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Ladies and gents is your boy Brian and We're switching it up with the first Ever series fishing and finance with Your host Brian Jung all right so before We get started let me give you a little Bit of a rundown I'm gonna cover some Questions on allowing you guys to get to Know me better I also asked some Questions over on Instagram I'll be Checking that and so far today location Is we are here in Maryland fishing off The Chesapeake Bay we're in front of a Private home that is owned by my Fiance's dad's friends so I'm just out Here mooching off the bay access you Know in terms of what we're fishing for In the species for today we're going for Something called spot in Croaker they're Considered to be Bait fish pretty good Eating too and to catch them you can use A lot of things they'll pretty much eat Anything if they're hungry I used to Catch them with mangoes as crazy as that Sounds but today we're using sea salted Shrimp with garlic on there so yeah you Know I figured why not hit him with the Fine cuisine before we reel them up into Their execution just kidding some of Them we tossed back and normally the Bait of choice would be worms blood Worms nightcrawlers but there has been a Bloodworm shortage and you can buy Shrimp from instacart online and I got These from my local Harris Teeter other

Than that I got about two other rods in The water including my girlfriend or Actually my fiance now her rods are in The water too because technically I Think it's a Maryland law you can only Have two rods at a time something like That so yeah got my partner out here She's watching the other ones the other Rods we have spot and Croaker that we're Catching here thrown out and we are Trying to catch some blue fish and Rockfish but those on this other Rod I Have giant shrimp which I know is Already gone so it's an empty hook out There and the last one I think there's Also a big trip on that one too so we're Just shrimp fishing today this setup Here is great because I will catch them Instantly so before I do that I got one Other setup that I really like my Spinning reel of choice best value for The buck is a Daiwa BG this thing is Really good I got this in a 2500 size at 3 500 size and then I also have a Shimano scorpion with the DC reel been Using this for many years I use it even For saltwater fishing and it's been Holding up great and on here I have a Top water popper it's about two to three Inches long and if I see any top water Action I'm going to be tossing it out There to see if we can get any blow-ups That way this morning I did see some Blow-ups usually in the afternoons it'll

Slow down and right now it's an outgoing Tide so we'll see that's on standby and Then I have my dog over there credit Astro and then my fiance let's catch Something guys Now We got some questions some get to know Me questions how about we start off with This question do you fear losing at all It's a good deep psychological question Right there the answer I feel like there Is always a deep innate fear that I Would lose it all just because I grew up Without any of this and within the last Four to five years I've been able to do A lot be blessed with a lot I feel like There is that in a fear bud that's not Something that drives me every single Day I don't consciously think about that I'm too busy usually to think about that And I feel like that's also operating in A area of scarcity which I try my best To not do yes deep down inside but no on A daily basis best advice for Content Creators just starting out yeah I've Been thinking about that more often just Because I see a lot of new people Getting into the space trying out YouTube It's a common question I see a Lot I also know within like the DMV There's a handful of people that also Want to grow on YouTube and stuff best Tip I have for you if I were to say one Let's just post consistently and then

From there we can optimize I'm following That rule even at my level now and it's Just posting one day Wednesday Friday Sometimes it's like Tuesday Thursday Saturday it's thrown off but generally If you're consistent in this game you're Gonna do good if you were to have one Credit card for your entire life what Would it be probably my platinum or my Reserve card it's got the most benefits If I was limited to just one unless I'm Like at a different point in life maybe I would switch it up with a built credit Card you know I was paycheck to paycheck Is there an ideal number of credit cards To have I feel like anything over 10 to 12 is actually really good it's a good Sized spot guys Is probably the biggest one all day I'm Gonna keep this one here spot don't have Any size limit restrictions either what I love about fishing is they keep it No oh no he's trying to escape a spotter Called spot because they actually have a Little spot on them right here and that Spot in deep Waters is supposed to Replicate a big eyeball and scare away Big predators what was a defining moment For your career the defining moments Have always been Every single time we've hit a bottom Every time I've hit a bottom on my life I knew that I couldn't go any further Down

