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[Music] My company we do a modular Hardware System that can turn plush toys into an Interactive companion for kids and Family what kind of sensors do you embed In these devices yes so we have our Proprietary lysensor pack so it makes us Like smart toy easier to develop Thinking of how long the r d is for Hardware but for using our heart like Modular Hardware pack it's more like a Pick and choose and octobo is our first Product that implemented all of our Sensors in but we are also exploring a B2B model that we can make characters For other companies so you could imagine Smaller devices with less sensors for Instance exactly like this is for Tablets but we're also looking into a Concept that we can Implement phones in It excellent so okay what kind of things Can you sense with the sensors like Pressure like temperature lights what Can you do yes uh so the core mechanic Is the capacitive sensor so it allows Like soft touch it's very child proof It's very soft so compared to other Products out there Um I think mostly you see it's like Button press I press here press there But for us we support a very genuine uh Like authentic type of like experience That kids can roll around with it and Interact with the plush toy like how

They interact with traditional light Plush do you get feedback as well for Instance if I hug uh the thing am I Going to get some sound or something is That is that um so October actually Powered by a You know um there's the speaker that uh Like from the tablet you can also Connect to your Bluetooth speaker and Also it's an app so as a developer we Develop multiple cloud content Um like feedbacks like animation so uh It's really like Limitless like just uh Like depends on how the designer Developer wants to use for octago Excellent and how much is it going to Cost and when do you think you plan to Roll it out everywhere so yeah we're Actually launching next month so uh you Can find us at thinker and It's going to be very exciting for us And do you have a price uh yes so the Starter pack will now it's like Pre-order special it's 129 and the whole Bundle will be 149 but afterwards optimo Is a platform a system so we are going To develop multiple expansion packs that You can use with October so it's not Just one off and do you plan to partner With other developers as well so that They develop a compatible software and Hardware that can expand the platform Yes so that is the B2B Channel that I Mentioned so we're running a pilot with

A partner that we are licensing out the October SDK for them to develop their Own interaction on octobo Excellent and where can you get the SDK And all this stuff uh you can contact us At hello or on thinker our website all right see you Next month on thank you So much thank you [Music]


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