Bitcoin: Dubious Speculation

Hey everyone and thanks for jumping back Into the Cryptoverse today we're going to talk About Bitcoin dubious speculation if you Guys like the content make sure you Subscribe to the channel give the video A thumbs up and check out the sale on Into the cryptoverse premium at intothe Cryptoverse decom link is in the Description below let's gohe and jump in So Bitcoin is now at 57k so I do want to Talk a little bit about the move we are Currently in we talked about this Pattern a lot and and we'll speculate on Exactly where we are um what are some What are some things to look for over The coming weeks what the what the Likely process is that I think is is Playing out but one of the things that We have noted several times is this General tendency by Bitcoin sort of move Up consolidate and then move up again And then eventually move back down right And we've seen it over and over and over Again throughout this entire phase you Move up consolidate right move up Consolidate for a bit go up even higher And then go back down again right here Right we've seen it happen many many Times and even recently right even like You know latter part of 2023 we did the Same thing up consolidate up back down And so now you know over the last couple Of weeks we talked about hey this is a

Likely scenario again where we move up Cons consolidate a little bit and then We we push higher and now the question Is as well exactly how much higher will We push until until there's another draw Down and again I mean no one truthfully Knows the answer to that question of Course everyone's going to try to give Their best guess you of course have the The people that'll just say up only um And I I I mean I'm not I'm not trying to Say that I mean look Bitcoin has mostly Gone up for a while um but there will be Pullbacks along the way and it's Important to recognize that and just in The same way that we talked about this Correction coming in 21% correction We'll probably have another one and so One thing to keep in mind with regards To all of these Corrections is that They've all been about 20% right they've All been about 20% between 20 to 22% or so now what's Interesting is if you go into the Distribution phase that we had back over Here we actually had a lot of similar Corrections right like this one here was About 30 % right this one here about 26% this one here about 27% right they Were all about 20 to 30% Corrections and Then we finally had this correction Another 20% drop still within the realm Of of historical norms for that bull Market and then we collapsed below the

20 week and then got another 36% Correction so right what I what I've Said for a long time is by the time you Get a larger correction it could it Could signify a a change in the trend Just like you know just like it did in In 2019 and I'll talk a little bit more About 2019 in this video and why I keep Comparing um the current the current Cycle to it but you know by the time you Had a larger drop 35% it signaled a Reversal in the trend before that you Were basically just getting 15 20% Corrections nothing more nothing less And so that is again that is sort of the The phase of the cycle that I I I think We're in and one of the things that we Can do is we can look at a lot of things Right we can look at the short-term Bubble risk which is the extension from The 20we moving average and note that We're currently about 35% above the 20we SMA right noting that prior highs Extensions from the 20we SMA in recent Times extended to about 40% above the 20we moving average before they lost a Little bit of steam even though in those Cases they still did a move a little bit Higher after hitting that 40% extension What would a 40% extension be right well It would correspond to around 59k now What's interesting is from 59 to 60k or So a 20% drop from that level would Essentially put you at around 48 49k

Depends on exactly how high it goes Whether it's 59k whether it's 60k puts You right around 49k the reason why That's interesting is because the last Draw down took us down to around 38 to 39K um so I was I was thinking you know If if we do extend a bit higher and and We get that 20% Drop perhaps that is the area to look at That 48 to 49k furthermore another thing to look at And actually at a very similar time Frame was we came up into this range Over here in February of 2021 right we Had this we had this correction right Here in January kind of the same thing Right and then we pushed up into February we got this correction right There that occurred in late February and It ultimately came from a level of Around 58k and then bottomed out at Around 45 46k or so now I'm not saying That it has to play out in the same way But there is something next week that we Need to be aware of and that is an Unemployment report we've seen a lot of That excess get removed in terms of job Openings and hires and quits so it's Only a matter of time before it makes Its way over to the unemployment rate And affects the larger labor market so If you do get a scary PR it could lead To some type of sharp move down but the The thing that is important to remember