Those are definitely the most defining Moments a lot of people ghost in life They don't take any risks so they don't Have those bottom moments or their Entire life is a bottom but in reality You're not even at the bottom you're Just coasting in that middle section So anytime I've hit a bottom my options Are limited in what I have to do because It's literally my 60 Stay at the bottom more specifically I Would say beginning of this year was Actually a defining moment if it wasn't Beginning of this year the last time Would be during the pandemic right Before Channel blew up and a lot of People forget but our Channel gained 900 Like 20 or 980 000 Subs maybe 900 000 it Was above 900. um during the pandemic in One year in one single year And I remember one crazy month we had Like 200 000 subscribers and all of that Happened right after that rock on a Moment and that's when I was like okay I don't know if I can continue doing This I might have to find employment Somewhere else because AdSense was shot Affiliates are shutting down the Pandemic was just spooking all the Companies marketing budgets were down But that was actually right before the Stimulus came out and then I had one of The biggest resurgent moments when Things are good they're great but I know

It's not going to last and when things Suck it's that's also where it comes in Handy because I know it's not going to Suck for a long time either current EDC This is referring to my carry I use a Glock 43x I got a red dot on there and a Flashlight and an extended mag and a MAG Well upgrade and stippled grippling and A whole lot of other stuff Equals spring I'm really good with that Gun because I practice so much with it But I am trying to transition over into Using my p365x with the compensator on There just because that gun has like no Recoil at all shoots really flat but I Have not zeroed in the sights I have not Actually taken this one to the range yet A lot of people think like you know Carry the best gun on paper that you can That holds the most amount of ammo but It just comes out of using guns that You're most comfortable with am I Allowed to even talk about guns on YouTube well I did yeah other than that I mean that's my main daily EDC And I don't know I don't I talk they Could be asking about my wallet Not not even my carry so for my wallet Though Platinum Card Reserve Card Gold Card build card I Carry those in there all the time and I Recently made a once in my wallet video If you guys want to go ahead and check That out you'll learn more there got a

Baby Croaker here yeah sure you can ask Me any random question the question is Who is my celebrity crush Wait I want to skip this question no I Got like seven don't think we're Skipping the first question I just asked I think I know the answer it's either Gonna be Hugh Jackman or Robert Downey Jr but it's a question oh it has to be a Female female crush female crush not a Man crush I don't have any Crush I Only Have Eyes For My One True Love no come On I know who it is I have one in my Head all right fine it's uh I like Gal Gadot yeah she looked good in uh Wonder Woman all right okay the world knows all Right yeah that's what I thought wait Who else though that's it no that was The one I was thinking of yeah Gal Gadot Or Scarlett Johansson oh yeah Scarlett Johansson yeah also like my teenage Crush was probably like Jennifer Lawrence whoa oh my gosh Big Fish down There big fish I saw that I saw its head All right guys we gotta switch over to Another thing okay if you could change One bad habit of yours what would it be If I can change one bad habit of mine It's waking up and staying on my phone For a little too long what is your most Memorable childhood memory in a good way Or a bad way because uh memorable in any Way my most memorable childhood memory I Think when I got in trouble for washing

My hands toilet as like a three-year-old And I was really young okay that's Traumatic I said positive oh when my mom Would buy me Yu-Gi-Oh cards and surprise Me you go cards used to have a tin can And uh yeah that was cool okay what are Your pet peeves my pet peeves People are late when people are lazy and When people are pessimistic you want me To keep going no no just stop there when People lie who are some of your favorite YouTubers well that's a good question Who do I watch these days except anyone In the finance space just name your like Top three oh one guy that I like he's a Bible sermon teacher Santa is uh I think It's Myron man I don't know there's a Lot of channels that I like that's to Watch a lot of like fishing oh yeah Shout out to my boy one rod one reel you Watch a lot of camping oh I do watch a Lot of camping I love uh Yeah was that one camp I love camping videos because I know That I'm not going to do it so I live Vicariously through them on my giant ADH TV And that's how I do it this guy named Joseph Starr I think he has less than 10 000 subscribers I like him because his Channel is about how to speak and Communicate better and it's just pure Knowledge and I'm not seeing other Channels talk about this topic so I've

