Top 6 BEST Crypto Exchanges in 2024: Which Are Safe?!

What crypto exchange are you using are You sure that it's safe are you being Ripped off in fees and are there better Options out there well that's exactly What we're going to cover in this video My name is guy and today I'm going to Take you through six of the best crypto Exchanges on the market there are also Some hints and tips that you must know Before using any exchange this video Could literally save you thousands of Dollars so don't go Anywhere before we dive into these picks It's important to point out a few things Firstly no matter how secure you think An exchange is you should always Practice self- custody as we've seen With some exchanges of yester year you Can never be 100% certain that your Crypto is safe unless you control the Keys now we've covered self- custody in A number of videos which I'll leave link To in the description also although we May have affiliate agreements in place With some of these exchanges this video Is absolutely not sponsored in any way It's our impartial take on some of the Best exchanges on the market it's also a Non-exhaustive list and there may be Other exchanges out there that you can Use just be sure to Dy to ensure Consistency we'll compare each of these Exchanges across five different themes Solvency security coin support fees and

Other features and finally these Exchanges that we're about to list are In no particular order just FYI okay With all of that out of the way let's Jump into the first exchange and this One is an industry Stalwart coinbase is one of the ogs Among crypto exchanges it was co-founded In San Francisco in 2012 by Brian Armstrong its current CEO in 2021 the Company sh shuttered its California Headquarters and now operates as a Remote first exchange now coinbase is The largest Exchange in the US by Trading volume and is unique in being The only exchange listed on the New York Stock Exchange this means not only does It have access to increased liquidity But it also has to comply with a lot of Red tape aimed at protecting customer Assets coinbase operates in over 100 Countries pretty much every country you Can think of except for those sanctioned By the US government curiously it's also Not available in Hawaii where crypto Laws are pretty strict notably coinbase Officially launched in Canada this Summer just months after binance the World's largest exchange shuttered its Operations there because of Canada's Increasingly strict regulations sadly Amid the crypto downturn in late 2022 And early 2023 coinbase laid off over Over 40% of its Workforce but it's still

On a solid footing with over 3,400 Employees and is actively hiring at the Moment okay so that's a bit of Background on coinbase but what's Arguably most important is its security Well being a public company coinbase Adheres to strict audit regulations with Financial statements audited by deoe one Of the big four International accounting Firms this is next level stuff when it Comes to proving its Financial Health Not only do user assets surpass Liabilities but 98% of coins are stored Securely offline in cold wallets Meanwhile coins that remain online are Insured and US customers have balances Insured by the FDIC a federal agency That aims to maintain stability and Public confidence in the US Financial System to the tune of $250,000 Now there is one black mark to Coinbase's name though when it comes to Security that's the fact that in March 2021 the company experienced a breach Where hackers accessed 6,000 customer Accounts however the way the company Dealt with the issue shows maturity the Issue was promptly resolved security Procedures were improved and affected Customers were reimbursed for any losses Despite the 2021 incident coinbase is One of the most secure cryptocurrency Platforms out there now moving on to the

Number of assets supported by coinbase The answer is not as straightforward as You might think coinbase is a little Vague on its website and if you search Other sites you'll see anything from 150 To 250 and even over 10,000 from our experience the lower Figure is the most accurate coinbase is Not known for its extensive coin support As it tries not to list anything these Securities and Exchange commission might Label as a security that said it does Have all the big ones you can think of And I should add that coinbase along With Kraken relisted xrp after Ripple Labs's partial victory over the SEC Earlier this year so to buy crypto on Coinbase you can only use three Fiat Options US Dollars British pounds and Euros if you're in any other country Then you can still Fund in your local Currency although the balance will be Reflected in dollars this is a Shortcoming as other exchanges offer a Much broader variety of f Currencies when it comes to depositing And withdrawing Fiat coinbase offers a Wide range of methods that are broadly In line with other exchanges they Include card payments and Bank transfers Though as with all exchanges you need to Keep your antenna ey up when it comes to Fees as a rule of thumb avoid credit Card payments as they are prohibitively

