How To Make Your First Million Dollars in Your 20’s | My 3 Step Framework

So over the last few years I've been Able to launch and scale multiple Businesses to grow my income and Experience true Financial Freedom now Looking back to when I was 18 I had no Idea that any of this would even be Possible back then my life was a cycle On repeat Community College installing Hardwood floors with my dad and working My other job helping care for kids with Autism at that time it truly felt Impossible to get from where I was to be Able to even earn just $100,000 in a Single year now someone who's been able To have some crazy months where I was Making half a million dollars for that Month or even some days literally there Were days where we're making quar Million dollars all of this basically Started one night when I did research And looking up all the things I could Try to do to become a millionaire in my 20s now there were a ton of options and I eventually found a path that I Genuinely believed could work now lucky For you I'm going to be covering that Exact three-step framework that helped Me get from zero to over seven figures Currently today now this first step Might be somewhat surprising to you Because you're going to have all these Gurus telling you all these just dumb Things strictly they're dumb I don't Know how else to say it but people are

Like oh you you know you need to work so Much you need to kill yourself no like The first thing that you actually should Be doing you need to make money before Even getting into my own business I was Still able to make some kind of income From the two jobs that I had before you Start any business you need some type of Capital otherwise you're going to be Using Sweat Equity which is kind of Tough in the beginning because you have No skill to actually leverage or it's to Put yourself in debt now you always have Like the .1% of the population where They end up being the Mark Zuckerberg And they start out of their garage and You know they have like a $500 checking Account but then they're able to Transform that in a large capacity even For me in my journey it took me many Many years of hard work and dedication For me to get to where I'm at unless you Want to take your chances and play those Odds I'd recommend the first thing you Need to do is to start making consistent Money by the way there are people that I Know in my own life where they decided To take that risk take that chance and Before making money they're like okay I'm going drop everything and I'm going To try to become a Drop Shipping Millionaire by next month those people Are just unemployed now or they're back Working their 9 to5 now there are two

Main reasons we just covered one of them Basically if you have no money before Starting a business it's going to be a Lot more pressure to work you're going To have to take on more risk which can Actually put you in such a disadvantaged Situation where you might not have the Capability making money in the future if You're operating in a state of I don't Have money I'm in debt and I'm Desperately needing something so I can Survive you would probably be acting in A lot more emotions that will eventually Lead to stress which leads to burnout Which leads to you not being in the Right State of Mind to actually grow Your own business right now in today's Day and age you still need some kind of Income so I know even with Drop Shipping It requires little to no money but you Still need to pay for the Shopify Subscription Service you still need to Pay for you know running ads if you get Into that space or you still need to Have an iPhone that can take decent Videos for you to get organic content Outside of Drop Shipping I mean Amazon FBA that requires Capital outside of That you know if you want to start a Clothing brand you're often going to Need some type of cash in order to get Started unless you go for the print on Demand service business model but I Personally believe having cash or a

Runway is going to be a good way to Start out any kind of venture to do this You're going to either want to pick up An apprenticeship or just pick up a job Within your industry that you feel You'll be able to build skills that can Apply to your business so if you asked Me Brian well you worked you know a job Doing hardwood floors and you worked With kids with autism that doesn't Relate at any way in the business but You're a successful business owner how Did that happen well for me here's what I'll say you do not need to be working On Wall Street in order to have the Wall Street Experience you don't need to be Working at the bank in order order to be A master of financial literacy you don't Need to be working under a Fortune 500 Company if you want to start your own Business these harder jobs that I worked In the beginning actually showed me more Resilience and gave me skills that apply To business such as discipline such as Endurance such as wanting to change my Life so bad cuz these jobs were so Difficult and I realized that it's not a Matter of the job or the experience but It's simply about where you put your Time to so while I was working I Remember some of the things I did on my Commute was always listen to an Audi Book that was uh recommended by other Business people I even think the best

Job might not even be trying to find a Mentorship with one of the best Companies out here but it's instead Doing something more chill where you can Pop in your earbuds you're maybe doing Instacart deliveries you're doing Uber Eats you're running grocery errands for Other people but during that time you're Able to at least listen and pick up some Of the valuable information that's Available all for free out on the web From there if you have an idea of what You can do to to provide value narrow it Down can you make a great website are You a decent graphic designer are you Able to shoot with a camera are you good At speaking are you good at networking Maybe you can go into sales all of these Different characteristics if you are Unable to know or identify what you can Do or what your skill set is that just Means you need to go out more and try it Too many people say I'm not good at Anything and that is the worst mentality To have I believe everyone is good at Something whether video games in the Basement which can lead to you being one Of the top twitch streamers to exist for The Next Generation or for someone who Is so good at just conversating and Connecting with other people that you Could be one of the best salesmen within Your state nowadays you don't even need A degree and you can find a high-paying

