CoinMarketCap Tutorial – The Ultimate Guide 2024

These are the features that you need to Know about on co-market today We're going to be going over a full In-depth definitive tutorial on Everything with let's Get into It okay so on the website the first Thing we can see in the top left corner Is the amount of cryptocurrencies that Are actually tracked on Co market cap And it's over 2 million now which is Absolutely crazy now here we can see Also the amount of exchanges that are Listed and ranked and here is the Current market cap as well at $1.67 trillion now here we can see the 24-hour volume the cryptocurrency market Cap over to the right of that we can see The dominance of Bitcoin and also ether As well so right now we can see that Bitcoin is at 49.9% with ether at 18.1% now to the right of that we can See the gas fees also in guay as well Now here we can see the fear and greed Index and if we just click on for Example one of these we'll actually be Brought to an entirely different screen And here we can actually see all of These different features that I just Talked about in a chart view so here we Can see the entire spot market and we Can see the market cap in a clean easy To view chart view here we can see the

24-hour volume scrolling down we can see The fear and greed index Bitcoin Dominance so there's a lot of cool Charts here that you can explore in Further View and also download them if You would like which you can do just by Clicking on this icon right here to the Right of the chart now to the right of That we can actually toggle whichever Language we would like and to the right Of that we can click on whichever Currency we would like to view all of The different cryptocurrency Assets in So if You' like to for example change it To Swiss Franks you can do it here now I'm going to leave it on USD now to the Right of that is also the Dark theme Toggle which of course I always love Keeping it in the dark theme now moving Along to the right of that here we can Actually see our own profile now with This I highly recommend that you create An account on coal market cap there's a Whole slew of features that you can Actually get access to when you create a Free account on Co market cap a few of Those being the watch list and also Portfolio feature and also just engaging With the community which were also going To go into in further detail here in Just a minute now moving on down if we Go over to the cryptocurrencies tab There's a whole slew of features with Actually all of these tabs here and

We'll go into that so here we can see Cryptocurrencies this tab this just Shows a whole lot of different features Like for example there is the rankings There's the Recently Added coins and Tokens there is also the categories Tab And there is the spotlight there's Gainers and losers so for example if you Just click on this here you'll be Brought to the top crypto gainers and Losers of the day so here we can see the Top gainers how much you know what their Percentage is here you'll see the price Gain or loss in the past 24 hours so in This case it's green and it's up so You'll see that this is a 7.54% gain in the past 24 hours with a 24-hour volume of 164 million as well And then you'll also see the current Ranking of this specific project so in This case this is conflux and it's Ranked at number 81 when we're taking a Look at the market cap positioning on Coin market cap scrolling down we can Also just see the top losers here and Again we can see their rankings their Price what the project is and also the 24-hour loss in percentage and also the 24-hour volume here now at any point in Time when you're on the website you can Actually click on the icon and also the Coin market cap name and you'll be Brought back to the main home screen of now moving along

There's also the historical snapshots Section where here you can for example Go and let's just say we want to check Out what was the price of Bitcoin and Some of the top cryptocurrencies back in 2013 on let's just say June 9th well Here you can actually do that and here We can see that Bitcoin was ranked Obviously number one and that it had the Price point of $100 per Bitcoin which is Actually a really notable feature and You can actually scroll down and see Some of the other assets as well and What their previous prices were now Coming back we can actually see some of The Bitcoin ETFs we can see their Approval status as well and look into Those there now up here if we want to Look into all things nfts we can do that Here by just clicking on overall nft Stats here you'll be brought to the main Page for everything nfts so you're going To see some of the you know the market Cap you're going to see the sales volume In the past 24 hours also total sales Volume and you can also toggle on this In the past 7 days 30 days Etc to see Some of the different statistics there And now just scrolling down we can see The different names of the assets what Chain they belong to and also the volume Etc a whole lot of different features And if we click on this we can find out More about it now moving to the right we

Can see exchanges so here we can see Some of the top exchanges and also their Rankings and score as well as some of The other facts like for example you can See the weekly visits you can see the Different markets that they have so the Amount of different listings also you Can see the number of coins you can see The different Fiats that are supported As well so there's a whole slew of Features there here you can click on the Dex Tab and you'll see all of the Decentralized exchange listings as well You can also toggle and sort by the Specific Network that you would like to Trade on as well now to the right of the Exchange tab is the community tab now With that there is a whole slew of feat Features here now for example you can Follow different projects as well that You're interested in different people Different accounts different users and If you want you can also talk about Anything you'd like in the cryptoverse So for example if you want to make a Post or for example a poll about do you Think # Bitcoin is doing well this week Question mark poll option one yes pull Option two no and you can also write if You're bullish or bearish yourself and Then you can also set the poll duration So for example you can set it for a Specific amount of days and also hours Or minutes as well and then that poll

