#1 Best Polkadot Crypto Wallet | Nova Wallet Tutorial

This is my favorite polka dot wallet I'm Going to show you how to use it polka Dot has many quality wallets you can Choose from in my opinion Nova wallet is One of the best because it offers great Functionality and is incredibly easy to Use the reason why this wallet Nova Wallet is the best is as follows Nova Wallet is your One-Stop shop for Everything in polka dot over 65 polka Dot networks are supported over 210 Cross-chain channels are supported you Stake in one click so easy so many Different assets you can stake and start Earning rewards so many different daps Are supported metamask friendly you Participate in governance you Participate in directing capital for Crowd loans if you want speaking of Crowd loans this video is made possible Through a polka dot treasury Grant check Out my video here if you'd like to know Why polka dot is great check out my Video here if you want to learn about The top five pair chains in the polka Dot ecosystem smash the like button if You appreciate tutorials like this let's Get into it downloading and setting up The app go to the App Store download Nova polka dot wallet click create new Wallet you name it you set it up store Your seed wordss properly as in write Them down don't screenshot them don't Store them online by the way you can

Create more than one wallet here by Going to settings wallets add wallet Interesting feature if you have an Ethereum evm based wallet or even a Substrate wallet you can add it here in The watch only section it's a great way To keep track of everything all in one App and of course you can import an Existing wallet or connect your Hardware One so once we're in the app you see how Simple you see how straightforward it is To use you see at the top send receive Swap buy if you want to receive tokens From a centralized exchange or wherever You click receive you find the asset you Want to receive you have the actual Address at the top and the QR code in The middle either one is good to receive Your tokens look how many assets tokens Networks are supported on this thing Look how many look how many so many of Course you can click this button click Through and you can hide all assets with A zero balance for a lot cleaner look Here you can easily search for what you Want here you can customize what you see You can also buy crypto right on the app Here through their App Partners staking Is easy staking is so easy on this app You click the staking tab at the bottom Panel look at the Variety look at the Different yields the different rewards That you can earn make sure you read the Terms before you stake just so you're

Clear I like how clear they explain Things and you literally start staking With just one click and then once you're In the process of staking you have some Options stake more unstake you see it's Straightforward it's intuitive voting in Governance so something that doc does Really well in my opinion is Decentralized power to the people voting And governance you can actually have a Voice you can actually have a vote in Decisions made or where money is Allocated through crowd loans I'm not Currently participating in any votes at This time you can see this one is active You see how they explain the proposal And then you ultimately can choose if You want to vote a or nay you can see Previous proposals which were executed The browser tab is really cool I love The browser tab to browse the daps the Dexes the games the bridges the social Daps utility daps this is polka dos Version of the everything app they've Come a long way accomplished a lot still More to go you can submit feature Requests and ideas we are on a mission To build the best wallet for polka dot And Beyond capable public team they are Hiring now it's your turn try out Nova Wallet yourself let me know what you Think my name is Aaron at altcoin Daily See you tomorrow


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