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Our story today is about the ticking Time Bomb politicians don't want you to Know about pension systems across the World are built on false expectations by The time you yes you reach retirement Age there might not be enough money left In the pot to give you the sort of Pension you thought you'd earned don't Believe me well even the World Bank Admits that we're facing a massive Crisis they write and I quote public Pension schemes are not viable Financially and cannot therefore keep Their promises to younger cohorts that Will retire in the future my name is guy And in this video I'll be lifting the Veil on pension systems across the world This story will take us from the banks Of the Rin to the California Sunshine Covering everything from the origins of Pensions to the story of Charles Ponzi It will also detail the demographic time Time bomb that could bring the whole Pension system down and reveal which Governments are the best and worst Prepared to secure your future it's a Beast of a topic folks so let's get Going Our Story begins in 1889 almost 20 Years after Germany's chancellor Otto Von bismar and his impressive handlebar Mustache LED Prussian forces to defeat France and form the German Empire the New and emboldened German State now the Biggest Continental power in Europe was

About to implement one of the most Revolutionary social policies of the era In 1881 Germany's Emperor or Kaiser Vilhelm I wrote a letter to the German Parliament at bismar behest it said Quote those who are disabled from work By age and invalidity have a Well-rounded claim to care from the State now that idea seems normal to us Now but in those days it was truly Groundbreaking by 1889 Germany had Implemented an old AG social insurance Program the first country in the world To do so looking at it now some 130 Years later one of the most interesting Aspects of the legislation is that the Retirement age was set at 70 years old That's right 70 and can you guess what The average life expectancy in Germany Was around that time a mere 4.32 years most people died young and Worked till they couldn't work any Longer if you somehow defied the odds And lived past 70 then and only then did The state Grant you a few gold marks Imperial Germany's currency at the time I suspect only the wealthy those with Good food Access to Health Care lower Stress lives good genes and a Disposition to Good Luck made it past 70 But the data on that aspect of things is Hard to come by in any case following Germany's lead Denmark New Zealand Australia Sweden the UK and others

Introduced pension schemes around the Turn of the 20th century like Germany Britain also set its retirement age at 70 while the other countries put it in The mid-60s but by 1925 both Germany and Britain had reduced their pension age 265 by that time both countries had Similar life expectancies around 57 Years still a good way below the Retirement age mind you anyhow let's Park the history of pension schemes for A moment and turn our attention across The pond to America where a few years Earlier a charismatic Italian immigrant Named Carlo AKA Charles Ponzi was Promising extraordinary returns to Investors and causing quite a stir Charles had opened an office in Boston In 1919 to sell business ideas to people In Europe he learned about a way to make Money when a company from Spain asked Him about a type of voucher used to pay For international mail Ponzi found he Could buy these vouchers cheaply in Italy and swap them for more expensive US stamps making a big profit it was Classic Arbitrage I.E taking advantage Of different different prices in Different places and pocketing the Difference absolutely nothing wrong with That and as an aside it's exactly how Sam bankman freed made his first Millions exploiting the difference in The price of BTC on Japanese exchanges

Compared with its price on us exchanges Anyway back to Ponzi now Ponzi managed To secure early Investments for his Projects promising investors returns of 50% in 45 days or twice their investment After 90 days these were extraordinary Returns particularly when you consider That Banks were offering annual returns Of 5% news of these returns spread like Wildfire and brought in more and more Investors the money from new investors Went towards paying the earlier Investors and so on and so on as long as The amount of new money coming in was Increasing the scheme worked meanwhile Ponzi himself was living a lavish Opulent lifestyle and presenting an Enticing image to the world he bought a Mansion and the finest car of the time Everyone wanted a piece of the action White Collar Blue Collar it didn't Matter everyone was getting in on The Feeding Frenzy but while the fomo was Very real the business really wasn't According to One Source Ponzi would have Had to fill Titanic siiz ships with Postal coupons just to ship enough of Them to the US from Europe in fact the Whole business was a fraud it was a Classic case of robbing Peter to pay Paul but as long as the money kept Coming in as long as the base of the Investor pyramid continued to grow the Scheme survived so with that in mind