Been finding a lot of value there I Wouldn't say it's like my most favorite Channel but that's when I'm watching a Lot of lately What books have changed Your life oh Think and Grow Rich wealthy Gardener I like the lazy CEO book but Then it got boring like halfway through It and I'm just like oh you gotta learn Like about Architects like these Different type of delegators and it's Just like kind of grueling now wow work Week I know everyone likes it that's the One book I just always It's like this stuff is kind of common Sense why I always thought it was hyped Up those are the two yeah okay The Bible the third one do you have any Weird quirks do I you tell me we do a Lot of little random dancing at home Like this yeah like just randomly like Just like different dance moves all the Time it happens the most like in the Elite afternoon or in the evening when I Get back from work yeah I would say After 6 p.m what is that one hormone Called the one that girls have the Opposite of testosterone estrogen yeah My estrogen comes out at night that's What happens oh okay oh another one I Don't know if this is considered a quirk Or you have a water bottle in every Single room of your house oh yeah always Stay hydrated you know I noticed that When I was watching some of my old Vlogs

And I had the same jug since I was like Living with my parents like even now Like that thing the gray one yeah the Gray one but uh guys I got these Stanley Cups my girlfriend got me the first one But she got me a medium sized one so I Got a large one and I love that thing I'd be drinking that every day I love Drinking water what is your go-to fast Food order Chick-fil-A number two spicy Spicy sandwich with waffle fries with Sauce Chick-fil-A sauce and Polynesian Sauce yeah it'd be cool if we get Chick-fil-A for our wedding I know it's Probably not possible but that would be Fun it would get it so soggy yeah that's True if you could live anywhere where Would it be anywhere with less taxes not Too hot not too cold and somewhere I can Fish probably Texas okay you know what I Said not too hot and then I limited Yourself to the U.S oh I would live in Korea for sure are you single or ticking Hey you're the you're the question Moderator you gotta filter out the ones That are not applicable not applicable At all yeah I just wanted to throw it in There see how much you're you know Paying attention Um what is your what inspires you I'm at A point right now where back then other People inspired me but nowadays I don't Even know who inspires me anymore the Inspiration I get is from just like the

Dreams and the goals that I have so Basically the things I know I need to do In this life that's what inspires me my Work you know things I'm trying to build The buildings the offices the homes the Security oh my gosh Must be two fish on here on outside it's Just one uh one angry guy okay what is Your best trait my best trait oh my gosh No no oh I almost lost all the bait for Today my heart jumped my best tree I Think it's my consistency and my Discipline if I'm able to choose one Thing that I could bet on myself about It's that I can stay very consistent at Something as long as I put my mind to it Yeah I agree but I was gonna say similar But just like very hard working and Ambitious you're just never too Comfortable what is the first item on Your bucket list oh no I don't really Have a bucket list thing I feel like if I did I would just do it oh scuba diving Yeah see that's why what is one thing You wish people knew about you one Two about me I wish people knew that the Success that was built today was years And years of hard work instead of Sometimes these new kids be coming along And watching my videos and then they Assumed that I was born with everything And they don't acknowledge the last like Five years of all the ups and downs and All the work so it's always knowing that

For me to get to where I'm at it took a Lot of work this is why like you know Dude I got people asking me for money All the time now I'm like bro even when I had nothing I would never do that it's Like people are wild just on that level What was your dream job as a kid always Wanted to be a detective solving crime Be like a CIA agent like Cody Banks he Was more CIA Detective cool stuff or SWAT team I did Do some SWAT team rates because I Interned for the police a long time ago That was the coolest stuff ever guys I Would love to do that like just training Shooting work out get paid to wake up Early and bust down doors what is your Favorite thing to do when you have free Time fishing yeah Gone on my Peloton bike check out Peloton link Down Below in the Description I saved 600 bucks with the Sale with my cash back for my Chase Sapphire Reserve card and the discount Sale that they had and the referral link That I used from a friend but I've been Loving my pellets on and someone has Been going to the gym all the time I've Never had a train or nothing and it's Really nice because Peloton got you Through the workout and in like 30 Minutes you're just gone you have a Sweat that's nice but other than that I Really love playing rugby I'm super

