Binance founder CZ’s fortune gets slashed $12B

Binance co-founder and CEO CZ has seen His net worth slashed by $ 11.9 billion Amid falling trading volumes at his Exchange on October 26th the Bloomberg Billionaires index cut binance Revenue Estimates by 38% amid a slump in Exchange volumes which knock CZ down to 95th Place on the rich list cz's net Worth is now a poultry 17.3 billion Registering an 82% drop from its 96.9 Billion peak in January 2022 where he Was ranked 11th among the world's Richest people cz's plummeting net worth And binance fading trading volumes Follow twin lawsuits from the US Securities and Exchange Commission and The commodity Futures Trading commission CZ and binance reject both Regulators Allegations and seek to dismiss both Lawsuits for all the latest crypto news And updates subscribe to the official Coin Telegraph YouTube channel


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