Is that in both 2021 and in 2019 it was it was sort of like a longer Distribution right like it wasn't just a You know a single move it was a longer Distribution and one of the questions I Keep getting is why do I keep comparing This move here to the one in 12 19 as Opposed to the one right here and the Main reason is because it all goes back To monetary policy and I I get that a Lot of people here don't really care About it but there's two very distinct Types of bull markets right there's ones That take place during QE there's ones That take place during QT there's you Know that take place during High Interest rates during take place during Low interest rates and if you look at The Federal Reserves balance sheet you Can see that in 2019 we had high Interest interest rates and qt in 2021 We had low interest rates and QE so the Reason I keep going back to this 2019 Comparison over the 2021 comparison is Because today we are in a high interest Rate QT environment which is more Similar to 2019 than it is to 2021 and If you need further proof of it when we Made this move when Bitcoin made this Move in January up to 58k 57 58k which Is the very move we just saw what did You notice about the Bitcoin dominance Right what did you notice about the Bitcoin dominance during that move did

It go up or did it go down well pretty Clearly you can see that the Bitcoin Dominance during this move up has been Going up but during this move over here When when Bitcoin made this move Bitcoin Dominance was going down right so it's Just another piece of evidence to Suggest that while it's easy to compare To 2021 in terms of prices I think it's More relevant to compare to 2019 in Terms of monetary policy and how the Bitcoin dominance plays a role in better Understanding that another thing to Think about is is looking at at at all The Bitcoin Pairs and see how a lot of Them are bleeding whereas back over here A lot of them were going parabolic Remember back over here anytime Bitcoin Cooled off for a week or two altcoins Would take over and Bitcoin dominance Would drop and we saw Bitcoin Dr Dominance it's dropped from 60% to 40% Now we're seeing the opposite we're Seeing Bitcoin go up and we're seeing Dominance go up with it which is exactly What happened in 2019 right that's what Happened in 2019 and if you overlay Again let me just overlay the dominance Over here as Bitcoin went into this Distribution phase right there the Dominance went absolutely parabolic so There's a lot of people you will see on Twitter or X or YouTube where they keep Talking about this nebulous altcoin

Rotation their their their alt season Right they keep talking about how the Dominance is going to top out there's Going to be this massive rotation into Altcoins but again the the the Difference between 2021 and 2019 is that The phase of monetary the phase of the Business cycle we were in we were in Lower interest rates and QE in 2021 Higher interest rates and qt in 2019 and So the purpose of Bitcoin rallies during QT and high interest rates is to break Altcoins off of their Bitcoin support Levels right that's the whole idea when You look at total 3 minus USD Bitcoin What do you notice it's down here and It's trying to break this range low That's the same thing it was doing over Here in 2019 right it had these range Lows and and it was down in these levels As well and it was ultimately that final Bitcoin rally in June of 2019 just Before rate Cuts arrived that led to These all Bitcoin pairs finally breaking Down Bitcoin dominance went parabolic And it continued to chop altcoins up for Several months so I think the telltell Sign is that if Bitcoin does continue This move into higher prices you know 58k 59k wherever if it continues that Move does the dominance go up with it Which I think it likely will and then Furthermore if there are pullbacks along The way like we got over here does the

Dominance continue to shake the altcoin Market out right during this period over Here Bitcoin dominance continue to go up Throughout that entire phase but during This distribution phase right here Bitcoin dominance was going down during That phase so that will be The Telltale Sign if Bitcoin USD reaches some type of Local high where it's unable to continue To break through and the dominance Continues to go up it would imply that It's still more similar to 2019 than it Is to 2021 even though we're more Similar in price to 2021 than we are to 2019 the purpose of these rallies by Bitcoin is to break the altcoin market Down it's to make it's to shake the Altcoins off their Collective Bitcoin Support level so that when Bitcoin Finally gets a larger drop that's more Than 20 to 22% the altcoin market simply Has nowhere to hide I know a lot of People don't believe that that could Possibly happen but 2019 was brutal for Alt Bitcoin Pairs and ALT Bitcoin pairs Have getting have been getting destroyed Over the last several months unless you Include the last you know few few of the Altcoins that have outperformed I know There's several micro caps and smaller Market cap altcoins that have Outperformed but there's no denying that The dominance of Bitcoin has continued To go higher in the face of of

