Paying for Everything with #bitcoin in Ghana

What if I told you there is a town in Ghana that uses Bitcoin for day-to-day Purchases and sometimes they use Bitcoin Without the internet this is Bitcoin Duer in Ghana you going have a coconut And go check out first I paid for the Coconuts with Bitcoin lightning using Match anura basically it allows you to Send Bitcoin like a text message to dumb Phones or feature phones like these it Was machete mano's first time receiving Bitcoin which he then used to buy Airtime think of airtime like Mobile Minutes or data machete man miriro aside There are more than six vendors in the Town where you can buy breakfast or Mobile minutes and even scarves and Weaves with Bitcoin in fact weaving is Very popular in the town and you can Make your orders through Bitcoin Duo I Asked one lady do you like using Bitcoin And she said yeah by this point she Probably thought I was a bit weird so I Left to spend some Bitcoin at other Shops in town but still


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