WW3 Imminent?! We Are On The Brink: Here’s Why!

Over 150 years ago a soldier from the Southern United States named Albert Pike Wrote a letter which predicted the first The second and the third world war in Unbelievably accurate detail the Authenticity of this letter hasn't been Confirmed and it's quite possible that It is just a hoax however predicting Global conflicts isn't that Unprecedented when you know how they Happen today a third world war seems Closer than ever and some would argue That we're in it already this has Everyone wondering what could happen and What they should do my name is Jessica And you're watching coin buau and stay Tuned to find Out I'll start by saying that lots of The information in this video is Speculative that's simply because it Involves lots of political and Geopolitical events taking place the Former are difficult to predict and the Latter are probably impossible possible To predict that said all of this Speculative information is based on the Best facts that we have now before we Unpack everything that has been going on It's necessary to understand what a World war is historically speaking world Wars consist of two groups of countries That were geopolitically aligned Fighting each other the easiest example Here is the axis and the allies during

The second world war perhaps we're Mistaken but it appears that this kind Of world war is no longer possible Once Upon a Time governments could use Propaganda to convince their citizens to Fight and die in the name of their king Or country in the modern day the free Flow of information has made this Propaganda Ineffective this is especially true when It comes to convincing the average Person to fight and die in an overseas Country that they've never heard of and Probably couldn't find on a map for Example most Americans were firmly Opposed to sending US soldiers to Ukraine but they did support helping Ukraine in every other way again that's Because the average person is informed Enough to know that going to a war is Almost never in their interest and only Ever benefits governments Mega Banks Banks Global corporations and of course Weapon Manufacturers there seems to be one Exception however and that's Wars Between neighboring countries if you Look at the conflicts that have Arisen Around the world you'll notice that they All have one thing in common they're all Regional and they all have territory That's been disputed for years if not Decades you'll also notice that there Have been conflicts in these regions for

Just as long and they've just escalated In recent years now while it's almost Impossible to convince the average Person to fight for foreign power for Reasons they don't understand or don't Care about it's really easy to convince The average person to fight f a neighbor That's been terrorizing and killing Their friends their family and fellow Citizens for as long as they've been Alive although some of these Regional Conflicts seems to involve countries That are geopolitical opponents many Involve countries that are technically Geopolitical allies the example that Comes to mind here is the Border dispute Between China and India which could Easily become another Regional flash Point for context China and India are Both part of bricks an expanding Alliance of African Middle Eastern South American and Asian countries that are Supposed to be opposed to the Western World Order led by the US and its allies And yet there is significant tensions Within both geopolitically aligned Groups more about the bricks is in the Description but getting back to the Topic that's at hand what this means is That the world war we're likely to see Or that we could already be in is Probably not going to look like the World war Wars that we've had in the Past it's probably not going to be one

Geopolitical side versus the other it's Going to be multiple Regional conflicts Around the world that are slowly turning In to fullblown Wars on the one hand This means that the loss of human life Will likely be lower and the use of World-ending weapons is likely off the Table we hope so anyway on the other Hand multiple Regional conflicts and Tensions between geopolitical allies Could res in significantly more economic And social disruption if you find this Video useful so far be sure to smash That like button and give it a boost now This begs the question of what's causing All of these Regional conflicts to Escalate into fullblown Wars the answer Depends on how closely you're analyzing Them up close it looks like a series of Events that led up to this escalation This is what everyone argues about when It comes to these conflicts if you zoom Out however it looks like the these Regional conflicts are escalating Because of something they all have in Common their economies are not looking Good and the people are upset with the Rulers for reference it's well known That going into war is one way to Restore order when there is social Unrest this makes sense considering that Going to war makes it possible to direct The Rage of the population to Individuals and institutions in other

Countries going to war also makes it Possible for domestic powers to blame All of the economic and social issues on The foreign powers they want the Population to fight if you look at all Of the regional conflicts that have Erupted in recent months you'll be Shocked at how accurate that is public Approval of Ukrainian president vmir Zalinski and also Russian President Vladimir Putin was plummeting until the War Began after that their approvals Spiked backup similarly public approval Of Hamas among Palestinians has has only Ever increased when there was conflict In Israel on the Israeli side Benjamin Netanyahu was famously facing Mass Protests before the recent escalation Unfortunately for him the escalation Seems to have hurt not helped his public Approval on that note escalation of Regional conflicts in recent months have Led to speculation that China and Taiwan Are next in line this would not be Surprising considering that the Chinese Economy is reporting ly imploding Believe it or not but the public support For taiwan's president has been falling Off a cliff too obviously it's Impossible to know how the average Citizen feels about their leader in a Country like China but the fact that There has been unprecedented protests in Recent months suggests that it's not

