Solana & Visa Partnership

Most crypto Partnerships are kind of Just crap it's like oh we've decided the Protocol is going to pay this company a Lot of money to be able to put it a logo Somewhere and like that's not good for Anyone that's not a good use of funds It's not a good use of resources Visa Makes a bunch of money Visa's publicly Traded company that runs a lot of Important critical infrastructure They're not building on salana because Of a partnership they're building on Salana because they did a deep dive in The technology and they decided that This was really a great place for them To scale their pilot that began ethereum And scale it using salana what we're Really looking at is what are businesses That are ready to adopt blockchain Technology that need some help in Adopting that technology right we don't Pay for Logos we don't pay for you know Sports team branding we don't pay Someone from a company get on stage and Say that they really like salana it's All about real technology Integrations And real products that are getting built That's one of the most important things To sort of look at here is like when a Blockchain is putting out Partnerships Are these Partnerships real


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