Expensive For us customers the cheapest method is Through a which is free customers in Europe and the UK can do a wire transfer Through sea which costs1 15 And1 Respectively if you're not in these Jurisdictions then Swift is probably Your best bet but it can be pricey I'll Add a link to coinbase's fee structure In the description below so you can Understand which rate applies to you now When it comes to trading fees coinbase Operates a a take a model with different Tiers based on your trading volume over The past 30 days as you'll discover this Is typical across exchanges and if You're unfamiliar with the terms maker Taker allow me to quickly explain so if You place an order at the current market Price and it's executed right away You're a taker and will be charged a fee Ranging from 05% to 6% on coinbase if you place an Order that doesn't match any existing Order order it goes on the order book When someone else's order matches with Yours later on you're a maker and your Fee will be between 0 and 4% these Percentages are based on the pricing Tier you're in when the order is placed As a general rule across exchanges the Higher your trading volume the lower Your fees you can see the full range of Coinbase's fees in this table which I'll

Link to below now to trading coinbase Fares particular well for beginners its Design is userfriendly and intuitive for Those seeking more detailed trading Options you can try coinbase Advanced Trade this is basically the Grandfathered coinbase Pro which you'll Remember from last year Advanced trade Has a suite of trading tools and Features like limit orders stop orders And Market orders as well as this the Platform has an advanced trade API which Offers interactive charts powered by Trading View Advanced order types and Other Advanced trading features overall Then coinbase is a strong Choice Especially for customers in the US its Commitment to security and adherence to Strict regulations has helped it Establish a name as one of the world's Most reputable exchanges on the downside Its selection of digital assets is Somewhat limited which can put off Advanced Traders or those seeking out Small cap tokens and by the way if You're enjoying this video so far then Feel free to hit up that like button we Do appreciate the support next up we Have okx now this company was originally Founded as OK EX in China in 2017 by Star zooo who is its current CEO since 2018 the company has been headquartered In the SE shell although they have Offices in multiple jurisdictions now in

2022 OK ex signaled that it's much more Than an exchange by dropping the E for Exchange in its name as it branched out To decentralized services including defi Products nfts games and the metaverse While other exchanges like coinbase and Kraken felt the pinch of the 2022 bare Market and laid off major portions of Their workforces okx managed to expand Its Global presence which is impressive The Exchange is available in most Jurisdictions but it has some key Restrictions including the likes of the USA and some countries in Europe we'll Leave the full list down in the Description for you moving briefly on to Star power you'll see it's endorsed by Familiar faces like football manager Pep Guardiola and F1 driver Daniel rickardo Though in the post FTX days these Endorsements provide precisely zero Assurance nonetheless okx is security Processes are solid like other exchanges Okx uses proof of reserves to prove Solvency the good news is is that to Date okx is solvency ratio consistently Exceeds 100% meaning that assets always Surpass liabilities analytics firm Nanson monitors okx is reserve Compositions which show that typically 90% of them are liquid cryptocurrencies Like BTC eth and usdt however I should Note that while proof of reserves offers Transparency around user deposits it

Doesn't detail the full Financial State Of the company for this an independent Third party needs to carry out a Comprehensive audit on Okx however this is easier said than Done because Auditors are choosing not To engage with crypto firms an issue Most other exchanges are facing now when It comes to operational security okx Procedures appear to be solid according To the company's website 95% of coins Are securely stored offline with Individual storage units holding no more Than 1,000 BTC in addition they adopt a Whole host of best practices when it Comes to ensuring that only a small Number of individuals have access to the Company's cold wallets private keys and Vaults which is where backups are kept For instance the two individuals who are Granted access to vaults are not allowed To travel in the same vehicle together You can't be too careful after all when It comes to coin support okx fares Better than coinbase with over 350 Digital currencies it also accepts a Broader spectrum of Fiat currencies These include USD GDP and Euros as well As local currencies in China Argentina Australia Bulgaria Brazil Canada Switzerland and Colombia you can buy Crypto on okx using all the typical Means including Bank transfers card Purchases Apple pay crypto and more