Looking good now consider that having High youth unemployment has historically Been a high risk factor for revolution If you live in the US or the EU you'll Know that the economies have also been Struggling and the politicians in power Are also extremely unpopular the Difference is that they don't have Neighboring countries to use as Scapegoats and attempts to blame far Away countries have reportedly failed Speaking of which it's important to Remember that all of these Regional Conflicts aren't occurring in a vacuum They're taking place against the Backdrop of a much larger geopolitical Shift specifically the gradual decline Of a us-led world order and the apparent Rise of a chinese-led world order this Context has led many to argue that all Of the regional conflicts are actually Proxy wars between the US and China this Argument makes sense when you realize The US has been providing significant Military and financial support to one Side and China has been doing the same For the other however others would argue These Regional conflicts were inevitable Due to more fundamental economic and Social regions that I've just outlined The US and China may just be using them As an opportunity to move their pieces On the chessboard strategically in Regions if this is the case then it is

Possible that we'll see more Regional Conflicts escalate and it's likely that Not all of them will involve the us or China after all there are limited Resources to send around the US and China will likely direct these resources To the regional conflicts that matter The most to Them we interrupt this program for an Emergency crypto weather forecast get Ready for a whirlwind savings we're Seeing some high pressure sign up bonus Systems forming in the Northeast with Some exchanges offering up to $40,000 in the South will be seeing some Heavy discounts on Hardware wallets so Watch out for those if you're going to Be out and about and then in central Areas there's a high chance of trading Fee discounts which should be settled in Later on so be on the lookout for up to 60% off there hello Lush for the more Comprehensive forecast just visit Coin.com deals or use the link down in The description these deals are red hot So make sure to take all the necessary Precautions well that's all for today's Forecast now back to the scheduled Program this ties into the economic and Social impacts these Regional conflicts Could have these impacts ultimately Depend on the political and geopolitical Responses to them as I mentioned earlier It's impossible to predict these

Responses but we can get a sense of the Direction by zooming out at the end of The day what people will need is Affordable Food Water Shelter and a Reasonably degree of safety this Requires a lot of energy Commodities and A decent amount of domestic security Notably domestic security includes Border security without which shelter And safety can come under threat recent Events that we have seen suggest that Regional conflicts have an impact on These factors even when they're not Local given these facts you can divide Countries into two categories those that Have resources required to ensure their Citizens have affordable Food Water Shelter and security and those that Don't logically countries which have Lots of these resources will likely Experience small social and economic Impacts by contrast countries which Don't have these resources will likely Experience large social and economic Impacts Let's call the former independent Countries and the latter dependent Countries to minimize economic and Social impacts governments of dependent Countries will have to have a political AK a domestic response as well as a Geopolitical AK and international Response of course these are often Intertwined which makes things

Complicated even then you can simplify It when you realize that most of the World's resources are priced in US Dollar it means there are only two Possible political and geopolitical Responses by governments independent Countries either they work to maximize Their access to resources or they work To maximize their access to US Dollars Domestically this means either Exploiting existing resources or Restricting the use of resources Geopolitically this means either Aligning with countries that have lots Of resources namely China and the other Bricks or aligning with countries that Have lots of US Dollars namely the US And its allies if a dependent country Decides to exploit its existing Resources then it reduces the need to Align geopolitically with either of the Two Superpowers conversely if a dependent Country decides to restrict its use of Resources then it increases the need to Align geopolitically with one of these Two Superpowers right now it seems that many Dependent countries are deciding to Restrict the the use of their resources Which is forcing them to align Geopolitically with one of the Superpowers the elephant in the room is The EU it has been restricting its

Resource use for environmental reasons And it's been aligning with the us as a Result this is fine but the way it's Been done risk undermining things that The Europeans need to be satisfied with Affordable Food Water Shelter and a Reasonable degree of safety the last one Has been front and center cent in recent Months with previously pro-immigration Countries pulling a full 180 to preserve Order meanwhile some EU countries have Aligned with China due to their push for Renewable energy the Practical effect of This is that a risks pulling the union Apart the countries that have the most Dependence will either violate the eu's Restrictions on resources or separate Into blocks aligned with the us or with China some version of this is happening In every country and region around the World where it's not possible for Countries to push blame onto their Neighbors there will be a risk of Significant civil unrest for dependent Countries that have no resources left to Exploit the only solution is Geopolitical alignment this relates to The possibility that we could see a Global situation escalate into another World war an actual World War not just a Collection of regional conflicts this Has to do with the geopolitical backdrop That I mentioned earlier the decline of The US World Order and the rise of the

Chinese world order to quickly recap Independent countries will be mostly Insulated from the effects of regional Conflicts where dependent countries will Have to either exploit their resources If available or align geopolitically With independent countries aligned with The us or those align with China in Theory this means that dependent Countries which are forced to align with The us or China will be forced to do Fighting in a new world war if it occurs In practice however you will recall that It's going to be really difficult to Convince these dependent countries to Fight in the absence of existing Regional Conflicts if this is the case then it Does suggest that if a new world war if It happens would occur between two Independent countries namely the US and China what's interesting is that the Mainstream definition of World War II Appears to involve exactly that a direct Kinetic war between the US and China however it's likewise going to be Really difficult to convince the average Person in the US and China to fight in Fact it could be even more difficult Because unlike dependent countries Independent countries won't have the Same degree of economic and social Issues this will make it harder to Rally People to war not only that but

