Like BlackRock & George Soros, this financial GIANT is LYING to You about Cryptocurrency!!!

In 2018 we told you to invest in Bitcoin BlackRock told you to stay away from Bitcoin this is CEO Larry Fink lying to You about blackrock's interest in Cryptocurrency is it true that you're Building out a cryptocurrency capability Uh Uh no I mean we're looking at it we're Looking at blockchain Technologies and We're looking at all the corrections in Crypto blockchain is just the underlying Technology don't your clients want Crypto exposure no I don't believe any Client has sought out crypto exposure Really yes But at some point they might do you need To be prepared I don't at the moment no I have not heard from any one client They're looking to in to uh to buy a Cryptocurrency at this time but right Now I can tell you it worldwide I have not heard from one client who Said I need to be in this Larry Fink Lied to you about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency while he made Moves Behind the scenes reminder this is Larry Fink just five years later and as I said I do believe a lot of crypto it's an International asset it has a Differentiating value versus other asset Classes but more importantly because It's so International it's going to Transcend any one currency and currency Evaluation if you just look at the value

Of our dollar Dupree should last two Two months and how much it appreciated Over the last five years I mean a International crypto product can really Transcend that and that's why we believe There's great opportunities and that's Why we're seeing more and more interests And that interest is broad-based Worldwide we knew this would happen I Told you this would happen and doing one Thing while saying another it's kind of Par for the course for these Wall Street Types on September 12th Jamie Diamond Says Bitcoin is a fraud he says he'll Fire any one of his Traders buying Bitcoin Bitcoin drops 24 when Jamie Diamond speaks people listen people Listen So that weekend we found out that the Largest buyer of a of a Bitcoin fund That's in Europe that buys physical Bitcoin right the largest buyer was Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan and that's Not illegal He says it's a fraud says you fire Anyone the fire yes and at the same time His company is buying his company's Buying it so you're it's just I mean so Unethical or how about George Soros George Soros George Soros in January 24th price was already down calls Bitcoin a bubble says Bitcoin is the Worst you know the worst investment in The world don't buy Bitcoin don't buy

Bitcoin basically throws uh gasoline on The fire at this point and then what do We find out so he says bubble here it Drops 44 right and then here in April For about two months later guess what we Find out yeah his 26 billion dollar Family office has approval to buy Cryptocurrency right and you only we Only knew about it publicly right here Here and this is the kind of thing that George George Soros was famous for this The oldest trick in the book if you want To buy a lot of something what do you do When George Soros wanted to Corner the Market in Copper right what did he do He didn't go out and buy a bunch of Copper he went out and sold a bunch of Copper and spread rumors that copper was Going to zero Then you swoop it and buy a whole bunch After the price collapses so you've got To look at this preponderance of Evidence right all these people are Already wealthy all these people care About their reputation if Bitcoin is Such a trashy asset why are all these People getting involved today we're Seeing something just like this again See you may think that Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency is dead or dead in America or about to get severely wounded Because that's what they want you to Think except this time they can't hide What they're doing in the background I'm

Talking about this Citigroup news Citigroup debuts token service in latest Foray into digital assets your company This morning morning announcing Tokenized deposits using blockchain Technology what exactly are we talking About here this morning we announced City token services for cash and trade That we've done live pilot transactions So truly future proofing cities Infrastructure with token so really Excited to be here and share the details Hey join us at Bitcoin Amsterdam October 12th and 13th this is an epic Bitcoin Conference use code altcoin daily 10 off Tickets get this ticket or get this Ticket ticket prices increase as we get Closer to the event so many awesome Speakers are being added every single Day use code altcoin daily for 10 off Hope to see you there citigroup's new Offering turns customer deposits into Digital tokens pilot program focuses on Trade finance and cash management this Sounds good right and to be clear this Is good this is the good part let's Break down what exactly this means and Why it's why it's important for City Beyond you know Innovation and and Innovating for the sake of innovating Yeah so if we think about this digital Frontier that we've entered where Clients want always on 24 7 365 Infrastructure so if you think you're a

Large multinational client where you Have multiple bank accounts in multiple Different regions across border and you Keep buffers of cash in each of these Regions it's really an inefficient use Of cash so think of the future where you Can do just-in-time funding if it's Saturday or it's Friday night 5 PM in The US and 5 a.m in Singapore but you Need to get money there you can send That immediately within seconds and I Think that really adds that kind of like That benefit for clients and then the Programmability is also really important Functionality that we're adding so our You know three token services for trade With smart contracts to be able to and Again a smart contract is just a series Of if this happens then do that so you Know if this contract you know is Executed then release the funds and Fully automated no paper really enabling Clients for them you know always on Infrastructure here City group explains Their future plans for tokenization this Is also the good part how do you see City expanding on these capabilities Down the road Yeah so we've built a platform on a Erc20 evm compatible protocol which is Really important you know there's a lot Of legislation out there in the Marketplace right now in regards to Stable coins and crypto and if any of

These bills pass and our clients want to Start using these we'll have an enabled Platform so having this erc20 token Which will be fungible you know today Day one we're doing it for you know Tokenized deposits cash management Efficiencies and trade but really future Proofing and like I'm working with Clients to build this out so you know we Mentioned Merc which is one of our pilot Clients and really helping to build out The functionality in our roadmap which Includes not just the sitting tokens we Want to work with other Banks like we've Done on the regulated liability network With the fed and other Banks like Clients don't want you know Individual Bank tokens they want multi Multi-token multi-border liquidity to Explore added efficiency so what exactly Is Citigroup lying about they're lying To you about their future plans for Bitcoin ethereum and permissionless Blockchains listen to how she answers This question and understand we've seen This before and I think what you just Said means that you are using a Permissioned version of the ethereum Blockchain but public blockchains Um you know I know it's early in the Game and this it you know the way you're Doing it now is the way you have to do It but do you ever see there being a day Or a reason for a city itself or for a

Bank in general to implement public Blockchains Really depend on regulation opinion Because right now it's only permission For us to be on a permission chain so if Regulation changes and Regulators get Comfortable with public we will Definitely go down that route but right Now from a regulatory standpoint we're Sticking with permission Um so it really depends I think on that And as you know today we've talked about The past it's very bifurcated across the Different regions right between the US And Mia Asia the different regulations Coming out in this space so it'll be I Think more to come kind of in the future On that but you know we're making it Where we are future proofing our system That if that does happen we can move to A publishing the fact is Citigroup is Actively researching writing reports on And most likely accumulating Bitcoin Ethereum chain link and other Permissionless crypto assets they're all Doing it all of them and just like back In 2018 we're here to shed light on the Truth subscribe to altcoin daily WE Post One video every day keeping you informed On the entire cryptocurrency Market send This video to a friend post on social Media this information needs to be out There and join us join the future


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