However while okx is transparent about The fees involved in trading they do not Appear to disclose the fees associated With deposits and withdrawals which is a Little frustrating thankfully when it Comes to trading fees okx performs very Well it is in fact one of the cost Leaders in the space I should note However that trading fees vary for Regular and VIP users regular users fees Are determined by the amount of okb they Hold while VIP users fees are based on Their 30-day trading activity and daily Asset balances as with the previous Exchanges the higher the volume the Lower the fees if you're a regular Trader with over $2,000 in total okb Holdings the makeer taker fees are 0.6% and 8% respectively I'll leave a link to the Full fee structure in the description Below oh and if you're looking for a way To get even lower fees then we have got A deal for you we've been able to Negotiate a 40% trading fee discount Account for all coin Bureau users and Not only that but there are also $220,000 in deposit bonuses up for grabs So if you want to take advantage of this Time limited offer then head on down to The description and find the link to our Okx deal down below now when it comes to Trading okx is more targeted at season Traders rather than novices it has a

Comprehensive and interactive user Interface with an expansive array of Trading options Beyond spot margin and Futures Trading I should caution that Beginners might find the advanced Concepts a tad challenging especially Compared to more straightforward Exchanges like coinbase and a few others We'll be covering later on overall then Okx is a good option for more Established Traders and those wanting a More diverse product offering than Better established competitors like Coinbase however its transparency when It comes to liabilities as well as Deposit and withdrawal fees are Potential shortcomings also its Intricate user interface might put off Beginners if you want a much more In-depth Guide to the okx platform then I encourage you to look at our numerous Comprehensive reviews of The Exchange Also linked to below moving on to our Next exchange though and that is bybit Bybit co-founded in 2018 by Ben Xiao its Current CEO is one of the world's Fastest growing Exchanges bybit reportedly expanded from 10 million users to over 15 million in Less than a year which is pretty damn Impressive the platform claims to be Quote the world's third most visited Crypto exchange which is a claim we're Not able to verify in 2023 bybit opened

Its HQ in Dubai and strengthened its Presence in the EU after securing Licensing approval in Cyprus although it Looks likely to expand into more Jurisdiction soon for the time being the Exchange is not available to users in a Number of countries including the US the UK mainland China Singapore Canada and Countries sanctioned by the US I Encourage you to view the full list to See whether your country is supported or Not now when it comes to solvency bybit Guarantees customer assets are backed One to one like other exchanges bar Coinbase it uses Merkel tree proof of Reserves to demonstrate This and like Okx it unfortunately doesn't have any Third-party audits in terms of Operational security bybit ranks in the Top 10 exchanges by certified with a AAA Rating and bybit has a gamut of security Procedures including penetration tests a Bug Bounty ISO 271 certification and Funds Assurance it uses an Industry-leading and multi- signature Cold wallet to store 100% of its Traders Deposited assets meanwhile when it comes To customer funds it keeps the majority Of these in offline cold storage and Uses multi signature authorizations for Fund movements preventing single point Failures in other words its security Protocols are topnotch now let's move on To coin support bybit has more than 270

Assets in the spot market and over 200 Contracts in the derivatives Market it Supports deposits in 15 Fiat currencies Including Euro USD and GBP The Exchange Offers several ways to buy crypto Including via C credit and debit card Express checkout and PTP trading PTP Trading is the most costeffective way as It comes with zero fees if you want to Deposit Fiat the platform is transparent When it comes to the fees that will be Charged per transaction if you want to Deposit Euros it will cost either €30 if You use Easy Bank payment or1 n% if you Opt for Seer so you'll need to do a Little homework depending on your Context but the good news is that Deposit fees on bu bybit tend to be Minimal in terms of buybit trading fee Structure The Exchange has a tiered Trading fee structure depending on your Account balance or trading in the last 30 days entry level Traders will pay a Make or take a fee ratio of .1% for spot Trading these fees reduce as you go up The tier system as you can see from this Chart however I have a little tip for You in order to further reduce those Fees if you sign up through the coin Bureau deals link below you will get 0% Maker fees for the first 30 days not Only that but there are over $40,000 in Bonuses on offer as well so be sure to Make use of it before time Runs Out link