Let's now turn to Modern pension systems A fallacy that many people believe is That when you pay into your pension pot That same money is the money you receive When you retire plus any interest earned During the course of your working years I mean that makes sense right the state Is effectively forcing you to be Fiscally responsible so that when you Hit retirement age you'll have saved up A nice little pot of money that will Help you see out your final years in Comfort but this is not how it works in Reality the money you save by paying Into your pension is not kept for you no That money is directly used to pay Today's retirees that's right each Generation of taxpayers is paying for The retirement of the previous Generation like Ponzi stamp scheme this Model is all fine and dandy so long as The amount that taxpayers are paying Into the pot exceeds the amount being Handed out to retirees but herein lies The problem the world has changed Dramatically since pension schemes were First introduced as I mentioned Previously when they were first Introduced retirement Ages were higher Than average life expectancies now not Only is the inverse true but we are Living even longer than ever while the Retirement age has stayed the same or in Some cases even decreased let's look at

A few figures life expectancy in Germany Is now 81.8 whereas the standard pensionable Age is 65 though there are efforts to Increase it to 67 by 2029 that means That on average the working population Is paying for 14 to 15 years of a Pensioner's life now that's not an issue Of course if Germany's population is Growing but it's not in fact take a look At this demographic chart it's what is Referred to as a constrictive population Pyramid Germany's birth rate is Shrinking just as its population is Aging and is therefore in retirement for Longer now this is terrible for a Country's economy to take it back to our Friend Ponzi it's as if the number of New investors throwing their savings Into his scheme is dropping if this Continues there's a real risk that the Money taxpayers are contributing to National pensions won't cover the Amounts needed to pay for retirees and If you think this is just a problem in Germany you'd be sorely mist mistaken It's an issue that is cutting across the World particularly in developed Countries in developed countries the Birth rate should be at least 2.1 Children per woman to sustain the Population in countries with high infant And child mortality rates however the Average number of births may need to be

Much higher anything lower than that and The population is in decline if you look At this chart you'll see there are a Whole host of countries with declining Populations low birth rates are Particularly acute in East Asian Countries like Taiwan South Korea and Singapore as well as Southern European Countries like Spain Italy Portugal and Greece must be something in the water at The same time these countries have some Of the highest life expectancies in the World as you can see from this chart People in Japan Italy Singapore and Spain tend on average to live into their Mid 80s with those in Portugal and Taiwan living just a few years less in Fact people in these countries are so Good at Living long lives that many of Them are featured in author Dan butner's New documentary series exploring the Science and Lifestyles behind longevity Spoiler alert if you want to make it Past 100 eat well move your body Maintain strong social connections and Have a sense of purpose or iigi a Japanese term for sense of purpose I should note though that I am not a Lifestyle adviser and this is not Lifestyle [Music] Advice and you'll never guess who is in The Car hello and welcome back to jam crypto

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Longer and drawing State pensions for Less time but this is a political Hot Potato you may recall that French President Emanuel mcon caused outrage Across France this year with his Proposal to reform the country's pension System by gradually raising the Retirement age from 62 to 64 by 2030 Transport and energy workers teachers Dockers public sector workers and many More protested across French cities Causing major disruptions although the Law ultimately passed macron has paid a Major political cost with pollsters Putting his popularity rating at just 28% earlier this year down 133% since His reelection in 2022 similarly Protests rocked France in 2020 when the The government at the time raised the Pensionable age from 60 to 62 even with These two increases though France still Has one of the lowest retirement ages in The oecd fun fact the country with the Lowest retirement age of all is Saudi Arabia at just 47 but I suspect even Wealthy Oil States like Saudi will have To raise their retirement age at some Point as their natural reserves continue To deplete in Britain meanwhile Politicians dealing with the problem by Well waiting waiting until the next General election in 2024 at least Britain's pension system has been in the Firing line recently from commentators

