NFTs see an increase in weekly sales volume

Non-fungible tokens have seen a steady Increase in terms of weekly ether sales Volume according to the blockchain Analytics platform nansen in a post on X Nanson highlighted that on the week Ending on October 9th nft sales were at 2974 ether worth around $56 million at Current ether market prices the sales Volume increased weekly until it reached 68342 ether worth over $129 million in Terms of nft collections board ape Yacht Club had the highest trading volume in The last 30 days The Collection was Followed by the mutant ape Yacht Club And the captains the increase in trading Volume for nfts happened amid seemingly Bearish news for the nft market on November 3rd nft Marketplace openc laid Off half its staff As It prepares to Launch its second version for all the Latest crypto news and updates subscribe To the official coin Telegraph YouTube Channel


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