Top 5 Polkadot Parachains (2024 Crypto Gems)

The polka dot ecosystem is exploding With growth but what are the top Projects here's my list of the top five Polka dot parach chains I'm going to Explain to you what these are what makes Them special if you appreciate videos Like this please take 2 seconds tap the Like button and comment it's a small Thing but it truly helps us grow this Video is brought to you by a polka dot Treasury Grant make sure you check out Our first video for what is polka dot Top five polka dot pair of chains let's Get into it Moonbeam network is a top Project in the polka dot ecosystem what Is it Moonbeam is an evm smart contract Platform that provides compatibility Solutions with ethereum's daps and other Blockchain's daps it is one of the Easiest on-ramps for Builders and Developers into polka dot Moonbeam Enables developers to deploy existing Ethereum based smart contracts and daps With minimal changes making it easy to Expand their reach to New users and new Markets Moonbeam also offers various Tools and infrastructure services to Help developers build and deploy their Applications to better understand the Use case watch this 60-second clip in 2015 ethereum launched smart contracts And transformed blockchain forever since Then thousands of decentralized apps Have successfully launched but as the

Ecosystem grew ethereum became more Congested creating the need for Specialized Blockchains but expanding to new chains Is still challenging that's why we Created moon beam the easiest on-ramp to Polka dot now developers can simply Deploy existing solidity smart contracts To Moonbeam and gain access to polka Dot's growing Market moonbeam's Radically simple approach lets you keep The same tools programming languages and Accounts you already use meaning you can Expand your business and go multi-chain Effortlessly and quickly with little to To no changes and unlock an Interconnected future join the Multi-chain movement today powered by Moon beam so Moonbeam just celebrated 2 Years being on mainnet they now boast Over 2 million unique addresses 48 Million total transactions an average of 2 million transactions per month since January 2022 about 250,000 smart Contract addresses have been deployed to Date by about 5,000 developers about 35% % of their token the circulating Supply Is staked and taking a look at Moon Beam's cross-chain footprint currently Moonbeam is connected to 19 pair chains Plus the relay chain and at least 16 l1s And l2s outside of polka dot like on Ethereum and Cosmos moon beam is a Crowned jewel in the polka dot ecosystem

And for good reason Asar Network or as I Like to call it a star Network this is Similar to moon beam in both use case And scope it's also a crowned Jewel in The polka dot ecosystem both Asar Network and Moonbeam Network help make The mission of polka dot connecting Everything and connecting everybody Possible now this is different to Moonbeam in that it's actually even a Bit more flexible with its programming Languages developers can use their own Native programming languages whatever They like to program on with like JavaScript to build daps and other cool Stuff on it see Asar they also have an Interesting fun function they pay Developers natively on this protocol Something called build to earn feature Which is staking but it's you know Incentivizes developers to work on it They're also backed by some big players Like coinbase binance polygon you know What watch this 60-second clip from Polka dot Insider they do a really good Job explaining why Asar is special and Why their 2.0 upgrade is going to be so Big ethereum virtual machine and web Assembly smart contract are the most Common however these VM support use Different programming languages so Asar Stands out from other smart contract Platform for the special feature of Cross virtual machine as it is a

Parachin that both evm and WM can Co-exist and communicate developers Therefore don't need to go to other par Chains or ecosystem to build the smart Contract Projects another exciting feature of Aster is DF state Also refers to as build to earn protocol This is by building a product on Asar Developers can earn Asar token as basic Income from block rewards based on their Contribution this is no doubt serves as A strong incentive for developers to Choose asars with such unique features Asar is receiving more recognition and Collaborating with big players like Toyota and Sony in addition Asar is becoming a Go-to market chain in Japan it Raised more than 30 million by polygon Coinbase binance and more Asar is Considered as one of the biggest chain On polka do system with a Non-Stop Effort to improve and develop new Features Aster is entering ethereum Ecosystem with Aster 2.0 Supernova basically Aster team up with Polygon to launch ethereum layer 2 Scaling solution called Aster ZK evm They plan to develop full inter Probability between two networks and Build trustless Bridges it is also Includes innovation of sticking 2.0 Toomics 2.0 ASO governance and so on

Kilt protocol Kilt protocol is our Number three pick what Kilt is doing is Much needed and where the world is Trending for sure so what is this Kilt Protocol is a decentralized blockchain Identity protocol identity solution for The web it is for issuing self- Sovereign Anonymous and verifiable Credentials so kilt's mission is to Provide reliable and verifiable identity Solutions for the digital world Addressing the need for trust in real World credentials like passports like Driver's licenses like certificates Kilt Brings these traditional processes of Trust into the digital realm while Keeping data private and in possession Of its original owner you keep your data You stay private they recently announced A big partnership with deoe this is big Deoe is huge it's a top Global auditing And tax and financial services company Kilt is one to watch that's for sure Hydrox Hydrox is a Next Generation D5 Protocol which is designed to bring an Ocean of liquidity into poodot trade and Abundance of Assets in a single pool the Hydrax Omni pool is efficient Sustainable and trustless so this is a Cross-chain liquidity provider on polka Dot one of the best def Solutions in the Space it's a great product providing Real utility a good service to users who Like to defi by the way if you are a

Defi enjoyer if you see yourself using Hydrx and you have any questions at all You should reach out through their Social media channels to get help by the Team with anything whatsoever Discord Telegram reach out to these guys they'll Help you use their product Fon Network Last but certainly not least Fon network Is a decentralized cloud computing Service that uses blockchain it's based On substrate it's a polka dot par chain F Network aims to compete with Traditional Cloud Computing Services Like Google cloud like Amazon AWS this F Network is the only privacy based Blockchain on polka dot that allows web 2 applications to connect to web 3 and Interact with the daps without Los Losing computational power so same speed Same performance as on web 2 all of this Is possible through their famous fat Contract which is like an advanced smart Contract but it works with smart Contracts this all makes FAA one to Watch so these are my top five polka dot Par chains are there any on your list That I missed what other ecosystems do You want me to explore like this I'll be Reading your comments subscribe for more Videos just like this SP


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