Expectations by most people saying that It never would and yet here it is Pushing back up theoretically to that 54% level so I think it's something that We have to keep in mind we've talked a Lot about Fib retracement right and and How you know if if it wants to follow Suit with what it did Previously or you know or what we saw e Bitcoin do it would mean going to at Least that 786 level right so it's now Made it to that 786 level so there's Also reason to believe that there could Some resistance here right like I mean You've noticed here there's been a Little bit of resistance out around that 58k level it happens to correspond to The 786 FIB retracement right so there Is a little bit of resistance here just Like there was some resistance here at The 618 but again if you go look at what Eth Bitcoin did you'll see that it also Got to the 71 or the 786 and it actually Rallied up to above that Peak but below The secondary high right so it did Eventually make it above the 786 even Though in the short term it did get a Fairly strong rejection so you can see That Bitcoin e Bitcoin rallied up to the 786 and then got a rejection back down To the 618 before ultimately going all The way up here so looking back at Bitcoin if it were to follow suit and if It's not able to get further extended

From the 20we moving average or maybe It's only a wick maybe it gets in a 58k And then it gets a larger drop just like Eth Bitcoin did just note that the 618 Is around that 48 49k range right so That's an important level right if we do Get a pullback let's say sometime in Early March to the 618 see if that holds right if it holds Then you could get a bounce back up into This phase over here where the Bitcoin Dominance goes parabolic just like it Did over here in 2019 right after it had This move it had a pullback it then got Another move back up and then that's Where a lot of these altcoins just Simply got destroyed on their Bitcoin Pairs because they could no longer Compete with Bitcoin and that's the Danger for the altcoin market is that as Bitcoin goes higher it's harder and Harder for these you know for the for The people bidding up the altcoin market To keep Pace with Bitcoin remember Bitcoin doesn't really need you know all The social interest in order in order For the Bitcoin dominance to go up the The Bitcoin Bitcoin is the Blue Chip so A lot of people just sort of go back to Bitcoin if they want to go to the Relative safety in the asset class um But the altcoins everyone sort of spread Around them and the problem for the Altcoin market is is that well I mean I

I know everyone would very much like to Like to sell their altcoins at much Higher prices in a few months and I'm I'm not saying it's it's completely out Of the question the problem is that Retail hasn't returned yet I mean you Know if you look at if you look at like YouTube views it's fairly clear that That retail Is nowhere to be found in the sense of Where we were in 2021 which is kind of Similar to like 2019 where like you know Retail interest was fairly subdued which Also corresponded to tighter monetary Policy so when you think about everyone Keeps talking about well retail is not Here how many times on X you know Formerly Twitter have you heard someone Say well you know just wait until retail Arrives right just wait until all these People come back you know they didn't Come back in 2019 because we had I mean It was it was tighter monetary policy Right and Bitcoin had a a really Impressive rally back then too in fact It was a a stronger rally than what We've seen so far it doesn't mean that This one can't turn into something Similar but back then it was about a 360% move right I mean we're currently Up around 270% or so so you can't say Well that was different Bitcoin went out More back then than it has now the Reason why people are making it more so

Same appear to be 2021 now it's just Simply because we've returned to the Highs we're in 2019 we didn't um and We're still not there there yet and Remember eth Bitcoin basically ended up Making it above the first Peak but not The second Peak so we do have to be Careful about that we've talked a lot About how Bitcoin could take back over Going into the having I know a lot of People threw on the towel on bitcoin Dominance simply because um you know Because it was you know it had seen a Pretty big pullback but I do think that Um we must consider that the having is Likely going to draw that liquidity back To bitcoin so what I'm saying here is That you know at some point I'm guessing In the next couple of weeks um I I don't Know exactly when right I I really don't Know exactly when but you likely will Get a pullback and the question is does It hold at the 618 or or somewhere Around There and if we do get another push up Just like 2019 and just like 2021 does The Bitcoin dominance go up or does it Go down if it goes down right if the Bitcoin dominance goes down into some Type of phase into the 60k range or even You know the high 50s and early 60s if It goes down and stays down then then I Would have to Pivot my view but if it Continues doing what it's been doing for