Passionate about that pickleball yeah We've been playing pickleball a lot but It has been kind of stressful because I'm so competitive Okay what is your favorite Netflix show Peaky blinders I don't know if that was On Netflix I like Game of Thrones that Was good yeah a lot of x-rated scenes on That one though but especially in the Beginning of the Season yeah but I did Like peaky blinders I was watching that And I was just embodying Thomas Shelby In the morning in the mirror and I was Like all right now I gotta stop being Ridiculous I'll be practicing the accent And practicing The Oxen like Arthur Arthur how dare you what is your Favorite drink it could be not alcohol IC obviously sparkling water Mountain Valley Spring they still really Mountain Valley Spring water uh that's sparkly we Tried a new probiotic soda I actually Have it with me that one's really good Poppy yeah Must be a healthy gut soda I don't know I don't even think it's that healthy It's delicious you know what I should Mention I should actually talk about Sanso because I Angel invested into Sanzo like a year ago and yeah you guys Check them out they're now in Harris Teeters and all that what is your Favorite clothing brand I really like Talentless teas kind of expensive but

It's the one that you guys see me wear In my videos I probably bought 30 Different nudie glow Arizona oversized Teas and I realized that they just don't Last long and they feel like you're Wearing such a thick shirt so hot on a Summer day but talentless has been great The problem is they like switched their Factory or something because the last Order I had I had to return all my Shirts because they fit completely Different that's like my go-to tea brand If I'm not wearing talentless I'm Wearing I'm not worth that I like arterics and Like Nike ACG Just because I do a lot of outdoorsy Stuff now if you could choose to be one Character who would you be Thomas Shelby's pretty cool you know what no no Scratch that Game of Thrones the guy They executed the father in the first Seed I love how stoic and just you know So executed remember their dad sansa's Dad yeah I like him he's so honorable What is the most important thing in life For you definitely my faith Christianity God religion I feel like that comes First because without that I wouldn't Have anything that that I got going Right now how many girlfriends have you Had You sure that's a question in there yeah It's question number 74. not too many to

Count just kidding all right I haven't Had that many okay we need a number About that are we gonna include Elementary School girlfriends no from High school and Beyond I had a couple Hey couple is still not we need a like 37. all right let's be real here uh the Move on to the next question no you want Me to count for you My memory doesn't go back that far so Far do you have three before yeah Yeah does that sound right something Like that yes Yeah no sorry are you a good cook oh Yeah I got way better if I were to do Anything that I'd do well in I think It's cooking a good steak yeah how many How many steaks would you say have Cooked I probably cooked like a thousand Steaks now I will say the steaks are Pretty good and I don't really like Steak like that yeah I don't think Anyone can really beat me in the steak Game it is could crispy on the outside Juice you know I just not a cast iron Sear a steak pretty good yeah and I've Just cooked it so many times now that I Know it very well I got shrimp splatter On the back of my shirt do you avoid Conflict or face it I don't know it Depends on the situation if it's people I don't care about I avoid it but no I Think you're generally an avoidant Person oh okay when it comes to conflict

You're very avoidant yeah I just don't Like dealing with stuff if I conflicted With every single person that made me Want to question things just a waste of Time so yeah who has left a strong Impression so a lot of people a lot of Teachers probably my rugby coach in high School youth pastors I had they were Good teachers in my rugby coach though I Liked him a lot coach so so shout out to Him goes to Sherwood High School he's a Goat he always believed in me as a Player as a student And sometimes all you need is a little Bit of Faith people turn them into more Than they'd imagine to be what is the Weirdest thing you've ever eaten if it's Weird it's got to be a Korean dish like Chicken feed I think that that's kind of Weird shouldn't be eating the feet of Animals I feel like that's dirty what is The most embarrassing time of your life [Music] I really don't know you don't know it's Too many to count I was cringing all the time as a kid It's been a while since I felt that Embarrassed maybe when I was doing my TED Talk I was like trying to crack a Funny joke but it was not a bad place Yeah I was like this is this is sad it Would be embarrassing if no one laughed You know From that stage could not I could not

