They Are Stealing Your Money?! Shrinkflation & What It Means!

They call that shrinkflation shrink Flation shrink flation we've all noticed That prices are going up but have you Noticed the phenomenon of shrink flation That's when a company reduces the size Or quantity of a product while Maintaining its sticker price it's a Sneaky way of cutting costs without Alerting customers that they're paying The same or more for Less in this video We'll look at five notable examples of Shrink FL Introduce the man whose life's Mission Appears to be calling manufacturers out For these offenses and examine shrink Fl's evil twin skimp flation we'll also Look at how shrinkflation is giving us a Warped view of inflation and give you a Few tips as to how you can spot shrink Flation when you run into It first up let's give some context by Talking about inflation or the rise in The cost of living we've all been Feeling it over the past year or so in Fact it's estimated that Global Inflation in 2022 hit 8.75% marking its steepest annual rise Since 1996 and although inflation has come Down a bit this year it's still pretty High in many places I'll leave a link to The financial times's country tracker in The description below if you want to see How your country Compares with the

Global average now a number of factors Have contributed to high inflation rates In recent years supply chain disruptions Caused by the pandemic delayed products Getting to Market which naturally led to Shortages followed by a glut as those Disruptions eased meanwhile the massive Printing of money most notably in the United States with an unprecedented Stimulus package pushed up the supply of The dollar then we had Russia's invasion Of Ukraine which pushed grain and oil Prices up and when oil prices go up Everything goes up so the challenge Politicians and economists now face is How to get out of an inflation cycle Higher prices push up the cost of living Which causes employees to demand higher Wages which drive up the costs of Production which pushes up prices and so On and so on now in some countries this Inflation cycle has spiraled out of Control in Argentina Lebanon Venezuela Turkey and Zimbabwe inflation rates have Reached double and even triple digits in Recent years a phenomenon known as Hyperinflation in some of these Countries crypto has been a welcome Hedge in others adoption has remained Low I'll leave videos in the description If you want to know why so how do Countries control inflation well this is Where central banks like the US Federal Reserve come in by raising interest

Rates they increase the cost of Borrowing and hopefully reduce inflation The trick is to raise rates just enough To cut inflation but not so much that Such a move triggers a recession that's What Jerome Powell and his ilk are paid The big bucks to try and do now though Onto the topic of the day shrink flation While raising the prices of goods is one Way company can offset their increased Production costs there is another Altogether sneakier way enter shrink Flation now it's sometimes said that Life is like a toilet roll the closer You get to the end the faster it goes But whether or not that expression Stacks up it appears that toilet rolls Nowadays are smaller than they were when Socrates or whoever it was first uttered It and companies are trying to hide this From the customer crisp packets seem to Have fewer crisps toothpaste tubes Apparently have more air and horror of Horrors tobler own triangles are now Spaced further apart now these Artful Acts of deception are the sorts of Things that really rub consumers up the Wrong way companies spend untold amounts Of money trying to build up brand Loyalty only to then pull a fast one and End up giving you less for your money so Then let's now have a drum roll please Because I'm about to give you five Notorious examples of shrink

Flation so in fifth place there's Excel Chewing gum a Canadian brand only Canadians would name a chewing gum after A software program that's a joke folks Don't get angry in the comments Please anyway instead of 10 pieces of XL Gum you now get nine one of the gum Slots has been replaced by uh Grip hm why do you need a grip the only Thing slippery about this cheerwing gum Is its marketing department anyway next Up it's Hills Science Diet perfect Weight dog food yep even pets aren't to Be spared by shrink flation now you've Got to hand it to Hills they've been Pretty creative here not only is the ad Riddled with buzzwords like new look and Improved recipe but the photo shows the New packet to be larger than the Original which is utter BS or more Accurately perhaps utter DS moving on in Third place it's Gatorade and I'll let Trevor Noah take this one yeah she's Right that gatorade bottle is looking Good you're like damn what you been Doing Gatorade you stop drinking Gatorade thanks Trevor now in second Place we have a more concerning example BD brand syringes used for injecting Insulin have gone from 100 in a box down To just 90 now chewing gum is one thing Medical Products well that's a whole Different matter not cool BD not cool at All and now in first place we have a

Staple of British confectionary quality Street if you're unfamiliar let me just Say that quality street is as important A component of a British Christmas as Turkey Center and that depressing Hangover you get on boxing day nothing Says it's Christmas time to a Brit like A family box of quality Street and while Families have indeed been getting Smaller we don't need quality Street to Reflect that thank you very much as you Can see quality Street has been Shrinking over the years and I for one Am outraged people all over Britain Would be taking to the streets if they Knew the truth and if it wasn't raining Thankfully though amid the dark clouds Of companies trying to deceive their Customers comes an unlikely torchbearer To help us find our way Edgar dworski is A septarian semi-retired lawyer Whom The New York Times in a glowing profile Called quote possibly the world's Foremost expert on shrink flation Frugal Edgar is described as the people's Champion quirky and upstanding always on The lookout for examples of shrink FL And it's thanks to Edgar's website mous Print. that we found so many stunning Examples of shrinkflation for this video His public appearances are pretty Amusing too here are a couple from John Oliver's Last Week Tonight well shrink BL is kind of a new fangled name for

