A day in the life of a TechCrunch employee | TC Disrupt 2023 | TechCrunch

This Is A Day in the Life as a tech Crunch employee disrupt Edition today is The last day of disrupt so I had to be Up bright and early and after quickly Admiring a sunny SF I leave my hotel Room and head over to the conference Center I get some work done while Watching a few interviews on the Security stage and then I head Downstairs to the startup exhibition Hall to interview some Founders for Social videos and do some quick team Building then it's up to the third floor To film a live podcast recording and Outside to film some quick intros for Social videos I then grabbed some lunch And coffee coffee with a coworker and Then sneak onto the main disrupt stage In between sessions and film an intro Video for my interview with Shaq and Then it's the moment everyone is waiting For the startup Battlefield winner Announcement then we celebrate another Successful disrupt I go back to my hotel Room watch some Netflix and then get Ready for a team dinner and the best Part of the Night karaoke which is Actually a tech crunch post disrupt Tradition and that's the end of my day And disrupt thanks for watching my day In the life as a tech wrench employee


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