Independent countries like the US and China Are more likely to have nukes which Makes a direct kinetic conflict Exponentially riskier and Undesirable this is why the US Reportedly bombed Taiwan to destroy its Military microchip facilities rather Than defend in a regional conflict with China it's also why the geopolitical Conflict between the US and China has Been almost exclusively economic and why It will likely stay that way fortunately For us an economic War is much more Painful for the people in power in Independent countries this means we Probably won't be sent to the front Lines unfortunately for us an economic War risk introducing the social unrest That sets the stage for kinetic conflict Between these two Superpowers this is the outcome that has Everyone worried but they seem to be Forgetting a critical component all of Those dependent countries around the World these dependent countries have Made it possible for the US and China to Minimize the social and economic impacts Of their economic War at least for now These so-called friend Shoring is slowly But surely creating a so-called bipolar World a mostly peaceful separation but Not a head-to-head battle as such you Could say that all of these supposed

Proxy wars we've seen over the last Couple of years have been part of a Process to establish where borders are In this new bipolar world if so then There may be a few more of them but They're unlikely to escalate to the Point that the planet explodes in fact You could go as far as to argue that in The interest of dependent and Independent countries that these Regional conflicts remain contained too Much escalation would lead to Too Much Economic and social disruption in too Short of a time it would result in the People in power being Overthrone come to think of it this is Probably why world leaders have been Flying to all of these Regional conflict Zones and inviting delegates from Involved parties to visit their Respective Capital Cities they are there To ensure these things don't get out of Control and their physical presence Effectively ensures that they won't this Brings us to the big question and that's What you should do about all of the Information above for starters you need To identify if you're in a country that Could be part of a regional conflict if You are then you might want to try and Move somewhere else or at least have a Plan in case it gets to that point if You're not in a country that could be Part of a regional conflict then you

Need to assess if your country is Dependent or independent to refresh your Memory this means assessing if your Country has the resources that it needs To ensure it citizens have affordable Food Water Shelter and enough security For reference the countries with the Most self-sufficient for food are Argentina Uruguay Australia Ukraine New Zealand Canada Bulgaria Hungary Lithuania and Malaysia if you live in These countries or a country that's Close to them the chances are you live In an independent country by contrast if You live near Norway Belgium Haiti Somalia the Dominican Republic Zimbabwe Armenia the Netherlands Panama or Syria The chances are that you live in a Dependent country the issue is that many Of these dependent countries have access To enough resources to almost be Independent if you live in a dependent Country that doesn't have these Resources then you need to ask yourself Which geopolitical team it's playing on The US or China at that point you need To ask yourself which side of the Bipolar World you'd like to live in Ideally you'd want to have the ability To have a foot in both that's because There is no predicting how the politics Or geopolitics of these polls will Evolve perhaps the US side is the place To be today but will it be the place to

Be tomorrow if the US is truly on the Decline and China is on the rise then It's possible that the Chinese side will Improve as time goes on this sounds Crazy right now but you must remember to Think about the trajectory of the Countries involved including yours in Many Western countries the standard of Living for the average person is high But there is many metrics to suggest That it's slowly on the decline Conversely in many Eastern countries the Standard of living for the average Person is low but there are many metrics To suggest it's rapidly on the rise Again there is no predicting how the Politics or geopolitics of these Countries will evolve but you want to Keep your options open as much as Possible more importantly you need to Factor in your future plans getting a 30-year mortgage in a dependent country That is the risk of a regional comp Conflict is probably not a wise decision On the flip side buying a cheap property In an independent country that's growing From this alignment is very wise if You're wondering how long this period of Global uncertainty will last the answer Seems to be another 10 to 20 years That's because of the economic issues That are driving so much of this Global Uncertainty have their roots in The Current financial system which itself

Has its roots in the reserve currency The US dollar to put things into Perspective Reserve currencies last for Around 100 years given that the US Dollar became the world's Reserve Currency in the 1940s that means they're nearing the Tail end of the US Dollar's reign with All of the previous changes in reserve Currencies this entails a prolonged Period of Instability once that period is over a New Reserve currency will be adopted and The world will have a new stable base For which it can grow between now and Then there will be lots of chaos but Also lots of opportunity if you pay Attention and plan accordingly the 10 to 20 years after that could be the best Years of your life as a wise man once Said don't be scared be prepared if you Are then everything will be all Right that's all for today's video if You found it informative smash that like Button to let us know if you want to Stay informed be sure to subscribe to The channel and ping that notification Bell if you want to help others stay Informed take a second to share this Video with your friends and family if You happen to be into crypto you need to Check out the coin Bureau deals page It's got up to $40,000 of bonuses on Some of the best crypto exchanges along

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