How to Start Dropshipping in 2024 (Complete Beginners Guide)

So 2 months ago I made my very first Dedicated video to drop shipping here on YouTube and in there I shared my story On how I went from being a broke college Student to now running a multiple seven Figure business and I also shared the Seven key steps in getting started with Drop Shipping going into the year of 2024 so this video here now did pretty Well it's got over 200,000 views and I've gone hundreds of DMS and emails Asking for mentorship advice and more so To follow up on the success from that Video I wanted to follow up with a Second version here but go even more in Depth on questions that I didn't fully Answer in my last tutorial so here's the Way that this video will be structured First I'm going to explain to you what Drop Shipping is in under 60 seconds Just in case any of you need a recap I'm Also going to give you a step-by-step Checklist in getting started today and I'm also going to be sharing with you Two key truths on what I believe are the Biggest needle movers to run a Successful store going into the new year So to kick this video off this is how Drop Shipping Works in 60 seconds say we Have Billy who who realized he has a Pretty special product that everyone Wants and he's always been a bit Entrepreneurial so he decides why don't I sell this Billy found the manufacturer

For the product and by chance was named Manny he tells Manny the manufacturer This hey how about instead of me buying Bulk inventory from you why don't I just Pay for you to ship one of your products Direct to a customer instead so Manny Said okay well if you want to do that It's going to cost me $5 for the product And for me to ship it over to your Customer Billy then goes online he puts Together a website and lists the same Product on his own site for about 10 Bucks Billy happens to get his first Customer and that first customer pays Him the $10 he gives the $5 to Manny he Keeps the $5 Billy just started his own Drop Shipping business now Drop Shipping In itself is a very simple business Model this reminds me of a story I was Getting some good old Korean barbecue With my intern and my coo to celebrate The intern's last day afterwards we Walked two steps over to the smoothie Shop and I was approached by a guy who Actually told me that he saw my Drop Shipping video and after he wanted to Learn more what I didn't mention though Just now was that this guy was actually A kid and he was a middle school kid on His bicycle and I thought it was Fascinating because back then when I was A middle school no I didn't know about Drop Shipping I was I don't even know What I I was playing Pokémon still at

That time here's what was fascinating This kid actually told me that everyone Pretty much even in his grade knew about Drop Shipping but a lot of them were Concerned that drop shipping was a scam It's oversaturated it's not profitable And it's too hard I realize at this Point these are the same exact things That I heard about 5 years ago when I Made my first $100,000 getting into the Space so in this video here more Specifically I'm just going to share With you the actual truth from someone Who's done it documented their Journey Online along the way and I'm also going To share with you the proper and most Efficient way to get started so you Don't waste your time so what's Different from My Success 5 years ago to Even one of my business partners who did 0 to seven figures in 6 months and sold His sore for A4 million it's real easy First you need to choose a product gone Are the days where you can set up a General store and make $100,000 from one Instagram feed Shout Out Post gone are Also the days where you pick a generic Niche like Fitness Fashion Beauty and Think you'll automatically start getting Sales too I mentioned this earlier and This is a truth that I don't want to Just gloss over but you are now going to Be competing with some of the biggest E-commerce brands with even more

Experience now today so the most Important first step of action is really Doing the right product research to find The right winning product look you could Have the best ad creatives in the world You also have the hungriest audience in The world with a bunch of billionaires That have infinite money but if you do Not have the right product you're going To have a very difficult time getting Sales so how do we find the right Winning product well here are a few Strategies first of all you can find Trending products the advantage between Trending products are that people are Fueled right now with getting it up and You combine that with the fact that Right now at the time of filming this Video we are entering quarter 4 yeah has Some pretty high chances of getting wins The great thing about trending products Too is that they get boosted Significantly with the use of of Tik Tok And some of these other social medias Through short form content which didn't Exist even just two years back so the Process of finding trending products is Rather simple go on Google Trends and Look up niches or keywords that are Gaining and popularity utilize Tik Tok Facebook or even Instagram reals to Discover trending products from other Top pages or see what the algorithm Pushes to you now this here is a classic

