CARDANO is READY TO RIP!!! | Bitcoin Price Readies $69,000 Crypto PUSH to All-Time Highs

I do just want to get your thoughts About the recent runup that we've seen In Bitcoin I think last time I checked We around 52,000 a far cry from 69 but Looks like we're headed in that Direction bitcoin's rise to $52,000 has been driven by strong us Demand and even though we've dipped Today many are speculating that 69,000 Is next and it's usually after Bitcoin Surpasses its all-time highs 69k that's When altcoin season typically begins so I think what has typically happened is As you see a swelling in Bitcoin uh the Grandfather of cryptos it sort of spills Over into the other assets and so just Just what happens is you're making Profits in Bitcoin you start to redeploy Them into riskier assets uh and some of Those assets are really not that risky Relative to bitcoin an example ethereum And salana are probably now in that big Boys club so both ethereum and salana Two quality projects have sort of Separated themselves from the pack at Least by seeping into the mainstream People are recognizing but what about Cardano founder of the project Charles Hoskinson makes the case that ADA is About to have the best year in crypto Yet this is going to be by far our most Productive year as a project every Single entity is firing on all cylinders We're learning and growing together so

Thank you for that and uh to the rest of The space well you can just watch us as We continue to succeed and really how This started is about 2 days ago massui An analytics research platform put out The state of cardano what happened in Q4 2023 and the growth even compared to Other cryptos the growth was undeniable Cardano's tvl increased 166% quarter Over quarter and almost 700% Year-over-year cardano's tvl ranking Increased from 34th the beginning of 2023 to now 11th ad is price of course Up 130ish per quarter over quarter yet That's outpacing the overall crypto Markets increase of around 53% specifications for midnight were Just released that's cardano's data Protection focused or privacy focused Side chain and of course the growth Cardano is actively seeing the Partnerships as explained by Charles and Uh continue to grow and there's a lot of Great Partnerships to make uh we've Already reached out to many I was in a Vchain uh uh xace recently uh definitely Have lots of great relationships in the Alran community um obviously partner Chains brings in the whole polka dot Ecosystem and a lot of great Collaborations discussions we had a Summit in Scotland just a few weeks ago In Edinburgh uh qig for Quantum Signatures with the ethereum foundation

Potentially some uh collaboration Outreach that can be done uh there uh so Overall there's many different things That are happening and more more things To come uh the Africa portfolio is Looking incredible under John oconor Realy has really cess six years of Learning across the continent to a Product Suite that lives a realizes a Dream that I've had for over a decade That people should be able to get access To lowcost credit and be their own bank You know the economic identity and Agency tler prism has moved over to Hyperledger uh it's now hyperledger Open- source project how about that Right there with I M and on the rest of The gang uh and so our identity Framework the Apache 2 framework which It's under Apache 2 license it's ready To go and people are using it prison Pioneers people are starting to build uh Their use this self- Sovereign stack for Their applications and that's just today It's here reflect is doing a great job Uh they have a lot of cool things coming Soon uh that I think people can be very Happy about especially cross chain plays Game portfolio that's being constructed Uh the digital twins ideas is really Starting to take shape as you guys saw Nft XLV a lot of community events are Starting to merge and come together and Uh cooperate work with each other

Catalyst is going incredibly strong uh And it continues to strengthen and it's Going to be fun to merge Catalyst into The budgeting process and figure out how To get those two sides together uh and The community is going to come together And create a 2025 cardonal budget this Year which will open up that Sovereign Wealth fund which has nearly $900 Million at the current price and allow That to be used for the Goodwill and Growth of Cardano so this is a strong and healthy And vibrant project with so many great Leaders uh who wake up every single day And they make this their their first Thing that they do and they love being Here as do I and we're going to keep uh Chipping away at it we're going to keep Building and if we look at Key metrics For cardano especially Network metrics And ecosystem metrics these are the Fundamentals we see the daily active Addresses daily transactions and active Stake adaa all up anywhere from 38 to 10% and also nft trading volume and Daily dap transactions up 68 and 38% With tvl like I said up almost 700% this Is all year-over-year change these Metrics are staggering considering how Early we are not just with altcoins but How early we are with even Bitcoin what Portion of Wall Street leaders do you Think really understands the Dynamics

And the inner workings of the asset Class would you say it's a quarter of Them a half of Them it's probably a handful of them I I Think it's a great question I think the Answer is it's a handful of them but Here's what I would say to my wall stre Contemporaries it's a one-way ticket Towards Bitcoin meaning the the more Research you do and you go down the Rabbit hole of Bitcoin to understand the Network the decentralized properties of The network the immutability of the Network Uh it becomes a very very compelling Thing so if you look at a Paul tutor Jones or a Stanley truck Miller or a Larry think as an example who was Negative on bitcoin 24 36 short months Ago understood better what it was and Then greenlighted the ETF and so my Prediction is as people understand it Better when I hear Wall Street Executives railing against Bitcoin uh my Secondary question is how much homework Have they actually done so most Investors globally don't quite even Understand Bitcoin let alone The Innovation the revolution that is Happening in front of our very eyes Every stock every Bond every currency Every commodity every piece of art every Bottle fine wine every collectible car Every piece of real estate every private

Business every everything everything of Value in the world will eventually be a Token and people were sniggering and and Like yeah whatever and and now we know It's true right yall are are proof Positive the talent migration into this Space that has recognized that this Adoption of Technology this Evolution It's not a revolution it's an evolution Of technology that everything of value Will be a token on a blockchain not a Coin not a thing it's literally a line Item on a public Ledger everything of Value will be that and every transaction Of value will happen in digital assets Of course this is an ongoing story be Sure to click subscribe you do not want To miss a daily video keeping you Informed by the way my brother and I Will be speaking at the very same Conference Charles hoskinson will be Speaking at later this year you can Network with altcoin daily and others at The blockchain event of 2024 on August 15th through 17th at the beautiful Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas there's a Link Down Below in the video description If you want to grab a ticket and use Code altcoin daily for 5% off and that Is the video my name's Austin like Always see you tomorrow


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