Amex Platinum Card – Worth the $695 Annual Fee?

The American Express Platinum Card is Considered to be one of the most Expensive cards on the market with a Whopping 695 dollar annual fee with that Being said this card here is a luxury Travel credit card with a ton of perks Benefits and credits but the question That I see a lot of people asking is Brian is the AmEx Platinum Card really Worth it is anything really worth paying That high of an annual fee every single Year so in this video here ladies and Gents we're going to be going through Each one of the benefits so you can Unlock the full potential we're going to Be answering a lot of the commonly asked Questions and towards the end of the Video I'll show you how you can get Approved for this card even if you don't Have the highest baller income or the Best credit score in the world so let's Start by going over the best part of the Platinum Card which is the welcome bonus Offer sitting currently at 80 000 Membership reward points after spending Six grand in the first six months of Holding this card now I know that might Sound like a lot but if you break it Down you're only spending a thousand Dollars a month and the average mean Monthly salary it's usually anywhere From like four thousand to six thousand Dollars a month that most people are Making so with a card like this you

Should be able to hit that welcome bonus Offer especially because you have six Months rather than the three which was The usual amount about pre-pandemic if You're also wondering what 80 000 points Are worth let me break it down very easy For you to understand Amex Mr points is Worth about one cent to one point Meaning that 80 000 points you earn is Worth about 800 bucks if we break that Number down for the first six thousand Dollars worth of spend you're pretty Much getting 13 back on that amount now It doesn't just end there because there Are actually ways that you can increase The value of your points so one way to Do this is to transfer your Amex points Out to a partner Airline or a hotel Where those points might be worth even More than if you just redeem them Through the American Express Travel Portal take for an example A A which Offers a Redemption rate of one point to Two cents so that pretty much means your 80 000 Point welcome bonus offer Instantly doubles and then after that if You're able to get like a banging deal On a business class flight or a first Class flight then you can really see the Value coming through where those flights May be worth ten to twenty thousand Dollars in cash value and you only had 800 bucks so that is the one way that You can expand the value of your points

But the other way is that you can Actually get way more than just 80 000 Points through a few strategies I'm Gonna mention here mention here sorry Guys I've recorded three videos already Today so one example of this is when You're looking to get this card there's Sometimes an Amex Platinum Card match Offer where they'll give you even more Points than available now I'm gonna make A full video on how you can unlock the Highest welcome bonus offer possible for The Platinum Card in one of my future Videos too but that right there is just A quick little example because it's Going to go outside the scope of this Video this video is going to turn into Like three different segments what I do Want to mention though on the topic of Welcome bonus offers if you ever claim It on an American Express card there is A once in a lifetime rule that takes Effect meaning you will never be able to Get another welcome bonus offer even if You apply for that same card again now If you travel a lot you're also going to Be earning a ton of points on your spend And that's because with this card you're Getting 5x points on flights booked Directly with Airlines or on the AmEx Travel portal on up to five hundred Thousand dollars annually you're getting 5x back on prepaid hotels book through The AMX travel portal and then you get

1X points on everything else now the Amount of value that you get with this Will vary a bunch but let's take some Average estimates and see how much it Really is worth knowing that the average Business trip in the US costs Approximately 949 dollars that would be Nearly an additional 5 000 membership Reward points on every trip you take if You take a trip every month that could Add up to be about 60 000 membership Reward points right there and then if we Compare that to what we know the AmEx Current public welcome bonus offer is 80 000 points so you would be getting a lot Of points back if you book directly with Airlines using this card now there's no Doubt that this card here is geared more Towards Travelers but when we add up all Those credits that we talked about it Doesn't really take much to spend at all On this card for you make it worth it With all that being said the minimum 800 Value from the welcome bonus off offer Mixed in with the 60 000 points from the Average spend brings the value up to Around fourteen hundred dollars already On top of that with the AmEx Platinum Card you're also going to get access to Global entry and TSA pre-check through Some of those credits on top of that you Get the AmEx Global Lounge collection You get Centurion Lounge Delta Sky Club Lounge you get priority pass select