See anyone I could hear anyone but like Oh like in a TV show like in a black Stage front and center with one Spotlight that's literally how it felt Literally okay last question yeah What is the next place you want to Travel to probably Japan I think that'd Be a cool destination yeah yeah I have More questions from my Instagram if you Want to oh crap Yeah for the pending millionaires what Things helped you most with adverse What's a pending millionaire like They're trying to you know yeah achieve That but it says what things helped you Most with adversity and mindset oh uh I'd say reading books changing your Group of friends I made a video like uh Top millionaire habits or lessons of my 20s as a millionaire I cover that in That uh I covered that topic in that Video more in depth but yeah reading Books uh changing friends just don't be Around negative people how many hard Credit inquiries is too much there is Not ever too much inquiries people Should not even care about unless you're Trying to apply for Chase cards or Another issuer oh my gosh that was good Hit This is a big fish babe this is a big Fish I don't know what this is it's got To be two of them on it this is bigger Oh my goodness why why

What the heck is it man I can't believe The recording stopped but I just caught This monster right here check it out Compared to this uh little spot man I Wish I had that one on video just Stopped recording of course it did this Is a cool one that's a huge broker oh my God oh my gosh is Full this is the big one oh Oh my gosh what is that it's a croaker Oh another one Oh the key is to let it sit this one's Fat yeah that one's fat when they get Fat you call them like a tank or a Football okay the other one was still Bigger that's a good size one still They're getting bigger she's going Inside to edit her videos if you guys Want to check her Channel out get some More fun little travel Vlog experience Her channel name is Jessica Shin so Business has been great so far uh we're Working on several different projects We've actually had a lot of good talent Reach out and yeah we're scaling pretty Well our payroll expenses are getting a Little high now but we're also scaling Well with the company itself like we Still have very good profit margins in Our last financial report that we did it Was like 80 margins and I think payroll Last month was like 60 Grand is it just How businesses scale I'm hoping that Within six to 12 months we have our we

Have a 500K month we haven't done that In a while and I am making it a goal for Us to do our first million dollar month Because I think even in the bull run I Got really close to that but the most Was a 500K month that we did which Sounds crazy guys but it's after a while When you take into account taxes which Is about half of that and then you have Payroll it's a lot but you realize a Million a month is a good amount let me Say that without sounding like crazy so That is the goal right now way that We've been able to scale is just because I've been able to get really good talent And for that I feel like God has really Been placing a lot of good people around In my life and that's why he's been Helping me on the grander mission of Making a big positive good impact on This world what I'm really really Grateful for these days is just having That team size because I've operated Everything on my own last four to five Years and about I'd say two years ago Now is when I first brought on my CEO And it's been a lot of ups and downs too You know teaching him learning more how To be a leader how to delegate navigate My team trust other people hire other People people fire a lot of people Because as you know although we have a Lot of really great people now in our Staff there are a lot of bad people

We've had too that we gotta let go so Aside from that ladies and gents we got A few things that we're planning to roll Out this has been in the works for the Last six to 12 months and it's a plan That I actually had thought of many many Years ago but I was always too busy to Release it so I'll just say this because I don't want to talk about it and Publish yet until it's actually Done just know that we're releasing some Of our best work within the next few Months and when it comes out it is going To be fantastic and I'm excited about The lawn chair and I hope you guys uh Check it out too when it comes out That's all I'll say but in the meantime With the plans for YouTube we're just Gonna keep making videos out here we're Gonna do our best in diversifying the Content so we actually have a whole Series with Drop Shipping lined up we Got a new partner for that this is a Tough choice because I had three or four Companies Reach Out really wanting to Work with me in like at the day of that Video came out I had a Drop Shipping Video did over 100k views it's probably Going to do like 150k maybe 200k views Within the next few more weeks I'm just So excited for that chapter as you guys Know for me to get to where I'm at now It all came from me starting a Drop Shipping Store which I moved over into a