The last couple of years then I think This is more likely to happen where the Dominance goes up as all Bitcoin pairs Break down and all Bitcoin pairs are Just I mean they're hanging by a thread Right here just like they were over here Back in June of 2019 right you know I Know I know a lot of people say when are You going to do another Bitcoin Dominance video I mean I did one yester Of course but a lot of people say guys Every video is a Bitcoin dominance video Right it all comes back to the same idea Right I just just CU I put a different Name on the title doesn't mean it's not A Bitcoin dominance video the Bitcoin Dominance is very useful in terms of Identifying you know the the behavior of The cryptoverse and it's no coincidence That as Bitcoin is reaching into the the Upper range up here no coincidence that The Bitcoin dominance on the monthly is Making a very similar move that it did Back over here where it it had two red Candles and then it just exploded up Into a new high and it took out this Prior high of 52% and then it went all The way up to 54% right this High here Is around 55% so perhaps it'll go up to 56 to 57% once we just simply break that High very similar pattern I think 56% is That level by Bitcoin dominance that I've said could Mark the end of a of the Rally for at least some time um I'm not

Saying permanently but once the Dominance reaches the 0.5 fit Retracement that's where it ultimately Found a local high back in 2019 and it Seems like a lot of this is coinciding Around the having so you could have this Return by Bitcoin dominance to that 05 FIB retracement at approximately 56% Bitcoin dominance that's what marked the Local high by Bitcoin in 2019 it was When the dominance returned to the 0.5 FIB do note that after that happened let Me um after that happened right after it Returned to the FIB right here in June Of 2019 that's ultimately what marked The local high for Bitcoin USD but Bitcoin dominance continue to go higher Into that distribution phase okay so I Do think that there's reason to believe That something similar could be playing Out um especially with a lot of these Altcoins sitting on fairly precarious Bitcoin support levels so retail as much As everyone would like to say that They're here and they're going to buy Your altcoin bags um It's still fairly subdued right it is Still fairly subdued I'm not saying it's Impossible to come back they did come Back last cycle but not last cycle they Didn't actually come back until the post Hav year right so you're talking about Another year from now before they came Back in the last cycle and in the 2019

Rally despite it being a more impressive Rally than we just Saw it was still relatively low interest All Things Considered why because of where I think We were in the business cycle so going Back to bitcoin USD we're currently just Above 52k right at the seven the um for The F trement at the 786 almost to the dot here if we do Extend above it and then get a sharper Pullback sometime in March look for the 618 to get to get a 20% correction down To the 618 it would mean Bitcoin going Up a little bit higher but not much Right I mean it would mean going up a Little bit higher um Maybe getting that correction if that Holds and we get another pushup that's Where I think altcoins could really Struggle against Bitcoin because I know Everyone keeps saying just you wait my Altcoin is going to catch Up yes they called up over here which is What everyone thinks is the most likely Outcome because most people that joined Crypto joined in 2021 right you don't Believe me look at the social interest No one cared about crypto over here Everyone most everyone 95% of the people Watching this probably join crypto Crypto over here right so when you look At a Bitcoin chart you think oh well if Bitcoin's up here my altcoins are going

To go crazy against Bitcoin what if You're not there in terms of all Bitcoin Pair Behavior but you're here in terms Of alt Bitcoin pair Behavior which was Not good so something to think about Something to to remember as we as we Continue this move by Bitcoin USD some Other things that that might be Interesting to look at um trying to Remember there's there are some other Things I want to take a look at one of The things is is net liquidity so if you Look at at net liquidity um for Bitcoin One of the things you may note is is That in that 2019 rally that eventually Finally lost steam just before rate Cuts Arrived you can see pretty clearly on This chart right if you look at at this First Peak right you had this first Peak And then you had two smaller Peaks Bitcoin USD ultimately found that local High at that second Peak on net Liquidity right so you had the or the Third Peak right first Peak second Peak Third Peak it found that local high on That third peak of net liquidity and if You go look at the same thing over here Right you had your first Peak this was Your second one and then your third one Is potentially taking place right now Which could also correspond with Bitcoin USD finding that local high and again I Mean it's already come back down a bit Um I don't know if it's going to push