Example this is what people did back 5 Years ago but you would go on the Amazon Movers and shakers page or even just EBay best sellers and you can get some Ideas there I realized that Amazon right Now is very competitive this is why Amazon FBA I'd say is still rather Difficult and it's a lot easier getting Into the Drop Shipping space this is Also because with Amazon FBA you're Competing against people direct from China who own these manufacturing plants So it's often times a lot harder for you To get priced in when they can just go Direct to the consumer the advantage of Drop Shipping is that you still act as a Marketer and at the end of the day if You're able to Source good product ideas And another one here is going to be even Going on on Kickstarter that's going to Generate a lot of great things you're Going to be able to see trending items From there and the next process from Here is going to just be to write down Your 10 favorite products you have an Idea on the things that you think could Sell well during this time and look Sometimes items are seasonal sometimes They work very well in the winter and They do terribly in the summer and vice Versa this is why testing is so Important and you have to lose and spend A money in the beginning before you can Actually start making money back now

Going back into my steps the second Thing you want to do is to do proper Competitor research once you got an idea On what product you want to sell you Need to see the competition and get an Idea of how the ad creatives are doing Market research here is an essential Part of the process and it can also save You a lot of money this is because you Can validate your ideas you can see if There's a gap within the market and to See whether the competition is worth you Getting in or not that actually one Shows you there is a market there is Less risk if someone is actively running Ads because it usually means they're Profitable and not only that if you're Able to then find these ads ads and Realize wow that one is actually Terrible and I know I can personally do A better job then that gives you an Advantage for you to break through into The market now based on the top 10 Results on Google and or on just any Other search engine you're going to have A better indication on competition the Way I systemize all this is just find The website then find their social media Accounts then see if they're running Anything on Tik Tok then I check to see If they're running on Instagram or on Facebook through the meta ads Library so Here's what to look for are they running Ads right now well chances are it's a

Winning Can you make the ads better than what They have what is the item price listed On their website can you make a better Landing page funnel can you see if they Have upsells or cross sell ideas that They're not implementing that you have If you start checking these things off And you're like wow they're doing a Terrible job and I know I can do a Better one you can then even take it a Step further and ask yourself wait do I Have a better supplier that makes better Quality items that could ship it for a Shorter period of time when it comes to Business look this is a world where it's All about competition and if you've ever Played a sport as an example I grew up Playing football then I grew up playing Rugby for the last 10 years I am very Competitive and these are one of the Aspects of business that I love if you Love this stuff too or just beating out Other competition you're going to love This space now the very next thing that You'd want to do here is to find a Supplier you can still find most Suppliers on AliExpress and you can Actually set it to finding AliExpress Suppliers that ship out of us warehouses It turns out a lot of people from China Realize that Americans do not like Waiting a long period of time for their Items and what a lot of them are doing

Is buying up these giant warehouses in The middle of nowhere States like Kentucky buy up cheap real estate fill It up with their products and then from There use AliExpress as their website to Connect their drop shipper with these Trading companies so find your suppliers It'd be ideal to find at least five to Six suppliers and then to message them Because chances are I'd say eight out of 10 might actually reach back out to you With these suppliers the next thing I Would do is ask them this step-by-step Question one can you drop ship an item To the customer do you have any us Warehouses and can you do any custom Branding if you're working with a really Good supplier they're going to go out Their way for you in providing you all These details and even giving you the Possibility of doing eventually your own Custom branding keep in mind it's a Win-win situation where you as the Business owner are able to bring them Sales the manufacturer usually can't Live without the marketer and vice versa The marketer can't live without the Manufacturer so from there fourth step Build your own store find available Domain names don't just use my Shopify Gone are those days too they used to Work like 5 years ago I think if you see That right now you're probably not going To be buying from that site do your best

To build a good looking store that's Clean minimal and focus on this one Thing landing page funnels a lot of People want to make their homepage look Pretty their about me Page look great Their FAQ none of that really matters What moves the needle and drives sales Is the actual product landing page so Instead of it just being a one product With one video One review you want to Make it an experience where they scroll Through it multiple testimonials Multiple highlights of the features Where it was featured on how you could Use it Go in depth and paint the picture In your customer's head now to build Your store you have a lot of different Options Shopify is still 100% the way to Go and I have a link Down Below in the Description if you want to get started With a free trial Shopify is a number of Free theme pages so it makes it pretty Easy to build and navigate and if Little Brian Jung from 5 years ago was able to Build out his own store I know because I Was not that smart back then that you Guys will be able to figure it out so if You have not done so already check out The link for Shopify down below now say You build your store out you did your Product research you've actually began Even considered running some ads or You're doing organic content but you get An order coming in the next thing you