Private label brand then I learned the Skills into starting a marketing agency Then I started up YouTube then while I Was doing my Drop Shipping I was Utilizing credit cards to get all those Bonuses it only makes sense for me to go Back to my roots and try to teach people At least how to get started in that Sense and I know two really good people In my life right now that were able to Make millions from Drop Shipping sell Their brand one of them sold it for a Quarter million dollars a year he's one Of my new business partners now shout Out to my boy Daniel very smart guy so We're rolling out on some uh exciting Stuff on that end too so we're really Diversifying the content I remember at The start of this year when we were Transitioning over into credit card Stuff I had so many messages like Brian No do credit cards here no YouTuber I'm Like maybe this is maturity as a content Creator and something that you guys Could take lessons from there's Something popping in the water here Hitting top water let me get my uh Baitcaster yeah guys but just post Whatever A lot of people get so Concerned about what they can pose what They shouldn't be stuck through the Algorithm and it's just so simple the Algorithm is you it's you watching this Video that's who it is so don't get so

Caught up in like trying to hit it big With every single video a lot of people Don't realize this but every video WE Post it's with the intention of it doing Well over the course of 12 months or so We actually prefer our videos to do flat In the beginning because we know over The course of a year we'll we're gonna Make way more money I think this year Almost five years into YouTube now Within the finance space you just start To see where people are struggling how People are succeeding and it's only Something that came through just Experience of doing it I hope that I can Just learn to help more people assist More people Inspire more people that is Just my goal at the end of the day Yesterday met up with a subscriber his Name is Leon Spears so shout out to Leon Drove all the way he's uh the first like DC firearm instructor all right guys I'm Here at guza right now with uh my guy Leon Spears and Leon is a subscriber Leon you want to tell the people a Little bit about yourself okay Um power and believer of Brian I think He is just phenomenal and in the credit Card space he is my number one I just Wanted to share my everyday setup with Him and um I have an everyday setup and Then frequently when I travel I have a Travel set up what's your background Leon I am actually a weapon analyst and

I write policies for concealed carry and I'm a public information officer so I Help members of Congress Um heads of state and having navigating Um concealed carry and weapon review Leon we went through your setup you have A crazy setup you're and I know your Next level when you have things like the Ritz Carlton card oh yeah you have that You also have two American Express Business Platinum cards which is also Next level but you have probably one of The craziest setups I've ever seen so You're gonna get the title out of anyone I've met you got the title for that for Sure Do you want to shout any of your stuff Out all my socials are get Leon Spears And so uh you can follow me on Instagram Facebook YouTube all get Leon Spears Okay all righty Leon thank you all right You're so welcome he actually works with Like all these celebrities 50 Cent Ivanka Trump Donald Trump Jr John Walling random celebrity Senators news Anchor people he helps them get their Concealed carry license in DC because DC Is very strict with those type of rules And it was a great conversation Leon Brought out all of his credit cards and It really made me so grateful to see Just the impact that I'm able to leave On some people because I often forget Because you know YouTube a camera you

Forget that it's real people behind the Screen sometimes so I was really Appreciative of that we met up for Dinner he came to our Restaurant Rockville Maryland come to guzo you guys Might see me there sometimes and we just Chopped it up talked some business and All that and I just love that so at this Stage guys what I failed to do before I Was always reluctant in working with Others I opposed it it's like look I'm Too busy right now I can't do other Stuff but now I've been more open to it Than ever before so if a business Opportunity comes my way if someone is a Good operator then I'm teaming up with Them and I'm looking to leverage my Platform for that stuff so if you guys Ever want to work for me work with me Whatever it is partner up together fill Out this type form I see it almost every Day multiple times a day and this is how We're actually expanding our Horizon Because right now you know it's it's one Thing to create a seven figure business From zero from scratch and I'll get it To a point where I'm now working maybe Four hours a week and I could still get By and have this company grow I choose To work more on different projects just Because I'm not satisfied yet so if you Guys ever have any ideas if you want to Do something don't just reach out with The type form and have a suggestion

