of people Remember all those 300K predictions that Were you know everywhere in early 2021 and then what happened right what Happened to all those predictions they Were wrong and Bitcoin didn't even go Anywhere near 300K and the reason that You know I suspected that it wouldn't go There was because of the idea of Diminishing returns right from one cycle To another to go to 300K that cycle Would have implied that it had the same Roi in the last cycle as it did the Cycle before and that hasn't happened Before not saying it can't ever happen But that was the reasoning behind Thinking it wouldn't go to 300K was because it would imply the Returns for two cycles in a row would be The same that doesn't really make sense When the market cap was so much higher And we know it just takes you know Exponen exponentially more money to move

The Asset if you look at at at polka dot you Know the the current price of polka dot Is is 670 if it had the market cap of of ADA then the market cap would be about $13 so I mean it shows you That A's market cap is about twice that Of polka dots and it shows you you know Which which assets have been stronger Over the last few years right like if it Had the market cap of xrp it'd be $21 if it had the market cap of BNB it'd Be $35 if it had the market cap of ethereum It'd be $26 right it shows you where the where The price would be if it had the market Cap of this other cryptocurrency so when You think about about things like price And like if something looks cheaper to You just because it's like a smaller Value it's more important to look at at The market cap right like it doesn't Make sense to go say Hey you Know you know this cryptocurrency has a Lower price than another cryptocurrency Therefore it's going to catch up no I Mean you should look at market cap now I Know a lot of people will go out and say Well you know there's going to be some People that will buy the asset just Because it it has a lower price but I Mean while there may be some elements of That that are

True I I I still think in the end market Cap is much more important and market Cap will give us a better guide as to as To whether that is theoretically Possible now remember it also depends on Where bitcoin's market cap is so if You're at a position where you think That Bitcoin has topped out right let's Say at some point you think all right Bitcoin is topped out and and my altcoin Is going to run for a few weeks before Everything comes you know crumbling back Down right like let's imagine this Scenario in the future if bitcoin's Market cap is at a certain level and you Don't think it's going to go any higher But you think your altcoin is going to Go to a price that would mean 5x of Bitcoin's current market cap then you Know that's an outrageous prediction Right and you know that if you hold out For such a price you will likely end up Holding those bags for a long time and Then hoping that the altcoin eventually Returns to to new alltime highs most of The time a lot of altcoins don't there Are some altcoins that do I know a lot Of altcoins have had sizable rallies Over the last few months and Congratulations to those who have who Have made gains on them but how many of Them have put in new highs how many of Them are anywhere remotely close to Their prior highs right I mean bitcoin's

Kind of close um all things considered Like it's not I mean it's in the' 40s And the high was at 69k But a lot of altcoins are still down you Know 60% or more and unfortunately a lot Of altcoins will they'll stay like that Right there will be some that that Likely reclaim their their all-time Highs and there will likely be a lot of New altcoins that end up being the focus Of of you know of of future Cycles but This is one tool that I think can be Helpful for people um to navigate the Market right and and and maybe just to Provide a couple more examples uh here's Chain link so if chain link had the Market cap of ADA then chain Link's Market cap or chain Link's price would Be at $30 if it had the market cap of of Salana then it would be at $71 and if Cosmos if Adam had the market Cap of avalanche it would put it at $31 If it had the market cap of salana it Would put it $15 if it had the market cap of Litecoin It would put it at $13 so this is a tool that just lets Your imagination run for a little bit Right to think about like what is Possible right you know if you think About like an altcoin and and you're you Know you're you're comparing it let's Say it's like number 15 or 16 by market Cap and you want to know is it possible

For this you know for this asset to go To this price maybe just go look at some Of the other altcoins that you think are You know relevant competition and if Those assets have market caps that Correspond to that price you're wanting Then maybe it's possible but if the Market cap of that that corresponding Price corresponds to you know to Bitcoin's market Cap right then it's not it's likely not Happening because as as much as you want Your altcoin to be a competitor to Bitcoin it's not it's just not and the Truth is it likely never will Be that's just the way the market works You know Bitcoin has been number One the entire time and yeah I mean I Get people are going to say well you Know what if it's the you know sort of The the AOL of the internet right like What if it's it's like the the Myspace Of of social media I mean you can make Those comparisons if you want to but I Don't think this falls into that into That comparison a lot of those other Things only were at the top for a few Years I mean Bitcoin has been at the top Since 2009 I mean you're you're talking About 15 years right at what point at What point do we just say hey it's it's It's unlikely that your altcoin is going To flip Bitcoin right and and again like It that seems like the the the the most

Logical conclusion to come to right like It's unlikely that's going to happen Therefore if you're daydreaming about a Price that you want your altcoin to go To look at bitcoin's market cap and say Hey if bitcoin's market cap is there Then probably not going to make it there Right and in reality you know it Probably won't even make it to you know To half of bitcoin's market cap right You know some have gotten close at Various points um especially Ethereum but um that's sort of the Reality of of the situation is that you Know most of them aren't going to go to Like 80 90% of bitcoin's market cap even That and and they'd be lucky to get to 50% right I mean ethereum has has Reached that Milestone and I think a few Other altcoins have various points as Well but it's just something to keep in Mind so again this tool it's free right It's free and you can access it via into The Crypt premium link is in the Description below just sign up for the Free tier you just have to provide your Email and then you can daydream about All the different cryptocurrencies you Want to And what the price of those assets would Be if they had the market cap of another Cryptocurrency if you guys like the Content make sure you subscribe to the Channel give the video a thumbs up and

I'll see you guys next time bye


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