BIG CHANGES coming for XRP!! Ripple’s Next 3 Moves!! [Finally Revealed]

The SEC brought three lawsuits they Brought a lawsuit against Chris Larson The co-founder of Ripple that brought a Lawsuit against me and they brought a Loss against Ripple they lost the Lawsuit against Chris Larson they lost The lawsuit against me personally and Ripple mostly won the case that they Brought against Ripple Ripple has Finally beaten Gary Gensler xrp has just Won a landmark case against the SEC Xrp is not a security according to court Ruling or is it make no mistake about it This verdict is huge for crypto but Technically the final verdict is as Follows the xrp token being sold to Retail investors on exchanges not a Security however xrp token being sold to Institutional investors is a security Understand this although the decision is Nuanced the verdict is a clear win for Ripple and the cryptocurrency industry As a whole the SEC brought three Lawsuits they brought a lawsuit against Chris Larson the co-founder of Ripple That brought a lawsuit against me and They brought a loss against Ripple they Lost the lawsuit against Chris Larson They lost the lawsuit against me Personally and it Ripple mostly won the Case that they brought against Ripple And so there's a there's one narrow Piece and the SEC in my judgment and as Certainly many are reacting the SEC

Clearly lost as a matter of Law and this The judge wrote xrp is not a security as A kind of intrinsic thing in certain Circumstances which is a kind of a Narrow definition around institutional Sales it could be a security so look the Market reacted in a very positive way Certainly team Ripple is very happy with The decision and you know coinbase is up 25 yesterday the value of xrp is up Somewhere between 50 and 80 percent so That the market has reacted as a clear Win both for ripple and for the industry Billionaire crypto and investor Mike Novogratz explains why this is a win for Crypto and what this means no it was a Big big win for ripple and it was a big Big win for the crypto Community like Let's not let Gary Ganser put lipstick On a pig they lost and they know it at Best the judge said if the SEC wants to Litigate you're gonna have to litigate Every token separately and every use of That token separately and so the current Status quo isn't going to work for the SEC Gary Gensler is not too happy with The final verdict he says he's going to Continue to take action against the Cryptocurrency industry specifically Gary says the sale of xrp to Institutional investors is considered a Security he takes that as a big win Under the sec's belt however he says That the sale of xrp on exchanges to

Retail investors not being a security He's really disappointed at the judge For that how does the federal court Ruling last week in the Ripple case Impact your stance toward digital asset Regulation does it inject urgency into The need for federal legislation to Clarify regulatory oversight of this Industry look our mission is remains Exactly what I spoke about earlier about Investor protection promoting Capital Formation and the markets in the middle This is a recent decision just a handful Of days ago we were pleased from that Decision recognizing the importance of Protecting investors on the Institutional investors in that and that The court movement with regard to Fair Notice and while disappointed on what They said about retail investors we're Still looking at it and assessing that Opinion the big question is can Gary Gensler appeal this decision can Gary Gensler use what's left of his Insider Connections to try to overturn the Ruling make it appeal appeals take a Long time we can stay in court for years But I think the message that I want to Give that is really clear was what Gary Has been saying that the rules are clear Just isn't true it's not true at all and That judge said that exactly this is Really complicated we need regulation That makes things clear it's not that

Complicated what I'm looking for is the Legal decisions verdicts and precedence That will be set next it has to force The Democrats the White House and Gensler to the table to start Negotiating Fair rules CEO of Ripple Brad garlinghouse has a lot to say on This he's been involved in this court Case for years here he gives his take on What this means for xrp and the crypto Industry as a whole listen to this what Is the direct impact for your company Ripple and for the broader crypto Industry right now well you know two and A half years ago when this the SEC first Sued us we said publicly that this Wasn't just an attack on ripples an Attack on the entire crypto industry and I think we did see that play out with The SEC getting more and more aggressive And really trying to irregulate through Enforcement which we clearly don't think Is a healthy way to do it I think this Is a huge win not just for ripple but For the whole industry uh I think it Really is the first time the SEC has Lost a crypto case and really puts the Essie some of the sec's narrative and uh Comments that they make publicly about All of these digital assets being Securities it puts that in check and I Think in a very good way and hopefully It also drives uh the legislative Process because it doesn't make sense to

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Statement of the United States security Exchange Commission is to protect Investors they went after Ripple Suggesting that you know all kinds of Things everything we were doing was Selling an unregistered security and the Judge really very clearly said uh you Know sales through exchanges not a Security uh when it's used for Compensation not a security when it's Used for incentives around the the Overall xrp ecosystem not a security so You know we have already moved uh a lot Of our activity in frankly 95 percent of Our customers are non-us so a lot of our Activity has been outside the U.S Jurisdiction uh because that's where our Customer demand is but I think that's Where the US is losing and I think what The SEC has been trying to do is to put Power and politics 6 over what is really Just sound policy and providing clear Rules of the road such that Entrepreneurs and investors can Participate in this amazing new market Around crypto and blockchain Technologies make sure you subscribe to Our Channel there's a lot more to report On this and the cryptocurrency industry As a large we put out one video every Day keeping you informed subscribe for Daily content prepare for big exchanges To start listing xrp for the first time Or xrp again we're already seeing this

Happen those are decisions made by the Exchanges when the lawsuit was first Filed a lot of the exchanges in the United States just said look we're going To wait and see what happens and it's Really because of the confusion that the SEC in my judgment had sowed in the Market they were increasing confusion in The market and even as part of this Lawsuit the discovery process we saw is That they knew there was confusion and They actually did things that they knew Would increase confusion and the only Reason to do that is because this can Fusion actually masquerades as power to The SEC but John as you pointed out you Know just in the last 24 hours all of The major U.S exchanges whether it's you Know bit stamp Gemini Kraken coinbase Have either re-listed or publicly Announced their intent to list xrp Because there now is Clarity the clarity Is xrp is not a security as judged by The United States of course ironically No other country on the planet thought That xrp was a security but it's nice to Have that clarity now for uh for the Market here in the United States


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