Would I recommend you guys if you're Really trying to work with creators to My level or other entrepreneurs how About full proposal you know as much as You can it's like here's the marketing Plan here's where I think you'll fit in Here's the amount of hours that you need Here's what I'm looking for you here's What you'll get from me here's the Expected Revenue have that and you can Work with some sharks within the space We'll put a bell on this guys uh it's Like low tide now so before I was Getting bites every single cast now it's Slowing down so definitely look into Doing that uh if you are talented in Anything I'll tell you this we get so Many inquiries about oh we'll edit your Short form videos Brian like you know Like that is the most common position We've gotten and frankly guys Unless you're really talented it's hard For us to hire that kind of talent so Just know though we're always open to it Mainly I'd prefer finding people that Can fit within our work culture more Than anything else so if you find Yourself aligning in that direction Please uh don't hesitate to reach out to Us because we are always trying to find New people to work with and hire and I Would always love to do that future of The channel so I've been asked to do a Lot of podcasts over the past three to

Six months and I've actually turned down A lot of them and that's just because I Don't want to do a podcast getting all This to do view viewership and not have Anything further to be able to sell Because at the end of the day to grow These type of businesses and channels That have less than 10 000 Subs that are Making 100 to 300 000 a month they all Have a very targeted offer with the Targeted message to people with a good Offer and that's as simple as the Formula gets and I was able to scale What we have going on to this level Without that formula so we're gonna take Things up a notch and when I say say We're gonna do seven figures a month I Think that is the exact formula that Will take us there it's just a matter of Execution because we are trying to build A few more businesses so I think what Would be great is an update video in Three to six months from now because That's when we'll know where we are with All these things I'm gonna toss This One Backwards something I've also been Really wanting to do is get a CEO peer Group because I realize that I'm losing A lot of people that I can Mastermind With now it's just I guess it's just Differences some people just are going a Different path so if you are like a high Level entrepreneur you're doing seven to Eight figures let me know I'd love to

Learn more in that Essence as well I Used to go to a lot of the conferences Like fincon and going to the Bitcoin Conference but just holding off on Everything now too those conferences I Think it just depends on which one we're Going to that we can find Value in but Now like even networking with other YouTubers I'm just not finding that much Value guys right now in this in this Part of the business like we could just Go ghost and scale harder in my opinion Yeah but uh some changes to the business I mean we are very operating very well We have 12 to 15 video scripts that are Done that I need to film probably we Have seven videos getting edited three Already unlisted and one of my goals is To just get to a point where we have 30 Days of content worth and we're posting Three times a week so that would mean That I could take a sabbatical for like A month or two and we'd still be Chilling but I just don't wanna I don't Think I'm on that level yet I think if We build up the three or four other Businesses get them to generate at least 10K a month at least on the minimum then I could be more okay with that and then Finding some good people to help manage That yeah but that's what I plan to do With YouTube all right so from my boy Chris on who works with Danny Grubbs two Of my good friends Chris says what is

Your ultimate sheet meal and Sheet day Oh just can't beat Chipotle or like I Don't know I don't I don't ever have Cheat meals or cheat days like that I Just eat whatever and I just make sure I Work out so that And that'll probably just be oil cream Barbecue saw you like Uso last night How's the investment paying off yo if You see me don't be afraid to say what's Up I was at the restaurant last night Meeting up with one of our subscribers Here Leon Spears the restaurant industry Was slow definitely last quarter but I Still get a check in the mail which is Nice And I'm hoping things ramp up Q4 but the Only other business ventures that I'm Trying to take right now it's less of The profit margins of the business and More of the owners himself so I really Believe in people or then you know Because the people are the ones that Manage the businesses so I'm always open To other business opportunities You know I wanted to open a gym for the Longest time in Maryland but now we have So much competition and all these gyms Popping up and now I'm like man I that Was going to be a three-year goal now It's going to be maybe a five to ten Year goal and I don't even know if I Want to open a gym maybe I would just Want to do something more private or

