Bitcoin Halving Price Prediction 2024 #crypto

So the having when we have the fair Value doubles well no no that's that's Not how it works I'm like well no that's Exactly how it works because if you cut The block rewards in half half of the Miners would go out of business because Their costs are fixed so the price in Historical happs has doubled not Immediately but over time maybe because Of ordinals we don't double this time Maybe we only go up 50% so let's say we Get to 75 as fair value then what Happens is we'll get to crypto fall That's when the craziness starts to Happen that's when the fomo happens then We get into Thanksgiving and everybody Goes home and now we're going to get That fomo top and in the past that's Gone to 2.3 times fair value so when Fair value was 30,000 in the last cycle We got to 68 69 this time let's say we Only get two times because there's not As much leverage this time they C down On binance and others so let's say we Get two times that would be 150


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