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Foreign Can you tell me what Simba stands for Yeah simple stands for simple blockchain Applications and what are simple Blockchain applications well the problem Is that a lot of blockchain applications Are not simple so there's a lot of uh Difficulty in trying to integrate uh Blockchain application with your uh or The blockchain with your application so What Simba really focuses on is like Business integration simplifying that Through we work at a kind of smart Contract level So we take a business process and we Have tools to allow you to develop a Smart contract we work mostly with Ethereum at the moment and and then and Then that smart contract becomes a Really easy rest API that you can call As part of your application What is the killer sort of use case for Simba right now so at the moment we're Working mostly with supply chain and Provenance so we're working quite a lot With the military the American Military They have really complex Supply chains And also Um we're working with people like Dao And caterpillar and they have really Complex Supply chains Um which are very difficult to model and To understand what you know who's doing What and what's doing what so our

Tooling allows you know we help Customers work through exactly what they Want to get onto the blockchain and then We have tools uh like a smart contract Designer visual sort of no code low code Kind of approach where people can take Their business domain objects basically Their assets and the transactions the Things that happen to those assets and Model them directly in a smart contract And then and then we generate that API Which is immediately like tailored to Their exact sort of business needs when You think about sort of The vision five years out for deployment Is this around making these contracts And then uh sort of actions around these Contracts more autonomous is the idea That you can sort of automate a lot of These procedures so that they can run on Their own without the need for Additional programming or protocols or You can just sort of let these contracts Run so so we can create the contracts But we still need people to input that Data right and so we work a lot with how You know how that data gets gets Inputted but certainly down the line you Know we're taking this kind of workflow Or into view where you'd be able where You can trigger events we can receive Events we can receive subscriptions at The moment those those are typically Like a human might receive an email if

There's something gone wrong with a you Know with a delivery or something like That but also we have web hooks into That so that we can trigger other Application events Well we are triggered at one event right Now which is the test TechCrunch disrupt Berlin I that was a weird sort of segue But I'm doing it anyway I don't know What I'm talking about but it's a Pleasure to talk to you Andrew thank you So much for the time sir I appreciate it


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