Like finding Solana in 2020 – Why MultiversX crypto might be next cycle’s SLEEPING GIANT.

Multiverse X is hugely undervalued in The altcoin space this video is going to Help explain to you why like this video If you like to support us do not skip This video Multiverse X is a sleeping Giant whether you take the time to Understand it fully or not I'll explain To you why right now two huge Partnerships have just been Inked for Multiverse X if you're unfamiliar Multiverse X is a promising alternative Layer one in the cryptocurrency space It's an ethereum competitor like a Cardano like an algorand this altcoin is A Darkhorse Sleeping Giant in many ways Because most people even in crypto have Very little idea on what Multiverse X is Actually doing this is just one of two Big Partnerships they've just Inked do You even know what makes Multiverse X Different do you even know what makes Multiverse X unique in the blockchain Space founder SL CEO of Multiverse X Benyamin minku details Multiverse X's Exact value proposition in this recent Interview on token terminals YouTube Page after this I want to share with you Two huge Partnerships that were just Inked for Multiverse X and what it all Means for the eold token I need to play You this though I love what he says About Multiverse X at the end so the Entire point of Multiverse X is to Essentially build one blockchain

That can scale to the point of the Internet so that you make this Transition from dialup to broadband as The internet did and so we're Specifically focused on two points Making sure that scalability is done in A way that you never have to worry about It and then security is done in a way Where you don't have people losing money Every day because of bugs because of Some decisions on the architecture and And so forth so we have two points that We've been discussing a lot about Recently one the entire point that we've Done related to scalability is based on Adaptive State charting so we're the First and perhaps the only Network that Has solved this in practice and has Implemented this and so this enables us To scale with demand and make sure that As we need more demand for the network More processing power we can already do This and in addition to this we've also Thought about some very important Aspects that are built on top of the Architecture two examples that come to Mind are a different type of token System that is built in that is very Different from the smart contract type Of token that you see in ethereum or in Other architectures which does two Things one the token is sort of built Into the protocol which means it scal s Incomparably better than any type of

Smart contract type token and then Second it solves some crucial security Issues such that you never have to worry About a tax where someone sends you a Token and drains your wallet then this Type of solution is so crucial the more You scale down the road that's one Aspect and the second aspect that is Even more crucial almost on on the Security side is something that we just Released two months ago which is onchain 2fa a service that essentially removes 99% the issues that users have at this Point just because it reproduces Something that exists in web 2 in a way That is decentralized and built on top Of the chain so we're quite excited About the security part with each Passing day with each new hack that we See it almost validates that not only is Scalability necessary but then beyond Having scalability if you have security Security is the one thing you need in Order to survive as you want to scale Deuts Telecom is Europe's largest Telecommunications company by revenue And they are now running a Multiverse X Eold validator they're doing the same Thing with ethereum they're doing the Same thing with polygon in addition to Running a validator they're doing a Whole lot more so what are the key Takeaways deuts Telecom Europe's largest Telec ation Company by Revenue has

Announced a partnership with layer one Blockchain provider Multiverse X the German telecommunications giant will Join a list of validators responsible For maintaining Multiverse X's security And trustworthiness by running the Validator Multiverse X will utilize Deuts telecom's MMS blockchain Infrastructure to ensure the Integrity Of web3 applications on the Multiverse X Blockchain thank you to tmng we've Partnered with them today to make this Video possible their new road mapap has Just been published visit their website Linked below to check out tmn Global's New 2024 road map also their first Listing on a cryptocurrency exchange is Coming very soon very exciting you Should tune in to tm's channels and Check out their dashboard over the Coming weeks for more detailed Information on this also there are ways That you can receive prizes including Tmng tokens so make sure you follow them On social media to find out all about This thanks tmng this partnership not Only involves deuts Telecom running a Validator but also aims to facilitate The deployment and running of fast Secure and cost effective web 3 Applications so creating value in the Space commenting on the announcement Benman minku CEO of Multiverse X lauded The collaboration as a significant

Milestone saying a strong sign of Blockchain's progress is when industry Veterans pay attention to an active L Participate in it today we are further Pushing web 3's potential by creating New Pathways and exploring new Experiences with deuts telecom's MMS so Like I said Multiverse X actually has a Lot going for it but nobody talks about It in the same way they talk about Ethereum cardano salana elgrand so According to this announcement the Multiverse X blockchain boasts nearly 350 million transactions and over 2 Million user accounts which it believes Underpins its role in advancing the Adoption of the metaverse Multiverse X Has also launched the X Portal app their Newest app a highly performan platform Designed to enable the creation and Integration of digital Financial Solutions including sending and Receiving cryptocurrencies and nfts they Actually have a lot of products and Features under their belt this was the Official announcement Deutsch Telecom is Joining the Multiverse X ecosystem by Operating a staking pool important Milestone which which enables their Customers to contribute to the network Security in a non-technical way powerful Leap towards mainstream adoption so Multiverse X makes my list my question Is does Multiverse X make your

List well Multiverse X makes Google Cloud's list another big partnership Google Cloud teams up with Multiverse X Amid blockchain firms focus on the Metaverse so Google cloud is working With a whole host of blockchain Certainly not every blockchain so for Google Cloud to pick Multiverse acts and Deem them worth it it's not nothing and This is exactly what they're doing Google cloud has partnered with Blockchain infrastructure firm Multiverse X formerly elron to boost its Web 3 presence Google Cloud's big query Data warehouse has integrated with Multiverse X which will help web 3 Projects and users derive valuable Insights from powerful data analytics And artificial intelligence tools within The Google Cloud ecosystem Multiverse a Claims the partnership between the two Firms has the potential to immediately Streamline the execution of large-scale Data first blockchain products this Should help developers easily access Data and addresses transact amounts Smart contract interactions so think About what Google does best when you use The Google search bar and that's exactly What it's going to be doing with Multiverse X and other blockchains this Should help developers easily access Data about addresses transacted amounts Smart contract interactions and

Increased onchain analytics the company Said so Google Cloud's involvement in The Multiverse X network will enable Ecosystem Builders to utilize Advanced Tools and services available on the Platform to bring high performance and Scalability to decentralized application Non-blockchain components this is from The head of web 3 at Google Cloud he Said exactly there are exciting Opportunities to enable web3 developers To build and scale faster and as we Explore new verticals within the space Our partnership with Multiverse X will Allow us to expand our strategy and Reach further and solidify our position As one of the main Innovation drivers in The blockchain world it has become clear To me that Multiverse X's role in the Next crypto currency cycle is going to Be larger than most people think Multiverse X is a token project that Most people are sleeping on you'll have To let me know if you agree or disagree In the comments below make sure you tune In for tomorrow's video we're going to Start the week off strong there's going To be a lot to talk about tomorrow


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