Job by refining your skills in your late Teens okay now having all that said What's the goal of the next step well Assuming you're starting from just Z you Build up and set aside at least $5 to $110,000 look with inflation right now Even if you had a th000 or $3,000 you Eat out a few times you buy like a Couple pairs of Lululemon pants that's Going to be gone I know a lot of people Who are able to work within the Restaurant industry and over the course Of just 3 4 months they're able to put Aside at least $10,000 so for the first Step of your journey before you go crazy With like buying a course or a Mentorship program save and put aside at Least $10,000 this is going to give you A lot more emotional stability so you're Not worried about finances and that You're operating within a zone of Abundance and look $10,000 is a lot of Money I don't care what anyone says back Then I had $2,000 at most to my name and Back then I felt rich with that amount So $10,000 as long as you don't have Crazy expenses you're able to keep your Living cost down whether you live with Your parents and you have no car it can Take you a pretty far away now once you Got a solid enough base to start your Own business this is where step two Comes in handy this right here is the Most exciting step of the process and if

You want to take that income you've made And put it towards launching your own Business to multiply that amount this is Where you start so I made a ton of Videos about dropshipping affiliate Marketing or even if you guys ever have Been interested in starting your own Content business these are all things That I've done I've made a lot of money Doing so and they are still viable Things that you can get started with Today by the way you know one day I was Coming out of church I heard some of These kids talking because they were in Front of my car they love the car and it Was a great conversation but I asked Them what do you guys think about ways To make money they said oh Brian we know About Drop Shipping and I said well what Do you think about Drop Shipping and They said well we think it's a scam Everyone thinks it's a scam you can't Make money but that's where I'm like oh Boy you guys are not knowing the truth Look there are a lot of business models Where you're able to make money and Drop Shipping is just simply a business model That exists but I would say right now With AI with ugc content with things Like Tik Tock Tik Tok ads Tik Tok shop There are ways that you can fully monze And have even better odds than what I Did four to 5 years back I remember in Those days I couldn't get any additional

Copy from my website I had to learn to Build my website I had to learn to set Everything up there were barely any YouTube videos talking about this stuff And at that time I was still able to Make over $120,000 my very first year of getting Into the space testing out some products And then scaling that business shortly After my Drop Shipping days we went into Starting a marketing agency with one of My business partners and that was going By great back then the issue was that Technology was a bit more limited like We did not have Tik Tok to be able to Have such a good sophisticated targeting Algorithm that exists today but I Believe the problem right now isn't the Lack of information like what I Experienc but it's actually an abundance Of information and clearing out through The Weeds on what the right things are So marketing agencies Drop Shipping Businesses affiliate marketing Businesses even starting a own content Business where something like a Newsletter a Blog a Twitter account a YouTube account or even streaming on Twitch there are ways that you can make A lot of money just have to figure out What you want to do what I also want to Stress is that you cannot get Discouraged when a business fails Because I had many businesses that

Didn't take off I wouldn't say that they Failed but I realize at a certain point You start evolving you start learning Skills and you start realizing there are Some businesses that are worth doing That are not as stressful and there are Some businesses that are simply just not Worth it because it is very stress UC F And it feels like you're working a 9 to5 Where you're managing 20 different Clients at once out of all of this the Goal isn't to have a successful business Right off the bat the goal is to start Businesses to execute and to start Developing the mindset that I see a lot Of these very successful entrepreneurs Have now by the way I've been within This space for quite a bit of time now a Lot of my friends are all Multi-millionaires it's kind of crazy Saying that and there is one key Principle that I've noticed amongst all Of them this principle here the one Thing that I noticed all of them have in Common is the fact that they just don't Give up I can't tell you the last time I Decided to take just a full day off or a Full week off not thinking a lick about Work business is going to be meant for Someone who loves business and if you Don't know if you love it yet it's Because you haven't tried it took me not Only many many days but it took me many Different businesses in order for me to

Finally get the click of wow I really Love doing what I do so try new things Fail often pick yourself up try again And eventually when something clicks Take that ride the momentum and Eventually you'll look up out of the Water and realize wow I made $100,000 Last year $100,000 a year before that $300,000 before and then this year we're On track to make half a million doll you Already became a millionaire so for step Three you need to learn to invest and This happens in a framework of four Different ways invest it back into your Business by hiring good talent invest it Back into yourself through going to Conferences coaching mentorships Invested into large companies through The stock market or invested into Smaller startups and build more Businesses so let's start from the top Down I got to a point where I realized That I had no time to live meaning I Could not hang out with my family I had To turn down a lot of vacations and even Before I had my friends all the time yo Bri you trying to do this you trying to Make moves you trying to go out you're Trying to eat here I did not even have Time to go to the gym to to eat at Certain places at that point it was Working 16 18 hours a day barely getting Any sleep and then eventually getting Burnt out let me tell you from firsthand