Back up it certainly could push back up If the dollar gets a pullback we have Talked about the dollar kind of Emulating Bitcoin dominance accumulation Phase back and if it does that it means The dollar could pull back slightly Before putting in a higher low and then Trending higher and do note that in net Liquidity it did get a push back up here In March of 2023 right the net liquidity Bled down here into late February early March early March arrived we saw net Liquidity go back up and then ultimately Fade back down and you can see that it Is starting to turn a corner here right I mean it is like it seems like net Liquidity has started to move back up a Little bit and when net liquidity made That move that corresponded to bitcoin Us USD and Bitcoin dominance going up as Well and so if that were to happen um That could very well correspond to a Very similar move we saw in in 2019 Right where we found that local high Around that secondary Peak note that This secondary Peak right here if it Were to emulate what happened last year Could extend all the way out through April right which Coincidentally is the Bitcoin having and We've talked a lot about how this Market Is very narrative driven we saw eth Bitcoin rallying at spot ETF or sorry we Saw e Bitcoin rally into the merge we

Saw Bitcoin USD rally into spot ETF we Said look Bitcoin dominance is likely Going to go up into into the Bitcoin Having just because liquidity will Flow Away from the altcoins and they'll flow Back to bitcoin you know Bitcoin is near The prior all-time highs how many Altcoins are right and if Bitcoin does Get a larger correction right if Bitcoin Goes into some type of topping pattern Or distribution pattern over the next Few months and gets a larger pullback in Say the Summer what do you think happens to alt Then you know I mean back over here in 2021 we finally got that correction in May in May right it was it was after you Know all that hype that occurred January February March and April but during this Entire distribution phase all Bitcoin Pairs were going up during this one all Bitcoin pairs were going down and Remember what marked this top was all Bitcoin pairs breaking down what marked This top was Bitcoin dominance cratering To like 40% or something right I mean it It absolutely cratered um into into May And and normally when the Bitcoin Dominance gets down to like really low Levels like 38 39 40% it signifies a a Major top is in um and that was one of The reasons why back in early 2021 I was Very clear that I thought we were going To have a summer low right I thought

Bitcoin would drop we were pretty far Extended and and it's funny because We're actually kind of getting the same Way right like if you remember you you Look at like the year-to date or not the Year-to date Roi if you were to go look At at Bitcoin Roi um from the peak and and measured Out to the next Peak you remember how at One point last cycle we got very far Extended from the prior cycle it kind of Seems like we're doing the same thing Right here like we're getting pretty far Extended we finally got a A pullback in May after being far extended I wonder if Something similar is going to happen Right where we're just getting further Extended beyond the prior cycles and Then we get some type of you know some Form of mean revers back down to where We normally are at this point in the Cycle once the summer finally arrives Right and and once the you know the the The the some of the hype has has worn Off for a little bit and so I I do think That that is relevant and I I get that a Lot of people are are are very critical Of of the idea of of altcoins struggling Against Bitcoin and they want their Altcoins to do well against Bitcoin and I I hear you guys like that was me and Prior cycle like I definitely know what You're talking about in 2019 it was very Frustrating to watch my altcoins bleed

Against Bitcoin but I learned my lesson Back then that during QT and high rates It's better to stick with Bitcoin and And watch it go into a distribution Phase remember if Bitcoin dominance does Reach that same extension FIB Retracement of the 618 that would mean Bitcoin dominance going all the way to 60% so if we do reach 60% that might Mean that the market breath is way too Narrow and that's where you normally get Those larger flush outs and that could Eventually lead to to um uh breath Coming back after all that happens right After the Bitcoin dominance tops out Theoretically at a approximately 60% Give or take up a couple percent right What's a couple percent among friends so That's the general idea Bitcoin USD is Extended um above prior cycle highs and Or above the ROI as measured from the Market cycle Peak um compared to the Last two cycles back in 2021 people told Me this time was different it was going To go to 300K because of all the Institutions what's funny is they're Saying the same thing again this time so The the same narrative uh that last time Occurred that they would never let Bitcoin drop back down because Everyone's getting in are saying the Same thing here so yeah I mean I get it Like I'm not saying that that Bitcoin Can't extend I mean my thesis for a

