CoinMarketCap Guide: How To Escape FOMO in Crypto

Do you remember the recent meme
coin season? If you do, you may also have researched
meme coins on Coinmarketcap And knowing Crypto, the next 100X of a coin
you have never heard of could be just Around the corner!
So how can you avoid
being sidelined by FOMO the next time? Well, by using Coinmarketcap's
coin pages to its full potential. So here are some ways that you can escape
FOMO and be early For the next moon mission. Of course, That's not financial advice whatsoever
My name is Trevor, your host here at CMC. And let's dive right in. First things first, let's take
Pepe as an example. You probably know
about our regular price chart, But did you know that each coin page
features integration with Trading View? This allows you to do all kinds
of sophisticated technical analysis You want to compare the price action
to that of a similar coin type, The token that you're comparing it
to with the textbox and let the charts do Their magic. Is this bullish? You decide if you're a numbers guy or girl
and you want to check The tokenomics in the analytics
of a token on a reliable platform. No problem.
We got you covered there as well. Click on Analytics in this column
to open up the analytics tab. You can analyze the amount of whales
involved in a particular token. You can also investigate
the distribution between holders And paper hands and how much of the total
supply different wallets hold. But there's more. The left column of the three column
design provides a more useful data, such As the circulating supply, total supply
and fully diluted value of the token. So analytics are useful, but you also want
to know who's behind a token, Or at least who's following. In the left column of the coin Page
provides links to a Token's website, Its social media accounts, its network
information on different chain explorers And the aggregate
of institutional ratings. Now, for the hard part,
where can you buy the coins from?

Coinmarketcap has you covered. Simply click on the markets
tab in the middle column And you'll find a list
of different markets Where you can trade your favorite coin,
an especially useful feature. Each market is listed with its depth
and also volume, Which allows you to estimate
whether your size Is really a size in the market
as it goes with meme coins And sometimes with regular coins
they fall victim to find It comes from and whether it is
based on facts is easy to check. Just click on the news tab To find an aggregate of relevant news
articles from different websites. Now for the serious question
What is HarryPotterObamaSonicInu10 about? Well, here's the answer. Coinmarketcap has more than 26,000
cryptocurrencies listed, And you obviously cannot stay up to date
with how fast things are moving. But that's what these CMC coin pages
for the About TAB provides A TLDR description of all
you need to know about a token. Also,
you can check what other fans are saying. They say Crypto is a player versus player game,
but even if we're all going to make it, It doesn't hurt to check the sentiment
of other market participants. So that's it for today's video. Pretty soon we're going to be coming out
with a full tutorial series On the latest update
on everything about Coinmarketcap, All of the different features, and make
sure to subscribe to stay tuned for that. So anyways, guys, thanks for watching. That's all we have for
this one. We'll see in the next one.


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