Experience a team is everything and Without a good team you can lose because Business at the end of the day is also An endurance game it's not about how Fast you get to the top but it's about How long you can stay there for a team Will not only help you build the systems But it's going to help you get your own Time back so you can focus on the big Picture stuff a recent book that I've Been loving so much is titled great CEOs Are lazy this is awesome because it Talks about the power of Delegation and When you invest your time into others And you multiply the effort you realize Right now in this Society we're living In very very amazing times where my Reach my power starts to get expanded Exponentially where instead of me Talking to one person like for 50 Minutes I can talk to this mic right now And talk to a thousand people at a time Even more than that this channel has now Gotten more than 60 million views so We're talking to millions of people at a Time another example though goes into Hiring if you find the right people the Right good person they can do a job Better than you ever could and for me an Example like editing I did not like Editing I just did it because I got Through it and you know look granted There were moments where I like putting In certain things and certain jokes but

At a certain point I realiz if someone Can do this better than me they enjoy Doing it they have much more Talent than Me they can expand their Horizon this is One of those instances where you Multiply your value you pay them you Give them a job so that they can suffice And in exchange they're going to be Giving you a good result that can also Help a business or your content grow Second thing investing it back into Yourself through conferences look guys I'm shaking my head right now because There were so many instances early on Where I could have saved myself a lot of Time in hiring the right coach hiring The right Mentor but I had to make a lot Of mistakes on the way in order for me To get to where I'm at now one thing Though that did change my life a lot That I did do way early on was going to As many conferences as possible Networking with others and then Eventually building my own Mastermind in My most recent conference where kajabi a Company flew me out to shout out to Blake forg me those tickets I appreciate It guys that energy was amazing and Since then I've just had this fire in me In like starting businesses taking our Content to the next level and it's Really those moments where if I look Back when I had the most pivotal moments Within my business and my life it was

Actually meeting these people and Getting this information in person Number three invested into large Companies look your money can only work For you so much if you get to a point Where you're balling out with your Business you're making a million dollars A year you eventually want to invest That into other companies where they can Make money even for you this is the Principle where even in the popular book Rich Dad pad they talk about the concept Your money works for you and you do not Work for your money so to get your money To work for you if you have a lot just Sitting in your cash savings account That money ain't doing anything put it Into a company like apple that is doing All the work that is going to keep Growing that pays you out either Dividends or grows as an asset now an Easy way to get started today with Investing into stocks is first of all by Picking up up to 20 free stocks with Both Mumu and Weeble link Down Below in The description and there you go from my Words to you through this computer and Whatever mobile phone device you're Watching I just still hooked you guys up With some free stocks at no cost to you So that is one way to get started number Four invest into smaller companies and Startups when you begin to make over $250,000 a year you then get the status

Of being an accredited investor where You can now invest into other companies And startups and start labeling yourself As an angel investor now this year is Going to open up more opportunities Because you can actually get in-depth Alpha that you wouldn't in other places On seeing how that company grows so you Can get extensive inside knowledge there But then you also have a chance of Scoring big so imagine investing into Netflix before you know Netflix became What is now they were still like in Grocery stores with the CD or imagine Investing into Airbnb before they even Had their app if you invested into any Of these giant companies you would Become very well off now and it's all About diversifying your eggs as well now Currently year to date I've invested Over $100,000 into a variety of Different Angel Investments and Companies and these check sizes don't Even have to be that big a lot of people Think you have to an angel invest $100,000 every deal no there are some Companies that will take a micro check Of $2 to $5,000 and you can get Ownership of some of these just from That amount I've even had some companies That took a check from me for just ,000 now given Angel Investing is very Risky do it at your own Leisure okay There are people who are experts at this

Who still don't get it right all the Time so just know that this is not the Priority you should have when you're Trying to build a business but it is an Option that you should explore when You're trying to expand your wealth all Right so now that we covered the three Stem framework here's just a quick Reflection and takeaway for you to know So number one start earning income and Set aside your money number two use the Money youve set aside to start launching Businesses number three take the profits From your business invest it back into Yourself your team and other businesses Honestly if you rinse and repeat that Cycle if you're able to make a million Dollars a year from that I'm confident You can make eight figures from that too You know what I even say eight figures But I'm confident you can even make nine Figures just following this very simple Framework look if you're watching this Video and you're in your 20s or even You're not even in your 20s look you you Are going through some of the biggest Years of your life where you're able to Tolerate that risk learn different Skills that you can apply into these Businesses and from there you can find That making money is not that difficult I also want to add that growth is also Like a snowball so if you only have ,000 It's going to be hard to make $10,000

But once you start making $10,000 the Snowball of what that accumulates to to Getting into $100,000 then turning that Into A4 million dollar and then 500,000 And then even a million it's an area of Least resistance there's momentum Bringing you forward so here's how I Want to end this video take action today I know you guys can do it I appreciate You guys I love you guys and that's it That's it


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