This ‘Recycle & Earn’ Crypto App Features a NEW Recycling Token!

Ecoterra is a blockchain ecosystem that Rewards users for recycling they reward Companies for taking action on climate Change all in one recycle to earn app Features recycling tokens ecology Actions recycled materials carbon offset Marketplaces and more for empowering Companies and rewarding consumers again This product their ecosystem features Four different dapps marketplaces Applications for instance number one Recycle to earn application you can earn Ecoterra for your eco-friendly actions With our recycle to earn app where every Recycled item equals an amount of Ecoterra they have a carbon offset Marketplace make a tangible impact on The environment by offsetting your Carbon footprint using ecoterra or other Crypto they have a recycled materials Marketplace Empower your businesses Sustainability efforts by purchasing Recycled plastic recycle glass recycled Aluminum using ecoterra or other crypto Impact trackable profile track your Positive impact actions and Environmentally friendly practices to Improve your brand image and increase Your customer loyalty let's learn a Little bit about each feature of this Project I'd like to write up the Yahoo Finance did one of the main projects Developed by ecoterra is recycled to Earn an all-in-one app featuring

Recycling tokens and ecology actions Those interested can use the ecoterra App to scan plastic and glass bottles as Well as aluminum can barcodes Furthermore the app allows users to scan Their electricity bill to earn ecoterra On green energy producing technology the AI power database developed by ecoterra Will automatically match the scans let's Watch a little promotional video so you Get a better idea we are all on Different Journeys Walking on different paths Living different lives In search of success Success is important but even more Important is Having an impact Scan your items recycle [Music] Earn ecoterra Get your business involved create your Impact profile Buy recycled materials [Music] And choose from our carbon offsets Marketplace [Music] Whoever you are wherever you are this is Our planet ecoterra join our ecosystem [Music] So you can recycle and earn ecoterra in Three easy steps scan recycle earn scan Scan the barcode of recyclable products

For an instant match in our AI power Database use the ecoterror app to scan Plastics glass bottles aluminum cans Barcodes scan your electricity bill to Earn ecoterra on green energy producing Tech match your favorite products to our Expansive database of Brands and Recyclables recycle recycle and upload Your rvm receipt for an instant ecotary Deposit to your account so you find a Local rvm machine right through the Ecoterra app place your recyclable items Into the rvm for processing take a photo Of your rvm receipt and upload it to the App earn ecoterra for each individual Item and every item you recycle which Brings us to earn what can you do with The ecoterra tokens earn eco-terror Tokens for recycled materials and green Energy to spend sell stake or donate so You can plant trees with ecoterra Through various scale projects and Initiatives around the globe ecologize Landfills oceans and forests through Green projects and solar and wind tech Educate the Young Generation about the Impact of climate change and Inspire Counteraction or use ecoterrot tokens to Purchase sustainable and eco-friendly Products for everyday use let's dive a Little deeper into to the three other Exciting features for ecoterra impact Profile recycled materials Marketplace And carbon offset Marketplace so first

Of all Impact profile that one's kind of Self-explanatory as you participate you Can see what kind of impact you're Having in the environment you can track Your rewards and also keep in mind if You own a business you can incorporate It into your business as well lead the Way with recycling rewards materials Exchange and invaluable Eco data Position your company as a leader in the Fight against climate change by Purchasing recyclable materials Inspire Consumers to recycle by matching Eco-terror rewards with purchased pet Glass aluminum and even green energy Packages gain access to our AI powered Database for rewarding your customers With ecoterra so every transaction is a Source of power insights into consumer Recycled habits product choices and Actionable eco-friendly NATO so they're Saying you get to know your customers Pretty well and their recycling habits So an extra benefit as to why companies Would adopt this now or in the future is To gain eco-friendly data on their Customers and understand what their Customers care about also Inspire your Audience and make connection with Transparent impact exposure create an Eco-friendly brand image with Advertisable calculated and transparent Data on purchased recyclables and your Impact on climate change environment is

Hugely important to whatever degree you Agree with that statement or not you Understand that the world cares about The environment and that's another Reason why companies might want to Consider adopting this so let's move to The recycled materials Marketplace a Recycled materials Marketplace powered By blockchain Tech connect with Companies all over the world and Purchase recycled materials ecotero Promotes unity in the fight against Climate change by making the purchase of Recycled materials accessible through a Single app browse filter and find the Exact material type that makes the Biggest impact Target what you love do What you love if you like recycling Glass aluminum whatever it is if you're Vegan this app will help you do it post Special requests to fill orders or find Unique material specifications ecotero Creates opportunities for companies to Make Innovations together in the fight Against climate change through special Requests and Order fulfillment pay right Through the app with ecoterra tokens Various cryptocurrencies or Fiats you Can use Fiat crypto or if you're earning The eco-tera tokens you can use that Carbon offset Marketplace expand your Impact making potential with carbon Offset from around the world purchase Carbon offsets directly through the

Ecoterra app use ecoterra tokens or Other forms of crypto to purchase carbon Offsets that extends your impact far and Wide fully verified carbon offsets in Partnership with Vera and other Certified standards all carbon offsets Purchased through ecoterra are the real Deal and acquired through certified Registries and programs gain Achievements for all of your efforts and Make your impact known ecoterra puts all Of your eco-friendly actions in the Spotlight with an impact profile that's Visible to the world share your profile With a QR code or link anywhere and make Your impact easy to see and understand So this product this company maybe you Like them because your ideal logically Aligned with their mission or maybe Ecoterra is a bet that whether you care About it or not this is a trend that's Only getting bigger people care about The environment and Recycling and stuff Like this this project is audited and Kyc'd by surtic 100 secure and verified Public team this is what I like to see Public team with their linkedins linked So Miha SI toranu totally butchered this Name he's the CEO successful CEO with a Background in digital marketing as a Leader of a digital agency that Collaborated with top brands he has Gained a distinct understanding of the Demands and difficulties faced by

Businesses in today's digital landscape Click through to the LinkedIn the CSO Gabriel is passionate and experienced Business leader as CEO of a successful Eastern European recycling company he Improved the Region's Waste Management With his knowledge and Innovation Approach Gabriel plays a pivotal role in Eco-terrorist development so he has Recycling waste management experience And the chief operations officer Christian is a successful business Executive and entrepreneur as a partner In a top Eastern European recycling Company he helped position the company As a leader in the region with his Commitment and passion to sustainability Christian is a driving force behind Ecoterra and of course this is just the Tip of the iceberg I'm going to leave a Link below to their website check them Out ecoterra has accomplished a lot Since the beginning of the year and they Have big plans finishing strong into end Of year including recycle to earn beta Version release database integration Corporate Partnerships this is a product That can boost your reputation if you're A business if you're an individual it Can help you have a greater impact on The environment and the world as a Business and an individual use our link Below check out the website see you Tomorrow


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