Investing Expert: The Greatest Wealth Transfer IN HISTORY Is Here | Will Crypto Recover?

More wealth will be created by Blockchain technology than any Technology in the history of mankind Technological progress will increase one Quadrillion X the best time to ever Invest in your life is in the depths of The bare Market investing expert Mark Yuso founder of an over billion doll Hedge fund at the filecoin conference in Vegas explains how the greatest wealth Transfer in human history is happening Now and even though any new asset class Is incredibly volatile the problem is You don't get to wait until you Know if you wait until you know it's Already in the Price that's why human beings suck it's A technical term at Investing human beings do two things Really really well we buy what we wish We would have Bought and we are spectacular at it Everybody piled into crypto in November Of 21 literally at 69,000 they were Piling In and then it goes down 74% goes on Sale and everybody runs out of the Freaking Store investing is the only business the Only one when things go on sale people Run out of the store you put wedding Dresses on sale women will kill each Other to get in the Store why do we run out of the store and

Investing Because we're human and then we compound It we sell what we're about to need Here's a crazy stat over the last 20 Years if you bought and sold if you just Bought and held stocks you made almost 9% compounded for 20 years if you just Bought and held bonds you made almost 6% you know what the average investor Made over the last 20 years 2.9 cuz they're idiots all you had to do Is pick one or pick 5050 but but no they bought stocks when They went up sold them when they went Down they bought bonds when they went up The long bond is down 50% long treasuries are down 50% in the Last year people were piling in when Interest rates were close to zero Because we're human and while Cryptocurrency is just the Natural Evolution of Technology meaning the Early digital age was just Reed then Came Reed right and now Reed right own I Think of web one as really being about Read only so people were trying to put Magazines and newspapers kind of Published on the internet and you would Just read those in web 2 of course with JavaScript and some of these Technologies we got more interactive web Applications like Gmail or Google Maps And we were able to do read and write You could kind of interact with these

Applications so web 3 is really about Read write and own so web 2 is read Write so now we could interact but the Problem with read right is the people in Charge of it the centralized authorities Are the ones that made all the money now Web three we we the people get to Own it turns out filecoin and other Things are are involved in that and just Understand that web 3.0 meaning you can Read write and verifiably Trust will Impact every aspect of our online lives It's just the masses haven't quite Realized yet blockchain technology will Impact every business every business in The world from voting to Health Care my Mom almost died this CRA it's true story My mom almost died because a doctor in An ER treated her without seeing her Medical record because they're two Separate systems and they wouldn't allow Them to see the medical record what the Absolute that is malpractice squared you Can't treat a patient without seeing Their medical record but that's the World in which we live Voting no more hanging Chads no more Vote every person can punch a button on Their phone one person one vote not Early and often like Chicago and we'll Know the minute the polls close who won Or Lost on a

Blockchain that's easy that that's super Easy travel Hospitality education we can Actually educate kids instead of putting Them on squares and making and memorize Stuff you know what our education system Is about it's about training Factory Workers it was created 120 years ago we Don't need Factory workers we need Knowledge workers we need people with Reasoning skills I mean we need to punt The entire education system and Reboot blockchain can help big statement Blockchain will usher in a period of Unprecedented wealth creation more Wealth will be created by blockchain Technology than any technology in the History of Mankind big statement decentralization Trust value flowing without Intermediaries we we liberate $7 Trillion a year that's stolen from us by Banks insurance companies Brokers Auditors accountants no offense to the People um but it's stol blockchain will Completely revolutionize Financial Services the same way the internet Revolutionize media and commerce all the Values to be ABC NBC CBS now it's all Netflix because the internet all the Value used to be in mom and pop stores Now it's at Amazon because of Internet Same thing happens all the value from JP Morgan and all the global Banks is going To blockchain it's going to be the the

Beating Heart of the new Financial System uh do we even really need Banks Anyone been in a bank ever like really Why would anyone go in a bank you could Do it all on your phone no one gets a Mortgage from in the old days you had a Banker and you went to their office and They gave you coffee you got a toaster And great but that's not what we do now We use our phone and in fact 40% of People in the world 40% of adults in the World don't have a bank account but they Got cell phones we can deliver Financial Services through their cell phon through Blockchain technology and if nothing Else just understand that the now over $109 trillion dollar in the global stock Market all of this and more will be Tokenized why don't we digitize Everything and trade it digitally with Proof of ownership novel concept $14 Trillion a year trades hands we can do That all on blockchain and this is the Big number 100 trillion there's $700 Trillion every stock every Bond every Currency every commodity every piece of Art every case of wine every private Business every everything everything That can be titled in the world will be A token on a blockchain not a little Thing a line item on a ledger secured Immutable permanent all of it's going It's it's going to happen it's so this Is as inevitable as automobiles as

Inevitable as biotech as inevitable Electricity it's coming you can't stop It and even though several Bitcoin spot ETF approval dates are happening either End of this year or early next year mark Yuso is even invested in two of them Even he admits that black rock is going To get it and the approval of something Like this is coming sooner than you Think 5 years ago this guy on television Said it's a index for money laundering Now they're going to do an ETF and he's telling people that you Better put your money in as long as it's Ours better put your money in to protect Yourself against currency Devaluation Wow this is going to happen Black Rock Will get approved everyone else won't And I'm I own the two companies ahead of Them but they both got pushed so sucks For me but black Rock's going to get Approved um and just like Top Gun there Are no points for second place so They'll get all the money um because They're part of the cabal oh I'm not Allowed to use that word anymore but um $ 30 trillion dollars of assets that Can't invest in this today will be Liberated and uh what if they put 1% That's 300 billion it's a big deal for Daily videos keeping you informed about Cryptocurrency click subscribe like Always see you tomorrow


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