Membership pretty much your cheeks will Rest on only the finest cushions Within These airports Now ladies and gents with The American Express Platinum Card I Actually made a full review video going Over the numbers breaking down the Benefits but for the purpose of this Video I just want to make it easy is This card worth it or not we went over The welcome bonus offer there's a lot of Other credits that we can talk about but To make this simple if you travel a lot If you value status if you like trying To get upgrades if you value the options And the flexibility of getting lounge Access and you know that with the Credits that they offer you're able to Use it this card is 100 a keeper what I Would think more heavily about regarding This card is just your own income level And how much you decide to travel a lot Of the times this stuff just comes down To it being why mmv stuff where your Miles may vary it just depends on what You value I know some people may never Really fly they may never stay at a Hotel then this card will definitely not Make sense for you but for at least Someone in my likes where I like to take A few trips throughout the year you know Last year I took a spontaneous trip While I was in Korea actually for two Months you know visiting some of my Family members there too the Platinum

Came in handy and I loved it at the end Of the day if you are able to break down Those benefits and see for yourself then This card will be so handy for you Another great thing is the fact that if You don't value the AmEx Platinum there Are other credit cards with other Issuers that might be a better choice For you I'd say one of the best credit Cards right now for someone trying to Get a premium to your credit card that Doesn't cost as much as a platinum would Be the Capital One Venture X Card watch That video guys I made a full review on It it's a sleeper card it's probably the Card that I would be using right now if I wasn't financially blessed in the way That I have been so that's just another Option if you're making at least sixty Thousand dollars a year maybe you're Making six figures the platinum card it Is hands down worth it I feel like for Just traveling even a few times a year And getting access to some of the travel Portals and realizing the benefits that You get you even get Marriott Gold Status you get some status at these uh Car rental agencies it really starts to Add up there's no doubt the AmEx Platinum card is a higher end card but You have options and for anything if It's worth it you can at least get this Card for a year see how it feels and Then you can always downgrade this car

To maybe like the Green Card which I Think is another decent travel card it's Not really purposely meant for travel But it's a great all-around car too at The end of the day the credit card point To Miles game is super simple you're Gonna get a majority of your points from Welcome bonuses collect welcome bonuses As often as possible how do you do that You got to get new cards you got to get New cards pay it off on time put Expenses on there but don't overspend One of the best ways to do that is to Start a business get into businesses Start a side hustle you know elevate Your income do something you're Passionate about and that's exactly what I've been doing I practice what I preach Guys watch my videos from four or five Years ago the proof is all online now if You still don't know whether the Platinum is not worth it for you you Guys can always message me as well and I'm also starting a little business Because I get messages a lot anyways and I'm working together with two of my Closest friends in order to help get you Guys all the information you need before Applying for a card in order to make Sure first of all you get the highest Welcome bonus offer possible and whether Or not a card is actually meant for you Now my two friends no credit cards just As well as I do so this is not gonna be

Like a robotic AI bot we're always Trying to keep it natural and keep it Real it's a human it's people that I Know that I vet for if that business is Up and running I will have a link for That down below in the description if It's not if it's still in its very raw Beta stage which is probably where it's At right now guys I have a type form Linked down below put in your Information fill it out what card you're Looking for you know any information About that who you are put in your email Or your phone number whatever is more Convenient and then we'll follow up with You on what you need to do in order to Get approved for that card what card is Best meant for you it's kind of like a Credit card Matchmaker program if you're Trying to sign up for the AmEx platinum Card or any other credit cards as well Be sure to check out the link Down Below In the description and also guys join Our Facebook group if you're new to the Space a community is huge this is where You can help one another fine Redemptions get reminders whatever it is Join our group we got 30 000 Plus Members linked Down Below in the Description we're also expanding over Into our own custom Discord this is Getting a lot of hype okay we are Probably gonna close out spots on this Because we want to keep it a bit more

Exclusive than how the Facebook group is Because the Facebook group it just grew A lot we got a lot of people in there From all around the world at different You know experience levels so I want to Make sure we have something a little bit More Step Up check the link out down Below in the description for that and if You guys also want to follow me on Twitter on Instagram whatever it is the Links for that will also be down below In the description


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