It's only for me and my friends and my Family or maybe my subscribers we just Do like an invite-only type thing but That's just one example someone says how Did you get into the restaurant business Just networking knowing the right people Sitting in on conversation saying what's Up and and me doing YouTube definitely Helped a lot but ever since the Beginning before I even did YouTube I Always really emphasized the importance Of personal branding on social media so I used to post all the time when I owned The digital marketing agency I had a lot Of other people reaching out from that So anytime we did work and we found Success I always recorded it made sure Other people saw what is the main thing Stopping someone from making that next Step into the journey Fear I feel like even at my level too There is always innate fear that guides And drives most entrepreneurs especially If they came from nothing and obviously If you guys know my story that's how it All started coming from nothing and There's always a fear that I'll lose it All but it's not something that drives Me every day the fear doesn't drive me The fear is more paralyzing what drives Me personally is the ambition in helping Others through my work and through my Content how did you and your fiance meet We met through church a long time ago

And then we got reconnected a few years Ago and I hollered at her and yeah it Worked in the best way possible that's What I'll say otherwise if we met at any Other point in time I'll think she and I Would be together just because we were Two such different people how is it like To work alongside the great Brian look I Ain't great and working alongside me if You want to know what that's like you Could ask any one of my team members and I'm confident that they'll tell you it's A good experience just because I really Care for anyone on my team I treat you On my team as if you're my brother or my Sister and yeah I hope I hope my team Members at least think the same where do You see yourself in five years I really Don't know but I just know that I'll Probably be living in Virginia just Because I don't agree with the politics In Maryland I'll be straight up the Crime rate is through the roof we're Getting all these section eight whatever We're just getting a lot of these homes That are subsidiaries and there's no Issue with them it doesn't bother me It's just the fact that we're getting a Lot of petty crime coming in like as you Guys know if you follow me on either Platforms YouTube or Instagram got Chased with a knife outside my apartment And that they want me to go to court I Didn't go to court for that because I

Was like I'm not I don't want to give Even like three hours of my days Valuable I don't want to be doing that Just crazy stuff happening in Maryland Like places like Germantown there's like Shootings all the time now people are Getting robbed assaulted fights Everywhere the world is just getting More crazier what advice would you give Your 23 year old self as it comes to Content creation that was four five six Seven that was four years ago almost Three to four years ago this is coming From Spencer Johnson shots of Spencer Good guy out of Austin Texas makes Videos on credit cards yo Spencer I Would post more even my mess-ups that's What I would do I would just post more Even if you second guess yourself just Commit to it because I deleted a lot of Videos and unlisted a lot of videos and Never uploaded certain videos and I know That you should just share with the World as much as you can on the other Hand though I'm only telling you this Because I know you're mature enough if I Told the 18 year old version of myself To just post as much as possible bro I'll be canceled back then that version Of me probably what should I do to start Earning five zero dollars in savings you Got to find a job otherwise you're just Gonna be unemployed you don't want to Risk that all right guys there are chat

Busting out of the water right now and I Don't know if something's chasing them So we're gonna pull out the popper and See if we can hook something up but There are chat that are busting top Water right now if I get a massive hit Guys we're gonna be just doing fishing Videos for the rest of the year where do You see yourself in five years living in Virginia YouTube channels probably had a Couple million subscribers I'm gonna Have a much tighter community at that Point a mastermind CEO community of People that I can lean on and grow with And also uh really good tight mentorship Group too and guys like right now we are The biggest credit card Channel on YouTube and that happened again very Fast just consistency being authentic I Feel like it goes a long way what is the Biggest shift in your life that Ultimately gave you the momentum to be Successful I think the feelings of me Being like yo I'm so sick of being so Broke and helpless where I want to help Other people so bad but I can't you feel That way enough times and you're gonna Make a change so I don't want to say Like put yourself in debt like blow all Your money I had to really hit some rock bottom Lows for me to get to where I'm at now Someone asked me what do I do for a Living I don't even know man I just live

It's gonna be low tide soon fights Slowed down yeah I wanted to just have a Little conversation with my followers You know if you guys resonated with Anything definitely let me know I always Appreciate that got a good amount of Fish here today you get all that spot in There and yeah so that's gonna be the Video I appreciate every single one of Y'all always thanks for watching today I'll catch you on the next one peace any Heavy Hitters any Heavy Hitters any last Ones


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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