These TOP 10 Crypto Coins just CHANGED the GAME!!!

These 10 altcoins are changing the game Do you hold these coins like the video Subscribe for daily crypto News videos Number one cardano cardano summer is Coming at least according to project Founder Charles hoskinson cardano Founder Charles hoskinson has shared an Over optimistic vision for the future of Cardano let's dive into the details and I'm curious your take in a recent video The crypto veteran hoskinson talked About cardano summer claiming that the Blockchain's native token Ada could Surpass Bitcoin could surpass ethereum Could surpass all other cryptocurrencies This summer thanks to a series of Updates and proposals set to be released In the coming weeks one of the most Significant updates is the CIP 1694 proposal which aims to Revolutionize cardano's on-chain Governance infrastructure and turn the Network into a truly decentralized gov Government The Proposal is set to be Integrated in the upcoming Voltaire Update and will allow any user to submit A governance action hoskinson also Talked about cardano's ongoing effort to Measure and quantify decentralization Using metrics such as the genie and Nakamoto coefficients these metrics Would provide valuable insights into Cardano's level of decentralization Basically what Charles is saying is that

Cardano is one of the few crypto Projects which has always geared itself Towards decentralization bitcoin's Decentralized ethereum's decentralized Institutions realize that that Bitcoin And ethereum are Commodities there are a Lot of crypto currencies that aren't It's not necessarily clear that they're Commodities but after cardano's updates It's going to hit a level of Decentralization and could be adopted by Major regulatory bodies worldwide Because of it by using these indicators To assess these centralization policy Makers could formulate informed Regulation and differentiate between Cryptocurrencies as either Commodities Or protocols based on their Decentralization Avalanche doing big Things you might not even realize this Avalanche adds native Euro stablecoin Ava Cloud Avalanche is making moves to Attract developers and defy liquidity With its latest feature rollout so what Exactly is going on with Avalanche why Are Avalanche holders excited well Developers on layer 1 Avalanche this Week launched what they're calling Ava Cloud Ava cloud is built as a launch pad For deploying and scaling no code fully Managed custom blockchains which Avalanche calls subnets subnets are Analogous to Cosmos consumer chains Which are connected to the cosmos hub

Using replicated Securities but speaking More on Ava Cloud specifically the Product Suite comprises an interoperable Blockchain Builder with managed Validators and Analytics tools it is Aimed at businesses that want to launch Blockchains quickly with minimal Overhead costs currently Avalanche touts The in-game shrapnel and Korea marketing Platform SK Planet among its early Developers and as I said with Ava Cloud Avalanche has launched a Euro stable Coin coincidentally circled the issuer Of the second largest stable coin on Ethereum usdc actually multi-chain Announced that its eurobact token Euro c Is now natively available on the Avalanche C chain making its first foray Into multi-chain expansion as I hinted At awesome to see this is a crypto Protocol that many have forgotten about But on certain metrics they've never Been doing better active subgraphs on The graph's mainnet of 26 percent Quarter over quarter over the past five Quarters the number of subgraphs Launched on the graph protocol's mainnet Has grown steadily at the end of q1 There were 776 active subgrats on the Mainnet up to 26 percent quarter after Quarter I like it do not count out Ethereum this is an interesting metric There is no eth to trade well ethereum Exchange balance drops to a five-year

Low the eth balance decline began September 2022 dropping significantly in November and December after the downfall Of FTX people removing their coins from Exchanges this is that five-year low Five years back it was above this level Interesting to see ethereum getting Taken off exchanges like this and of Course this probably has a lot to do With where ethereum is today compared to Five years ago staked ethereum deposits Just hit a new all-time high of 22.2 million do you stake your ethereum Aptos making big moves NBC Universal and Aptos Labs team up on a web 3 game for Nicholas Cage's Renfield Aptos Labs has Partnered with NBC Universal to create a Web 3 game to promote the upcoming film Remfield featuring Nicholas Cage as Dracula I saw this film I liked this Film it was a great summer comedy Players can win digital Collectibles Within this game minted on the Aptos Blockchain by identifying hidden bugs in These stylized photos Aptos Labs is a Layer 1 blockchain secured by proof of Stake with a market cap of 2.35 billion And Partnerships with Google cloud and Moonpay this next project we've never Talked about it on the channel before I Think it's relatively new I'm bringing It to your attention because Joe Rogan Is bullish on this crypto project Specifically it's kind of a way to bet

On MMA fights but the players also get Rewarded I need to dive deeper into this This may be one of the first signs of Early adoption of web3 I do know karate Combat has an interest in gaming but This is massive for sports too let's Highlight it karate combat this is what Joe Rogan has to say on Karate combat It's great so they listen to the fans They get 10 of the fighters and if a lot Of people are betting that could be Really good for the fighters as well to Get a little bit of extra dough I really Like the idea of a token that's attached To an organization that makes me excited About crypto tokens because look at this Okay all new Karate Combat app is now Live so that's a great idea it's a great Idea also that it goes to the fighters As well ten percent if the UFC Implemented something like that I think That would be very successful I think It's a very very good idea I think so Too probably one of the most unique Ideas that I've heard in a long time and An implementation of crypto token that I Think is fantastic uniswap still the Leading decentralized exchange out there Making new all-time highs in monthly Active users uniswap monthly active Users about to hit 1 million eth layer 2 Polygon is changing the game in many Ways Reddit seems to be one of the only Platforms that cracked the code for nft

Adoption on ethereum are specifically on Polygon Reddit the only big Tech firm That cracked the nft code polygon Co-founder says polygon co-founder Applauds Reddit success and onboarding Millions of users to crypto during a Wide-ranging discussion this was during An AMA session on Reddit no doubt Polygon's co-founder said the social Media giant cracked the code for nft Adoption besides sharing pro-crypto and Polygon views like how web3 will Complement web 2 in areas like Finance Gaming social media the founder also Explained how Reddit managed to win over Its Community with the launch of its Digital Collectibles the social media Platform introduced nfts they didn't Call them nfts they called them Collectible avatars on polygon July 2022 Smack dab in the middle of a bear market Via airdrops and early sales of digital Collectibles for up to 100 the early Nfts went on to sell for hundreds of Dollars on the secondary Market overall Reddit was just able to drive tons of Engagement with Reddit nfts perhaps Because nfts went out to specific Communities already established Subreddits within reddit reddit was Responsible for adding 3 million crypto Users in the first three months Following its nft launch over the last 10 months the company has successfully

Onboarded 9.7 million users to reddit's Nft platform and this is all happening On polygon polygon represents a Multi-chain ecosystem of side chains That leverage ethereum security to Provide a scalable application platform Currently it supports two public Blockchains polygon and polygon ZK evm Speaking of targeting specific Communities decentraland targeting Pride Community in a positive way obviously Decentraland metaverse Pride event aims To Spur real change one Avatar at a time Three-day metaverse Pride 2023 Celebration will offer educational Experiences and live music performances With a focus on the community Decentraland throwing a gay Festival in The metaverse very cool that's it my Friends subscribe to this channel for Daily videos keeping you informed on the Entire crypto market like the video your Support means the world I'll see you Tomorrow


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