While now has been that risk on until 56% dominance right risk on until eth Bitcoin breaks down risk on until all Bitcoin pairs break down and Theoretically risk gone until gold Putting in Daily closes above 2070 which Is the prior range highs remember gold When it finally put in when it finally Took out this these range highs over Here guess when it occurred it occurred Basically the same week that Bitcoin USD Found a local Top so we can see all these things Corresponding to each other right gold Is building up to the breakout Point eth Bitcoin is is is is falling down to the Breakdown point which is exactly what Happened last cycle right which is what Marked a low local high for Bitcoin once It fell right once it Fell at the same time that all Bitcoin Pairs are breaking back to their to Their Lows it all it's all coming together Right it's all happening at the same Time and also at the same time that Bitcoin dominance plus e dominance is Reaching the same exact level that ended Up marking the local high in June of 2019 and also we talked the usdt Dominance getting rejected here at the Bullmark SP band we we had a whole video On it right just go look at usdt Dominance on my channel we did a whole

Video saying look this could easily get Rejected here at 6 and a half% make its Way back down to 4% the reason why this Trend line is important is because it Has marked local highs on bitcoin right November 2021 April March April 2021 June 2019 January 2018 February 2020 Even the pandemic right so You can kind of see that it's fading Back into that level at around 4% and Also if you look at total market cap and You extend this peak here to these Peaks Over here you extend this low to that Weekly close low right there right we're Coming into that midpoint Center Line Which is the same spot right there so There's definitely a lot of Confluence I Think you know I think if that if Bitcoin does enter into the 60k range It's going to be a very dangerous range For altcoins on their Bitcoin pairs I'm Not saying altcoins can't go up on their USD pairs what I'm saying is the only Reason altcoins are going up on their USD pairs is because bitcoin's going Higher and if Bitcoin were to get a Larger correction let's say you know Going into into the summer or even Before then the altcoins would likely Show a lot of weakness and then they Have nowhere to hide on their Bitcoin Pairs because during the Bitcoin rally Bitcoin broke the altcoins off of their Bitcoin support levels so now they

Simply have nowhere to hide what could Possibly POS cause all this right I mean You know it seems like Bitcoin has Everything going for it right now right Everyone's not everyone a lot of people Are trading in their altcoins for Bitcoin I think it's pretty late at this Point I mean you know I don't know what You're doing for the last two years but A lot of people are doing that you got The the the spot ETF you have everyone Talking about it what could possibly go Wrong right well it's the labor market The labor market could potentially show Some weakness I'm not saying that it has To all materialize immediately in fact It could take many more months before Anything materializes but there is some Weakness there if you see the Unemployment rate go above 4% sometime In the next few months you could get a Larger pullback by Bitcoin I'm not Saying Armageddon right but I'm saying Guys we do occasionally get pullbacks in The market I know it seems hard to Believe because we haven't had one in a While larger than 20% but it does Sometimes happen and and if the labor Market were to show weakness then I do Think that could ultimately lead bleed Over into the Crypt um and I I I do Think that would have some some negative Consequences right I mean all these Inverted yeld curves historically have

