PayPal goes ALL IN on crypto! Ethereum EFT & Polygon 2.0 Update!

Breaking news and this is huge PayPal Has launched their own stablecoin American Financial Giant and tech Company PayPal has launched a new stable Coin called PayPal USD pyusd today August 7th the US dollar Peg stablecoin Is issued by paxos Trust Company and Fully backed by US dollar deposits Short-term treasuries and similar cash Equivalents it's built on the ethereum Blockchain and designed for digital Payments and web 3 designed to be Compatible with the most widely used Exchanges web 3 apps and wallets PayPal USD will be redeemable for US dollars at All times can be exchanged for other Cryptocurrencies on PayPal and will be Transferable between PayPal and venmo PayPal boasts over 350 million active Users and as you know already lets users Buy sell and trade Bitcoin ethereum be Cash and Litecoin congrats to ethereum Holders PayPal has chosen eth for their Stablecoin but will most likely be Expanding in the future watch this Little promotional video and then we'll Talk about how significant this is for Crypto [Music] Thank you [Music] So why does PayPal launching a stable Coin on ethereum matter let's dive in Thread by chain link God PayPal

Stablecoin PayPal USD shows that there Is clear demand from financial services Companies to tokenize assets on Blockchains tokenizing dollars is the Most straightforward asset to tokenize And is directly relevant for payment Processors like PayPal PayPal has a Majority market share of online payment Processing with 40 million plus Transactions processed per day over 400 Million plus active users globally and 30 million plus Merchant accounts PayPal Launching their stablecoin legitimizes Crypto web 3 and stable coins for Normies and Regulators the fact that PayPal is issuing PayPal USD on the Public ethereum blockchain instead of a Private PayPal chain shows the power of Network effects no doubt that they will Expand to other chains as well Multi-chain just as other stable coins Have to obtain more market share PayPal USD marks a strong signal to other Payment processors and financial Market Services providers that they need to Take stable coins and web 3 seriously I Highly doubt PayPal's competitors are Going to sit idly by and willingly lose Market share the future is unpredictable Regulations around stable coins are Still unclear in the US although Significant progress has been made and Other nations are passing regulation This move by PayPal with PayPal USD

However is an extremely positive sign For web 3 adoption what do you think This means for crypto comment your Thoughts below big news for Bitcoin Long-term Bitcoin holders metric just Hit an all-time high long-term Bitcoin Holders are addresses that have held Bitcoin for at least 155 days according To Glass node previous research shows That this type of address is Statistically unlikely to spend that Bitcoin and thus in Bitcoin slang Assumed to be huddling to be honest this Is a very bullish metric for Bitcoin and With a spot Bitcoin ETF on the horizon Kathy Wood says that the SEC will Approve multiple Bitcoin ETFs at once if They approve any hey join us at Bitcoin Amsterdam October 12th and 13th this is An epic Bitcoin conference use code Altcoin daily 10 off tickets get this Ticket or get this ticket ticket prices Increase as we get closer to the event So many awesome speakers are being added Every single day use code altcoin daily For 10 off hope to see you there and Then huge news for ethereum Bloomberg Analysts assign a 75 chance that an Ethereum ETF is approved in the United States this year this would be huge Ethereum ETF incoming odds of an eth ETF F Skyrocket to 75 percent while Anticipation over a potential Bitcoin Spot ETF has gripped investors and

Ethereum ETF approval may also be Waiting in the wings Bloomberg analysts Now assign a 75 percent chance of one Such product being approved in the United States this year these are the Two Bloomberg analysts who tweeted out This information themselves the odds of Ethereum Futures ETFs hitting U.S Exchanges this year have risen Dramatically to 75 percent in our view After a spurt of 12 applications to the SEC in recent days the SEC appears to be Changing its posture towards crypto Based on reports of its back Channel Messaging to ETF issuers also we believe The SEC would have a hard time in court Defending the denial of ethereum Futures ETFs after approving standard and Leveraged Bitcoin Futures ETFs so we're Talking about an ethereum Futures ETF They've already approved a Bitcoin Futures ETF we have those products we're Waiting for approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF and then when all of these are Approved and functioning what do you Think is right around the corner an Ethereum spot ETF finally if you Subscribe to our Channel you know that Polygon is going through some huge Changes no longer will they have a Matic Token now they will have a poll token And these will be redeemable one for one Polygon 2.0 is coming let me answer some Of your questions why is polygon 2.0 so

Special this is Sandeep the co-founder Of polygon Polygon 2.0 is the ultimate vision of F3 To achieve a infinitely scalable web 3 Ecosystem which is not only infinitely Scalable but is also interconnected it Has unified liquidity or unified Composability where all the applications On all these hundreds or thousands of Chains can interact with each other Seamlessly so from a user perspective How will polygon 2.0 feel to me the end User So using polygon 2.0 will feel like even If you are on die separate chains there Will be hundreds or even thousands of Chains but for an end user it will feel Like using one single chain it's Basically this hole feels like one Single block space very soon you will be Able to interact from a D5 application On some particular let's say gaming Chain you have some gaming tokens and Then you want to swap them against some Stable coin on a public chain in one Single transaction you can do with a With a like 30 40 seconds finality Without moving your assets from one Chain to another all those bridging Things with trusting multiple Bridges And all that nothing is needed for a end User it will feel like one single Infinitely scalable blockchain and Finally why is Paul called the third

Generation of hyper productive tokens Subscribe to our Channel join our team See you tomorrow This revolution started with BTC where BTC is the token of Bitcoin Network and The main you know utility of BTC is that Is the store of value but as a user you Can't stake that BTC in the BTC Network By for providing security or any kind of Work in the BTC ecosystem with which you Can earn more incentives or rewards now Ethereum happens and now you can Validate on this single ethereum chain Using your ethereum you can take it into The network provide the security into The ethereum network and thereby earn The staking reward and then comes Polygon not only you can validate on one Chain you can actually validate on Hundreds and hundreds of chains and not Only validate on hundreds of chains you Can you can also participate in various Different roles that means you can be a Validator or sequencer but you can also Be a data availability provider you can Also be a brewer and you can also Participate in this aggregator layer Which is aggregating the proofs from Various chance there are many many Things to do as a poll holder to provide The work and services to the polygon Ecosystem and that's why it is it is Being called third generation hyper Productivity


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