Will end and then you can finally see The results as well so this is a really Cool way to engage with the community You can post pictures gifs you can post Emojis Etc there's a whole lot of Different options and there's also the Community live which you can engage with So in the community tab if you go to Lives here you'll see all of the Different lives so you might be asking What is a community live well in this Case it's actually a podcast or also Interview and these are done weekly as Well with figures like R Paul Wendy O Also the new CEO of binance Richard Tang So there's a whole lot of different People that are brought on and Interviewed in the cryptoverse community And occasionally these are just Different projects that come on and talk About what they're doing with their Specific project or there are specific People that want to talk about what They're doing and there's interviews There's news there's a whole lot of Different things and if you want to Really get engaged then I highly Recommend checking out the co market cap Community Live Now to the right of the Community tab is the products tab now Here you can use the converter so for Example if you want to convert any asset Or fiat currency into another you can do That there there's also CMC at Labs

There is the telegram bot so for example If you want to use the world's top Telegram price bot using core market cap Data you can do that right there and Also there is the crypto API and there's Site widgets as well so for example if You want to use coin market cap of data To use and also embed into your own Website you can do that via here moving On there's also the learn and earn so if You want to earn cryptocurrency or learn About a specific topic you can do that Right there and moving on here we can See the events calendar so here you can See all of the different up and Cominging events and also the different Project as well so it's a really cool Place to see what's happen happening in The community and also to see what to Look out for in the future now moving Over to the learn tab here we can see The qu cap Academy so if you want to Learn about cryptocurrency or stay up to Date with all of the different Narratives that are happening in the Cryptoverse then here you can do just That now moving over to the right we can See the having date so here we can see It's going to happen in 99 days and we Can also learn more about that now here Is our watch list Tab and portfolio Let's get into that so here is the watch List and it's super easy to set up I'll Show you how just clicking on this

You'll probably have a page like this so You're you're not going to see any Assets in your watch list automatically Now to create a watch list of your own All you have to do is click on a new Asset and for example you can search any Or you can just add them via here and I'm just going to click on Save now here Bitcoin is now in my watch list now with That if we go over to the right here we Can actually click on these three dots And just click on edit and for this I'm Just going to write my watch list for January and then I'm just going to also Make that public and here I can actually Share this with my friends or maybe I Have a community and I can just copy and Share this with them there and I'm just Going to click on Save changes now for Example if we're on the main page and we Want to for example add let's just say We want to add chain link to the Specific watch list all I have to do is Just click on the star in the top here And I'm just going to click on that and Then it's automatically going to be Brought to my watch list okay so now That you've built your own watch list Here for example if we are viewing Bitcoin we're on the coin Details page For Bitcoin here we're actually going to See our watch list and if we want to for Example change it to another asset in Our watch list all we have to do is just

Click on it and then we'll be brought Directly to that page right there now That we're here viewing chain link I'm Going to show you guys a few different Details on the coin Details page so here On the left we can see the market cap of This specific asset for chain link and It's currently ranked 13th out of 8,751 active cryptocurrencies that are Listed on CMC and it has a market cap of $8.4 billion as well moving down we can See the volume in 24 hours and we can See that it's ranked at number 10 when We're taking a look at the 24-hour Volume moving down further we can Actually see the circulating Supply we Can see the volume uh divided by Market Gap in the past 24 hours we can see the Total Supply so that there is 1 billion Link and also we can see the max Supply Here as well and with this we can see The current circulating Supply in Percentage format of how much is Circulating right now versus the total Max Supply So currently 56.81 of Link are out and circulating Into Supply moving on down we can see The fully diluted market cap and this is The current price times the max Supply And that's how you get that number Number there now here we can see the Different contracts of this specific Asset and we can actually copy this Address to the clipboard also if we