Downsizing now it's all well and good to Criticize manufacturers but to be fair Inflation is a big concern for them too They're trying to figure out how to Balance these Rising costs while Continuing to sell their products to Customers customers mind you who have Lower purchasing power because of Inflation shrinkflation is sneaky but It's not illegal whether it's imoral or Not is open to debate certainly Edgar as Well as some companies feel that greater Transparency is needed as Edgar notes on His website the French retail giant Carfor recently announced that it will Place signs on products that have been Downsized alerting customers that they Are getting less of the product than They might expect France's Parliament is Also taking a pro consumer position They're soon to debate a proposed law That would require manufacturers to Clearly label products that have been Reduced in size but while the packaging Has remained the same Liber quality Frity a Transparency yes yes cm Barry coin buau One two here we go hello hello Barry Here guys cousin here to tell you about Crypto deals by the Dozen the coin Bureau deals page is the place to go That's where all the Mad discounts are Put on show what that you think I'm full Of crap you trying to say this Gea Can't

Rap okay then try this one on for size I'm going to hit you with the deals page Big price yes Exchange sign up bonuses Of up to 40K oh yes I'll have a bit of That I hear you say you're welcome yes It's my pleasure but wait there's even More treasure here there's trading feed Discounts too so don't say I don't do Nice things for you and hold up there's Even more there you can even get some Money off of Hardware Hardware right There oh yeah so pure wallets to keep Your crypto secure because you know me I'm all about self- custody and so Should you be don't you see anyway That's all I've got to say today so once That video's done make make sure you Click away to the coin Bureau deals page You know where to go Link in description Down [Music] Below now though let's turn to skimp Flation which as I mentioned in the Intro is shrink fl's evil cousin skimp Flation is a term used to describe a Situation where instead of raising Prices companies reduce not the quantity Of their goods but the quality the term Was seemingly coined by NPR's Planet Money And it refers to both consumer Goods and services in an article from Late 2021 NPR highlighted some of the Examples they were aware of in the US so Visitors to Magic Kingdom a theme park

Located at the Walt Disney World Resort In Florida were outraged to find out That they had to walk a mile instead of Taking the theme park tram which wasn't In operation seemingly due to cost Cutting the report also mentioned Understaffing across the service sector More broadly and the resulting delays to The quality of service and our White Knight Edgar is also tackling skimp Flation on his blog two recent examples He highlights are particularly egregious The first is ConAgra salad dressing Edgar has noted that its makers have Decreased the oil content cutting over 22% of the calories while seeing Substituting it with water and an Additional 30% of salt the other example Quote made the front page of the New York Times and Drew outrage from regular Users who posted over 2,000 one-star Reviews on its website yikes this Happened after Edgar's website noted That a margarine brand called Smart Balance reduced its oil content by Nearly 40% and replaced it with water Customers were rightly Outraged the product of course didn't Taste the same facing the fuori the Parent company kagra reintroduced the Original recipe earlier this year now You might have noticed that most of the Information in this video comes from American sources and that's simply

Because most of the data we found on This topic is US focused I mean where Else do you get information like this And I quote a new National study of fast Food drive-throughs found the speed of Service has decreased by more than 25 Seconds over the last year and workers Are not as friendly signs surely of a Civilization on the very brink of Collapse but Jokes Aside you can be sure That this deterioration in quality due At least in some part to inflation is a Global phenomenon also spare a thought For countries that as I noted earlier Are going through Hyperinflation there have been reports In Lebanon for instance that food safety Standards have dropped and foodborn Diseases like salmonella have been on The rise this is due to a Confluence of Factors most notably Refrigeration Issues due to frequent and longlasting Power cuts of course there are solutions Like generators but these cost money the Point I'm making is that inflation in Its various guises ripples throughout Society in ways we might not be aware of At first glance and this brings me to my Next Point many people focus squarely on Inflation as a gauge of the cost of Living you'll probably be aware that in The United States inflation rates are Measured using the Consumer Price Index Or CPI this indicator takes a basket of

Consumer goods and services and Compares It over time to determine the average in Inflation rate but as you've seen from This video shrink and skimp flation are Other forms of inflation yet these Aren't accurately reflected in official Data in other words in some respects Inflation is much higher than official Figures suggest however it's also true That technology has helped drive down Costs in other aspects of Our Lives as Alan Cole an economist and writer noted To NPR streaming servic like Spotify Have dropped the costs of listening to Music and you can say the same about Netflix for watching films now while Some of you '90s kids might not remember This those of us of an older vintage Used to buy CDs from Virgin mega store Or rent films from Blockbuster ah the Good old days but to my knowledge these Cost-saving aspects of our lives are not Well captured by traditional inflation Indicators now before I sign off I Promised you that I'd share tips on how To become a savier shopper and spot Shrink flation out in the wild well Edgar notes two things when it comes to The goods you typically put in your Basket first keep an eye on updated Packaging signs like new and improved Are potential red flags but the real Indicator is the net weight with very Few exceptions according to Edgar's

Website this data rarely lies if the net Weight of a product is reduced even if The packaging still looks the same in All likelihood you've got yourself a Case of shrink flation in your hands so Caveat Emptor my Friends and there you have it folks now I'm looking forward to reading in the Comments about your experiences of Shrink and skimp flation what egregious Examples have you come across and if You're a manufacturer maybe give us your Perspective too before you go if you Enjoyed this video and learned something From it please like it share it and make Sure you subscribe to both coin buau and Coin buau Clips also head on over to the Coin buau deals page where you can find The best discount deals and finest Crypto merch there is it helps support Our Channel and lets us continue to Provide you with the best crypto and Macro content out there until next time This is guy over and out [Music]


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