Have led to some type of weakness in Risk assets for at least some time um And I don't really understand why this Time would necessarily be any different I mean you could get a situation where The unemployment rate prints in the 4% Range you get some type of big scare by Bitcoin and then the unemployment rate Comes back down for a while before then Going back up right like something like That could happen and and and I think we Should be prepared for something like That too um but I do think the labor Market could bleed over into the Cryptoverse and it's been a very slow Process so I think that's the main risk I don't I don't really think the risk Comes within from within the crypto Verse as much I think the the crypto Risk Is mainly got handled over here in 2022 it was the it was sort of the macro Risk that took that took Bitcoin down in 2019 and and and after after the FED Pivoted fed hasn't pivoted yet I don't I Honestly am baffled at how people can Say we've had a soft Landing or a no Landing or or or we've you know figured Out what type of Landing we're going to Get before the FED Cuts rates right I Mean until the FED Cuts rates the jury Is still out right hard Landings have Historically only really occurred after The FED started cutting rates so I'm not

Saying we we have to have a hard Landing It's possible we have a soft Landing 1967 was a soft Landing even the mid 1990s we had a soft Landing I'm not Saying it's impossible for us to have Soft Landing what I'm saying is that how Can we know before the FED Cuts rates The longer the FED stays higher for Longer the more likely they are going to Cause some damage to the economy right And and you can see like bankruptcies Are going up um right if you were look At like bankruptcies in the United States and we can see that they're going Up um they're still at relatively low Levels All Things Considered but it's More the rate of change that matters I Mean you know this level over here when It was going up in the financial crisis Was still low compared to where it was Back over here but it was the rate of Change change right and bankruptcies are Going up right so I don't really think We could all unilaterally say all right We've had a soft Landing when the FED Hasn't even started cutting rates yet we Won't know until the FED actually starts To cut rates whether they achieved a Soft Landing history shows that when Inflation is high it's really difficult To thread the needle right it's really Difficult to thread that Needle and to Achieve a soft Landing it's not I'm not Saying it's impossible but in the 1940s

They they held rates too high for too Long and we had a hard Landing we had a Inflationary crash in the 1970s they Pivoted too soon and and what happened We had we had the reacceleration of Inflation and and we had a a crash Because then the market had to price in A lot of other rate cut or a lot of a Lot more rate hikes so is this the time That the FED that the FED threads the Needle and are able to achieve a soft Landing maybe but we simply cannot know Until they start to cut rates we simply Cannot know until I think it would be Premature so you know if you think like What could possibly derail anything from Happening here in the cryptoverse right What could possibly derail it as the as The months go by that's what could see Really right it would be the labor Market showing weakness and again I'm Not saying an Armageddon type thing but It could lead to a larger drop in the Cryptoverse I we've had these you know We get these 50% drops sometimes and and Sometimes they end up being a lot more Than 50% right here's a 50% drop there's A 77% drop there was a 50% drop right There and then there was a you know a 60% drop right right here we had a you Know a 50% drop there to there was a 70% Drop like it happens sometimes it's not The end of crypto if it happens it's not Like Bitcoin can't survive a recession

Or or even a recessionary scare I mean I Think it can it probably only make Bitcoin stronger but the point is that If that stuff materializes then that Could happen and the last thing I'll say Theoretically anyways unless I think of Something else is the fear and greed Index is now at 82 okay I I've been Talking about this for a while and I've Said look guys it seems like it's Building up here in 2019 the signal was When it went into the 90s that was all We got that was all we got so not only Do you have eth Bitcoin bleeding back Down not only do you have alt Bitcoin Pairs sitting on fairly precarious Support level not only do you have gold Pushing up to 270 and and you have Bitcoin USD going back to near the highs And the Bitcoin dominance moving up and The Blue Chip dominance which is Bitcoin And ethereum dominance moving back near 73% which marked the local top in 2019 And we're moving to potentially lower Interest rates here in the next few Months it seems like it's all coming Together all the puzzle pieces are Coming together right and here we are One more thing the fear and greed index Has now moved into the extreme greed and What if all of it happens at the same Time what if in March or April or May Sometime the next few months we see e Bitcoin weekly closes below 04 9 we see

All Bitcoin pairs go below 40% currently At 42 we see gold above 2070 we see the Fe and greed index at 90 to 95 or 100 and we see the FED start to cut Could it not be the same Thing it's just a risk to consider if You guys like the content make sure you Subscribe to the channel give the video A thumbs up and again check out the sale On into the cryptoverse premium at Intothe we'll see you guys Next time bye


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