Want to do is to figure out a system Where you can manage your inventory and Place orders efficiently with a reliable App now the one that I would highly Recommend is Zen drop who I had the Honor of getting connected with on Sponsoring this portion of the video so If you didn't know Zen drop is an All-in-one Drop Shipping fulfillment Solution that was specifically designed To help resol some of the biggest Problems when it comes to drop shipping So Zen drop gives you a catalog of a Million different products to sell and Integrate them into your own Shopify Store very easily what they also help You with is automatic Drop Shipping Fulfillment so you make sure that your Customer gets the item that they Purchased when I was running one of my First successful stores I remember that I could find the item on some other Stores like eBay and it was just a pain In the butt because I would have to Place the order on eBay with the Customer's information to fulfill that Order with Zen drop they just make it Super easy so you don't have to spend Hours and hours doing fulfillment and on Top of that one of my favorite features About this is their fast shipping with Us fulfillment so like I mentioned Earlier people do not want to get items Where it takes 4 weeks for them to

Deliver Zen drop has connections with us Local businesses where you can get Domestic customers their products within 2 to 8 Days on top of that if you decide To scale your store even further they Offer the customized branding Personalized thank you cards in each Order and they also give you the option Of expanding your business if you want To go into the subscription box or Bundle route what I also love about all This is that you don't have to pay them $200 $500,000 a month to get started but They also have a free subscription plan To get started with while you work up on Building your Revenue so if you want to Check them out it's real easy link Down Below in the description sign up for Your Shopify link together your Zen drop Within the Shopify app App Store once You're set up you can find products as Well on Zen drop by clicking on find Products on the left sidebar you can Search for your items in there and you Can also sort by supplier location Category suppliers and even the price Range if you happen to scale your Product sales to over 10 a day Zen Drop's team will actually reach out to You to help provide better pricing on Those products so as you scale your Product cost goes down from there now You want to make sure that your product Solves a problem or it has a huge wow

Factor this is the most important aspect When it comes to drop shipping and I'll I'll talk a bit more about that later so Going into number five in this Step-by-step process the next thing you Want to do is focusing on marketing your Business this is because you could have The best product in the world you could Have the best funnel in the world the Best pricing in the world the best Manufacturer but then if you don't know How to get word out that you have this Amazing product you're not going to see Sales so this here is the home stretch Of the whole Drop Shipping process if You are able to now Market your business Effectively you're going to be able to Start getting one sale a day turn that To 10 sales a day if you know how to Market really well that's when you can Scale it up to a 100 or even a thousand Orders for this there's two ways to go About it you have organic and you have Paid ads so organic is always going to Take a bit longer but you can reduce the Risk of your own Capital this means it's Usually very cheap or free in order to Make free organic content surrounding a Brand the second one if you want to have Accelerated growth that you can track is When you run paid ads a lot of people Get scared about paid ads because you Have to spend money in order to make Money but this is just the world of

Business you know that term that's Saying it's like scared money don't make No money that really applies to this Game now there's always a 10% chance That the organic content you make slaps You know a random influencer posts your Website or your Shopify store and you Blow up but I'll say those stories are Very far in between and most likely if You want to control your fate in being Able to drive sales it comes down to Effectively running paid ads so between Paid ads you have five of them Facebook Ads something that I specialized in Tik Tok ads which right now is still very Easy to get into you have influencer Marketing uh through ugc content you Have Google ads Pinterest ads pick Whichever one you want to specialize in I think Google ads is probably going to Be the last on this list but meta it's Getting a bit expensive but it still Works Tik Tok ads I think is probably One of the most powerful ones right now And Pinterest it's always been slept on It's still slept on so if you have a Good product that you think lines up Well within the Pinterest space consider Doubling down on that now learning ads Is is not this secret little thing that You can never figure out because all the Information is available on YouTube There are also books PDFs guides that I've seen completely for free and if you

