Ukraine’s Early Embrace of Crypto Brought in $200M [ Crypto Espresso 2.27.23 ]

Okay new week I don't like you you don't Like me so let's just get this Monday Over with you can't have a Friday Without Monday yeah that's right I'm Your host Andrew and this is crypto Espresso your teeny tiny daily shot of Caffeinated crypto headlines and we're Just gonna go first up a crypto Accountant has revealed common traits of Successful Traders on Twitter and Young.eath said many of those nursing Losses had reinvested all of their Profits without keeping some to the side They claimed that fomo can be extremely Damaging and Diamond hands are often Overrated it was also claimed that 99 of Those who made profits had paper hands Or bought early it's a lot easier to Make a .01 eth gain one thousand times Than it is to make a 10 eath gain one Time they wisely wrote ultimately they Warned against bringing emotions into Trading adding take profits while you Can because chances are they won't be There a year from now all of this comes As tax season looms large in many major Economies a judge has ruled that emojis Can be Financial advice place all of This comes as Dapper Labs continues to Fight a lawsuit over NBA top shots nfts Judge Victor Marrero examined a number Of tweets made about the collection and Said although the literal word Prophet Is not included in any of the tweets the

Rocketship Emoji stock chart emoji and Money bags emoji objectively mean one Thing a financial return on investment Other courts have ruled that emojis Along with gifs or gifts jpegs memes Pictures and other wordless methods of Communication can be used in libel Harassment and criminal trials and while This case was about emojis there have Been rulings that artwork in nfts can be A form of speech as well researchers Have found that Ukraine's war effort Crypto fundraising outdid Russia's by 44-1 in 2022 but that Advantage is Slipping blockchain intelligence firm Elliptic told the financial times while Ukraine's early Embrace of crypto Brought in about 200 million dollars at The start of the war including 80 Million dollars sent directly to the Government the liptics that the donation Rate has dwindled while Russia's slow But steady five million dollar raise has Kept in place an analyst said Ukraine Bet big on crypto by offering donation Addresses literally hours after the Invasion and it did pay off twenty Percent of Grassroots funds coming from Crypto is no small feat the funds were Used on things like body armor helmets And humanitarian Aid and finally when You're suing the police the last thing You want is to have to struggle to be Taken seriously and really how seriously

Can you take a court hearing where Everyone is hovering above the floor With no legs well a judge in Colombia Has held a hearing in the metaverse and They declared the use of this type of Immersive technology aims to make Current procedural Trends effective as It allows the presence of the same Virtual space even when people are Physically in another place without Leaving aside the procedural guarantees And the principles of digital Justice While participants could join via a Video call which just looked like they Were on a TV screen in the 3D courtroom Those with VR headsets could use Customizable avatars that Um they kind of look like them okay and Frankly I can't wait to Premiere my Lawyer Avatar in the court of law he's Half demon he's got a robot eye and a Giant sword that's three times as big as His body his name is XX sephiroth x420xx And JoJo's gonna take one look at him And be like look he wouldn't represent a Liar or a criminal he's way too cool for That his Clan's definitely innocent well What wait what were we talking about Again oh right engagement Spiel like This video subscribe to our YouTube Channel and be sure to click on that Little bell icon to get buzzed whenever A new crypto espresso video goes live Would you like a half demon robot eye

Giant sword wielding Avatar representing You in court well let me know in those Comments below because I read them and I Take them very seriously just like my Avatar who so he's just the coolest Questions about our headlines or crypto In general just ask Alex in that Description below Alex is always a great Resource for all things web 3 and the Metaverse and that about does it for Today again I've been your host Andrew These have been your headlines and we'll See all of your beautiful shining faces Tomorrow


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