Carolina Brochado speaks on the differences between Softbank & Atomico

Look I think There's obviously a difference in size Right Atomic owes 70 people and SoftBank Is a 500 person organization Um There is an interesting Um founder-led approach to both Organizations they are both very Mission Vision driven by Founders who want to Change the world and by Founders who Want to be the best at what they do Which is really exciting Um I think the one of the key Differences that SoftBank is it's a Really Global firm so we have offices Everywhere we have offices in the US we Have office in Asia we have offices in Europe which for me has been a really Interesting platform to see what other Great Founders are doing in other places Of the world right and then just because Of the sheer size of the organization You have a group of 50 plus operating Partners who may have really deep areas Of domain expertise like talent but also Who are helping our companies do Business development and who can look at Our ecosystem which today is over 85 Portfolio companies and make connections And win business and actually win Profitability for for companies up cross And within that ecosystem great


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