Who care about these sorts of things Although at 66 Britain's retirement age Is considerably higher than France's and Will be increased to 68 by 2044 those in The no say that even this is not enough In a financial times piece aptly titled Quote is the state pension really a Ponzi scheme the papers consumer editor CLA Barrett opens with the forboding Words quote by the time I celebrate my 68th birthday in the year 2045 I doubt Very much that the UK state pension will Exist in its current form she goes on to Criticize Britain's so-called triple Lock system which was created to ensure The state pension doesn't lose value Because of inflation the triple lock Looks at three indicators inflation how Much average pay in the UK has gone up Or a fixed rate of 2 and a half% every Year the pension rate is increased by The highest of these three amounts now Of course that's great for people who Are soon to retire but while it may gain Votes in the short term as the UK's work And pensions secretary has admitted the Triple lock is quote not sustainable in Fact as CLA States quote as the popul Population ages funding the state Pension in its current form will become Even more expensive before going on to Rebuke politicians for not taking a Tough stance on pension reform reading Between the lines she's lambasting the

Government for not making hard decisions Now but putting them off or handing them On to the next government and this Problem is compounded in many countries By the fact that when it comes to voting In elections the elderly are far better At turning out than the young are so any Policies aimed at raising retirement Ages or decreasing pension payouts are Unlikely to be big vote winners elderly People whether already retired or Approaching that age are unlikely to Vote to make themselves worse off or to Have to work for longer it's a bit like Asking turkeys to vote for Christmas Anyway as I mentioned previously Increasing the retirement age is one way Of improving the situation but there are Others you could could lower the payout To pensioners sure this is another hot Potato but there are some occasions Where the payouts don't make any Financial sense and are in fact Implemented either on faulty assumptions Or more commonly a way of gaining votes In the short term this though increases The scale of the problem for the next Generation of politicians and taxpayers Let's use an example to illustrate this Point in California then Governor Gray Davis signed legislation in the year 2000 that gave state employees massive Pension benefits more than 200,000 civil Servants became eligible to retire at 55

And in many cases collect more than half Their highest salary for life in fact Highway Patrol officers could retire at 50 and receive as much as 90% of their Peak pay for as long as they lived As Joshua Ral a finance professor at Stanford explains over 62,000 public Employees are receiving pensions in Excess of $100,000 a retired County Administrator Reportedly earns around $400,000 a year In retirement benefits crazy right as The LA Times explains the legislation Was passed on the promise that it Wouldn't cost the taxpayer a dime but The calculations were off by billions of Dollars as a result taxpayers now have To Fork over $5.4 billion a year to pay For state employee pensions that's more Than 30 times the sum paid towards the State pension before Governor Gray's Legislation was introduced it means Money that could be spent on roads Hospitals fighting wildfires and the Like is instead going to fund the early Retirement of state employees now don't Get me wrong it would be great great if Everyone could retire early and be well- Looked after by a state safety net and Maybe that day will come with Spectacular advancements in technology For instance but it's not today and it's Unlikely to be in our lifetimes so we Have to collectively stop being

Shortsighted and stop voting for Fiscally irresponsible politicians who Make promises that sound too good to be True because folks as you well no if Something seems too good to be true then It almost certainly is if we stay on This path the taxpayers of today and Tomorrow will pay the real price and Many of you will be among that number Now so far I've spoken in general terms About pension systems and highlighted The broad demographic problems developed Nations face now though let's get into The weeds and look at how pension Schemes themselves are set up in Different countries to get this Information let's turn to the merer CFA Institute every year this body analyzes Different country's retirement payment Systems and lists them in their So-called Global pension index they look At 47 country systems that cover about 64% of all the people in the world and Measure each system's adequacy Sustainability and integrity against More than 50 indicators in 2023 the Netherlands had the best system for Giving people money when they retire With Iceland and Denmark coming next now For the sake of this video we're going To zoom in on one of the three Categories on which the report evaluates Different pension schemes that is Sustainability which the report defines

