Day in the Life of a TechCrunch Employee at CES 2024 | TechCrunch

This is a day in the life of a tech Crunch employee CES Edition after Grabbing my bag and stopping for some Breakfast I quickly head over to my First meeting of the day with BMW Testing their new incar llm incar gaming System and remote valet parking concept Then I quickly rush over to supern for The official sa2 Eevee toll Air Taxi Reveal then it's time to head inside to Check out some cool concept cars have Lunch and then race back outside for a Test drive of will im's new startup Sound drive with Mercedes-Benz then it's Back inside to check out Samsung's Bal Robot a 3D computer gaming system and LG's new transparent TVs running back to Supern and after letting Boston Dynamic Spot do some quick checks I get the Opportunity to be one of very few people Allowed inside the aircraft then it's a Quick stop back to my hotel room to edit A video before heading to the strip for CES showstoppers where I picked up a Pair of smart sneakers for a social Video then it was time for a teen dinner And finally back to the hotel to sleep And prep for another day thanks for Watching my day in the life as a tech Crunch employee CES Edition


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