The Man Who Talked To Nakamoto – Wei Dai

As the crypto World continues to Speculate on the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto one name that continues to come Up repeatedly is way dime Dai is a Computer engineer in cryptography expert And is perhaps also best known for Developing the concept of B Money in 1998 b-money was a early proposal for a Decentralized digital currency system That would allow for anonymous Transactions without the need for a Central Authority sounds familiar right Well indeed this concept is very similar To the principles Bitcoin was later Built on leading many to wonder if Dai Had a role in the creation of the World's first crypto and if we continue To follow this rabbit hole then we'll Find that one of the strongest pieces of Evidence linking waydai to Satoshi is a Series of emails that were exchanged Between the two in the early days of Bitcoin in one email I wrote to Nakamoto Have you thought about a way to generate The coins without a central Authority Nakamoto responded by saying that he had And that he was working on a solution And this exchange is significant because It suggests that die was aware of Bitcoin before it was publicly announced Implying that he may have even had a Hand in his Creation in the end the Question of whether we die is the secret Founder of Bitcoin remains unanswered

And one thing is for sure though


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