Most Innovative DeFi Project – CoinMarketCap Crypto Awards 2024

As the crypto landscape has developed The disruptive world of decentralized Finance has emerged defi is challenging The Norms breaking the rules and Changing the way we borrow lend and Trade Financial assets this award Celebrates the D5 Pioneers whose Innovations are fueling the financial Revolution these are your nominees for Most Innovative defi project of the Year First off we have Unis swap the world's Biggest decentralized exchange Unis swap Recently introduced Unis swap V4 today We're going to be talking and Introducing you to Unis swap V4 which Introduced a new liquidity pool concept Called hooks hooks allow you to now Create pools that are customizable They're modular and they open up the Design space for developers in a way That we haven't previously ever seen Before Unis swap has become not just a Spot Dex itself but a platform that Enables other dexes as well as this They've created Unis swap act which Provides better prices by aggregating Liquidity sources gas-free swapping and Protection against Ms with over $1.5 Trillion in volume over 150 million Alltime trades 300 plus Integrations and Over $3 billion total value locked Unis Swap is the corner Stone of the def5 World our second Award nominee is unibot

Developed by Diamond protocol in 2023 Unibot is an Innovative crypto trading Bot that uses the telegram app you can't Miss this new trend telegram bot trading Unibot offers a userfriendly gateway to Crypto Market particularly for newbies Helping onboard more web 2 users into Web 3 products it allows people to Automatically execute orders at site Prices on different decentralized Exchanges that otherwise restrict limit Orders unibot also allows you to copy Trade successful Traders through mirror Sniper reflecting their buys and sells So you don't have to spend time digging Through trade ideas you can just copy Someone who has a Magic Touch our third nominee is Igan Lair a Decentralized ethereum RIS scking Protocol as we know staking your crypto Helps to secure a blockchain network and Receive rewards for doing so but once You stake you don't have access to that Crypto again until it is on state well The team at igon layer has helped solve This issue with raking did you just open Up Pandora's box with this reaking thing In complicated terms it enables the Rehypothecation of eth on the consensus Layer in simpler terms it allows users To leverage their Stak e or liquid Staking derivatives by reaking them VI Ian l in order to receive both Additional rewards and give further

Security contributions to the network This might be the the very beginning of A very long part of a new frontier in The world of of [Music] Cryptos next up we have maker da Creators of decentralized stable coin Die a decentralized community of maker Mkr token holders govern the maker Pro And have introduced 14 proposals in the Last year they're going to implement What they call end game their new Explosion of D introduces a custom Landing Market adapted from a spark land Will directly connect and users to the Maker stable coin maker Dow has also Continued with their acquisition of more US Treasury and copper bonds which Provided users a way to access real World assets on chain and most recently A co-founder of maker has also been Looking to launch a new blockchain on The salana fork maker do continues to Innovate and build setting goals and Completing them they are a force of Nature in the def World finally we have friend Al Tech a Poster child for the trending social F Narrative this year so first off what is Frch social F allows creators brands or Companies to monetize their contents by By tokenizing attention you know what They say your network is your net worth Well in this case it could actually be

True launched on the layer 2 base Network in August friendo Tac users can Buy and sell Keys which can grant them Access to Twitter accounts give them Private inap chat rooms and exclusive Content its product design worked really Well in a low liquidity Market making it A great success and demonstrated the Huge potential itial of social F those Are your nominees for most Innovative Def project which do you think deserves To win vote now and help decide the most Innovative defi project of the year make Sure you don't miss the deadline click The link on screen in the description or Visit Qui Market


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