Don't know how to run Tik Tok ads you Can literally go on Tik tok's website And they'll give you the full blueprint On getting started as well all you need To do is just sit down put some Focus Time into it maybe an hour a day and you Might even discover that over the course Of a week you've already now mastered How to run your own paid ads and Directing traffic to your store so once You run into paid ads you do your Organic content by now you should be Seeing some sales if you don't see some Sales go back into step one find a new Product find 10 new products and see Which ones you can test out look there's A lot of testing involved you're not Going to score big that first time it May take you 50 products but the way That you're going to find success where Other people give up and fail is the Fact that you're going to keep trying You're going to keep doing it knowing That there is hope that you can break Out of whatever life you're living in Now that's the exact fi that I lived Because when I first started I ran all These different ads I've tried different Like Instagram story campaigns cuz that Back then Instagram was chronological That was the thing to do I didn't see my First sales but I knew that if I kept Doing it I could improve so I remember After building a store building multiple

Stores I would get a page visitor I was Like whoa people are landing and Clicking on a link that I put out there Then I saw 100 page visitors then I saw One at toart then I saw one at toart Turned into a sale and then that one Sale turned into 10 sales that 10 sales Turned into 100 sales and a thousand Sales a lot of people are so skeptical That this stuff works but it's just a System you follow the system you take Your emotions out of it and you optimize That is Step number six you optimize Your funnel you optimize your products You optimize your upsells your cross Sales your landing page your creatives Your other product designs your product Videos and you test now once you're Doing that you're making a100 to $1,000 A day in profit the next thing you want To do is continue to test this actually Goes back into number one of this whole Entire process where you're finding new Products you're retesting them after you Find success with finding multiple Winning products you can then decide Okay do I want to double down on this Build an actual brand from it or do I Want to sell it on an exchange where Someone else could pay me a flat rate And you know you just enjoy that money For a little bit too personally for me I Decided to go the private label into the Wholesale route I think that's a great

Route too because you can always sell Your business at any time so by now you Have the beginning plan you have the Step-by-step formula you also have the Exit strategy on getting started today What I didn't cover though were those Two actionable tips to give you even More clarity on finding success so Here's what they are first of all don't Be afraid of losing money at first you Must lose money and test if you still Can't make a sale usually one of three Things are wrong you either don't have a Good enough product your offer is not Targeting the Right audience or your Creative suck I'd write note of that It's usually one of those three to Expand on product research validation When it comes to good product research It's simple just ask yourself this is my Product genuinely solving a problem Problem is it priced reasonably and how Is my product landing page compared to Some of the other competitors in the Space when it comes to the right offer But the wrong targeting imagine the Scenario say you have the world's best Hot dog it's delicious it's juicy but if You're at an animal right vegan protest Trying to sell your best hot dogs there You're not going to get a sale now say You have the best hot dogs in the world But you're at the right place you're at A baseball game and they having a run

Out of food there you're going to be Selling out the third thing is a lot of People actually have some pretty bad Creative and they think it's good in This modern day of age what really works Well is ugc content and you need quality Content that hooks your viewer that's Powerful and youd want to get an ad that Catches fire easily and the way I like To say it just stays lit a poor ad is Going to be like a poor fire that just Continues to die out and that you keep Throwing money to bring it to life but It was never a good strong fire to start With once you optimize that end you get Good ads you have a good website all you Have to do then is to just keep your Customers happy and if you have a good Product that comes very easily that is Literally the formula those are all the Things that can take you from zero to Multiple eight figures as any new Entrepreneur in the space so by the way If you found any value in today's video Do me a favor drop a like down below Subscribe I'd love for you guys to join The Jung Dynasty and I'd love for you Guys to also check out some of the tools I mentioned down below I've been getting A ton of requests on mentorships coaches Or even courses as well because I know These YouTube videos can't really go too In depth on a lot of the things that I Mentioned so if you guys are looking for

More actionable step-by-step things Where I walk you through the entire Process I'm currently in the development Phase of building the best Drop Shipping Course to exist utilizing all the new Things AI ugc content Tik Tok ads and The latest systems in helping you go From a zero to $1,000 in Revenue in Sales with my program now I've never Done something like this and this is Going to be our minimum viable product Okay I got to test a little bit but I am Going to give you an early bird discount For joining the beta and the Prototype If you guys are interested in getting The pre-launch to this course the link For that will also be down below in the Description I love yall I appreciate Y'all follow me on Instagram and on Twitter if you want to get them more Behind the scenes look at my life and I'll see you guys in the next video Peace


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