Was Ben ‘#bitboy’ Armstrong REALLY arrested during a livestream?

Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong Previously known as bitboy has Reportedly been arrested while live Streaming outside the house of a former Business associate who he alleges is in Possession of his Lamborghini before the YouTube stream he posted that he was Going live sued from a very special Location Less than an hour later Armstrong was Live streaming himself at the residence Of Carlos Diaz who was understood to Have links to the hit Network at almost 19 minutes into the stream Armstrong was Met with local police who turned up and Asked if Armstrong had a weapon on him Which he denied he was then ordered to Put down the phone and the stream goes Blank for the remaining 17 minutes Though audio can still be heard of a Conversation between Armstrong and the Police officers in late August head Network which controls the bitboy crypto Brand cut ties with its public face Ben Armstrong signing issues surrounding Substance abuse and financial damage to Employees for all the latest crypto news And updates subscribe to the Cointelegraph official YouTube channel


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