As including quote factors such as the Economic importance of the private Pension system its level of funding the Length of expected retirement both now And in the future as well as a couple of Other factors As you can see from this chart most Countries score very poorly when it Comes to sustainability Spain Italy and Portugal which as you'll recall from Earlier have particularly low birth Rates and some of the oldest people on The planet score particularly poorly Those three countries alongside turkey Received egrades for context only Spain And Italy received an e-grade in 2020 Portugal and turkey have since fallen Down the rankings which is not good news Meanwhile aging Japan is not much better Getting a d-grade on sustainability now You might be wondering how many Countries received an a grade well here There is some good news in 2020 just one Country scored an A and that was Denmark In the 2023 report however Denmark was Joined by Iceland Israel and the Netherlands so there is some some Progress in this regard but it still Means that 43 countries are Underperforming when it comes to the Sustainability of their pension schemes And if you're relying on a state pension That should really worry you Particularly since inflation and Rising

Interest rates are making the situation Even worse gone are the days when you Can rely on the state to pay you a Comfortable pension in your Sunset years Today you need to take matters into your Own hands and plan for your own future How you do so is up to you as you know This channel merely informs and Sometimes entertains we do not offer Financial advice anyway now let's go Back to our friend Charles Ponzi for a Second when we left the story in 1920 he Was at the height of his powers living The sort of lavish lifestyle you might Have seen Leonardo DiCaprio portray in The Great Gatsby sadly for Ponzi not Everyone though believed in his scheme The scam began to unravel when financial Analyst Clarence Baron observed that Ponzi's claimed profits would require 160 million reply coupons in circulation To cover his liabilities while only About 27,000 actually existed the media Especially the Boston Post started Digging deeper exposing inconsistencies And suspicions amid growing media Scrutiny and mounting legal pressures Investors panicked and started demanding Their money back the scheme couldn't Withstand the rush of withdrawals Leading to its collapse Ponzi was Arrested in August 1920 imprisoned for Several years and ended up spending his

Final years in poverty and poor health Before dying in a Charity Hospital in Rio de Janeiro in 1949 by now you'll clearly have noticed Striking similarities between the two Schemes pensions and ponies certainly of Course a fundamental difference between The two is that ponies have Criminal Intent while pension schemes are well Intended but in other respects they're Not that different first much like Ponzi Schemes traditional pension systems Typically rely on contributions from Newer participants to pay the benefits Of older ones this structure is Reminiscent of the robbing Peter to pay Paul mechanism I mentioned earlier that Defines Ponzi schemes second Ponzi Schemes are inherently unsustainable Because they require an ever increasing Number of participants to maintain Payouts remember those demographic Charts pension schemes in the developed World are facing sustainability issues Which are exacerbated by declining birth Rates and an aging population the Diminishing worker to retiree ratio is The core issue that is threatening the Financial viability of these schemes Third Charles Ponzi promised significant Returns on investments a promise that Was unrealizable while this isn't the Case across the board with pension Schemes in some jurisdictions it most

Definitely is we highlighted the example From California as a particularly bad Case but California is not alone many Pension schemes face underfunding crises And are in Jeopardy of not delivering The promised benefits to retirees Drawing a parallel with the broken Promise es of Ponzi schemes and finally Transparency issues abound in both Realms while Ponzi schemes are shrouded In deceit pension schemes are often Criticized for their lack of Transparency with many individuals Unclear about the future value of their Pensions or the health of the underlying Funds it might come as news to some of You that your government isn't keeping And growing your pension contributions For the day you retire but has already Spent them on the pension Of Today and that's about it for today's Video folks so will there be any money Left in the pot when you retire or will Pensions collapse like a Ponzi scheme That's a question for you to answer in The comments below also tell us how Pension schemes are set up in your Country and what are you doing to save For your future now if you're looking For the best crypto deals on the market Then the coin Bureau deals page is where You should go it has exchange bonuses of Up to $440,000 as well as trading fee

Discounts of up to 60% and discounts on Hardware wallets too so be sure to check That out below I'll leave a link in the Description as well as a ton of useful Resources if you want to explore the Topic we covered today in further detail And before you go if you enjoyed this Video and learned something from it Please like it share it and subscribe Take care stay smart and think about Your Future


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