Click on it for example ethereum will be Brought to Ether scam so if you want to See the blockchain Explorer here you can Do that so for example if I want to look At the arbitrum Explorer for chain link I can actually do that here by just Clicking on that and that'll be brought Directly to AR scan right here moving on Down we can see the website white paper GitHub and we can see the rating we can See some again some more chain explorers Supported wallets uh we'll also see the Converter as well so if we want to for Example say how much is 500 link that Would be $741 right now moving on down we can see The price performance we can see that in The one month we can see that in the one Year as well and we can see the all-time High data we can see the alltime low as Well moving to the right of that we can See obviously this chart and with that We can toggle on the market market cap So if we want to view in the market cap Format we can do that here and also if We want to change it to candles and see A candle chart then here we can just Toggle on candles and we'll see it right There now you can also click on the next Following tab if we want to scroll a Little bit lower or we can actually Scroll ourselves if we want to and here We can see the different markets that Chain link is currently trading on you

Can see the centralized exchanges you Can see the decentralized exchanges spot Perpetual Futures Etc scrolling further Down we can see the news that chain link Is involved with here is just a Conglomerate of different articles that Are posting with chain link in the Article and here we can see that the top One is the most recent one as well Moving further down we can actually Learn a lot of information about chain Link so for example if we want to look At you know what it is who are the Founders what makes it unique Etc we can See all of these things down here we can Also see the allocation as well for the Public sale node operators the company Here we can see some more analytics we Can see some whale Holdings we can see The addresses by Tim held as well so There's a whole slew of information down There in the analytics and here you can See the projects announcements and this Is on the community Tab and you can see Some of the other different post you can See also if you click on this you will Be brought to the latest posts as well Of what people are saying in the Community and here you can comment um About the specific asset or you can talk About whatever you'd like within the Cryptoverse now this asset is in my Watch list but if I want to add it and Track it in my portfolio all I have to

Do is click on this plus icon and from Here you're going to see a portfolio Option so you're going to have the add Transaction option right in here so for Example if I said that I wanted to track A chain link and for example if I bought Chain link just now and I bought 10 of Them and I bought it for $14.85 per coin on today right now then I can add that right in here and I can Actually track this trans transaction in My portfolio I can also add a fee if There was for example a fee of maybe $1 I can add that right here and I I can Also add some notes so for example maybe I want to say I bought it on a specific Deck or something I can do that right There you can also change it so for Example if you sold that amount or for Example if you transferred that amount You can do that right here and then you Can add the transaction and then when I Go over to portfolio I can actually see The asset right here in my port folio And I can actually see a whole lot of Data as well for example I can see the Alltime profit I can see the best Performer in my wallet and the worst Performer and I can scroll down and I Can see all of the different assets that I have in my portfolio as well at any Given time and the cool thing is is that You can track multiple different Portfolios you can do that right here

Doing that you can actually connect your Own wallet so for example if you want to Paste in your wallet address you can do That right here you can also change the Avatar if you want to and moving on down Of course you can add transactions Manually that's what I was just doing You can also connect your binance Account and your okx account connecting Your API key as well so you can do that Right here moving on down we can see Some of the trending and top Community Accounts and also the fear and greed Index if we don't want to see that we Can just click on the highlights tab Right here and then it will completely Toggle that away now here we can Actually see a whole slew of features so We can see the different categories Tab And here will be brought to all of the Different categories that we can see the Different assets on so for example Hospitality tourism gambling Etc we can See that right here if we wanted to sort Or look through different categories That's the place to do that right there We can also click on this for the salana Ecosystem and just check out some of the Different projects within the Sal Ecosystem we can see inscriptions gaming Dpin Etc right here now if we wanted to See less than 100 different assets on Our page then we can just toggle this Option here I'm going to leave it to 100

And if we wanted to filter by for Example specific category we can do that Here algorithm even platform industry You can also add a filter and for Example if you would like to let's just Say you want to you know figure out you Want to take a look at all the different Projects that are within let's just Hypothetically say $10 to $100 million We can apply that filter right here and Let's also say that they were audited And that they had a price percentage of Let's just hypothetically say 10 to 50 % And let's show results and here we can See these specific assets that fall into Those ranges and here we can see their Market cap we can look into them for Further details if we would like and Then again at any point in time if you Want to go back to the homepage you just Click on the coin market cap name and Then moving to the right of that we can Actually see this which actually brings You to the heat map which is really Interesting and you can see which asset Is for example going down in the past 24 Hours which asset is up and it's a Really interesting way to visually see What is happening in the market so That's it for today's episode I hope you Guys learned something and stay tuned For future videos because we're going to Be doing a couple more tutorials in the Future soon so stay tuned for those

Anyways guys my name is Trevor here with Coin market cap I'll see you guys in the Next One


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