Maisie talks the future of television and Binge vs. Scheduled content

I mean even with shows that I can binge View Um like shows that come onto Netflix Like a whole season at once like I Really try to Pace myself because I don't know it's just I think it's It's nice to have suspense and like Everything is so fast that I think like Um Yeah it would be nice if these things Lasted longer Um and that you know the show you Typically would have lasted 10 weeks Every time and you know sometimes the Build up to these shows that are online Is like longer than anyone's talking About them because they've watched them In like two days so I think that is a Real shame because the amount of work That goes into creating content like This and you're gonna have to wait a Whole year until you can watch the next One so I think it is a real shame that Everything's become so Fast Um uh but you know the internet and that Way of sort of consuming media is really The way forwards and you know a lot of Companies that are more traditionally Like cable Um Network like shows they're now sort Of pumping money into these like online Um Platforms for them to be able to do

Streaming services for you know whatever Shows they're making so you know people Are definitely moving in that direction Um but yeah I think it is a bit of a Shame sometimes


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