Below now bybit is also recognized for Its impressive transaction speeds Clocking in at 135,000 transactions per second Primarily for derivatives trading while Its Advanced trading Concepts might pose A challenge for novices it remains an Excellent platform for acquiring trading Knowledge in terms of offerings bybit Extends a variety of trading options From spot to Futures Traders can also Avail themselves of diverse order types Such as Market limit and stop limit Orders if you want to know exactly how To use the exchange and all of its Features then we also have you covered With our comprehensive guides overall Then it's little surprised that bybit is Rapidly gaining Traction in the industry Boasting top tier transaction speeds and Intuitive user interface and a high Trading volume however it's worth noting That bybit supports a narrower range of Cryptocurrencies than the likes of okx And it mainly focuses on derivatives Trading next up we have Kraken Now Kraken is the OG it was founded in 2011 As an alternative to the one and only Mount GX which was once the biggest Exchange in the world before it Collapsed in 2014 nearly taking the Whole industry down with it Jesse Powell One of kraken's co-founders announced Last year that he was stepping aside as

CEO truly marking the end of an era Kraken is now headed by former coo Dave Ripley though I should say Jesse Pal Remains on the board like coinbase Kraken shuttered its San Francisco HQ in 2022 and has also gone remote first The Exchange is available in most countries And the US however it is not available To resident of New York because of its Strict bit license laws as well as Washington State regardless Kraken is a Well-regulated exchange and is either Regulated or licensed in North America Europe the Middle East and the APAC Region without getting into the Nitty-gritty regulatory approval tends To mean the company has safeguards in Place to protect customer rights and Their assets when it comes to security Kraken's record is impressive Kraken was In fact the first Exchange to have a Proof of reserves audit all the way back In 2014 proof of reserves is a way of Cryptographically proving that the Amount of crypto assets held by a Company exceeds the amount required to Cover the balances held by customers Kraken now carries out proof of Reserve Audits periodically most recently in Early 2022 however Kraken not only verifies Reserves but also liabilities as the Company notes exchanges need to carry Out both in order to paint a more

Complete picture of the platform's Overall health we should also state that There is no standard approach to proof Of Reserve Audits and not all exchanges Are transparent with their liabilities If you want more information on proof of Reserves in general then I encourage you To watch our video on the safest Exchanges and that is in the top right For you anywh who Kraken is ISO 271 Certified which is an international Standard that verifies that security is Baked into its design and operation it Also has a sock 2 certification meaning That its data protection controls have Been audited and like in a good James Bond film its servers are manned by Security guards with 24/7 protection They also have experts testing their Systems using every imaginable attack Vector they can think of in fact kranken Takes security so seriously that it even Has a division called security Labs that Helps web 3 companies enhance their Security according to certified Kraken Is the second most secure Exchange in The world and the only OG exchange not To suffer a hack I think you get the Point Kraken is very secure now on to Coin support and what you can use the Exchange for to start with I should say Kraken supports over 200 coins and Tokens which is more than coinbase but Fewer than other exchanges in this video

The range of of theat currencies that Can be used to buy crypto is more Extensive on Kraken than coinbase However they include the trio of US Dollars British pounds and Euros as well As local currencies in Japan Canada Switzerland and Australia the website Details the payment methods and Currencies available in your region but They include wire transfers Visa Mastercard Apple pay Google pay and Crypto the exact fee structure depends On your currency and method of payment I'll leave the relevant link below now Fortunately fees for deposits and Withdrawals on Kraken are typically low And can be free as a rule of thumb Swift In Europe and a in the US come with the Lowest costs but can take several days To transfer on the other hand wire Transfers are typically same day but You'll pay a premium so it depends on Your Priority when it comes to trading fees Kraken uses a make or take a fee Schedule with volume incentives based Based on your activity in the past 30 Days the more volume you trade the Cheaper the fees as you can see from This chart for instance if your 30-day Trading volume is under $50,000 you'll Be paying make or taker fees of 0.16% And. 26% respectively on the other end If your trading volume is above half a

Billion then those fees drop to 0% and 0.04% and if your trading fee volume is Above half a billion then maybe we Should hang out sometime anyway Jokes Aside Kraken is a solid Choice both if You're a beginner or an advanced Trader If you're the latter definitely check Out Kraken Pro whether it's spot margin Or Futures Trading Kraken Pro has you Sorted and like coinbase kraken's Advanced setting gives you access to Interactive trading charts powered by Trading View and a whole range of Functionalities not available to regular Users overall then Kraken stands out as An ideal choice for beginners much like Like coinbase it is a trusted platform With robust security measures and Presents an easily navigable interface For those new to trading its trading Fees are also reasonably low despite Outperforming coinbase in these areas Kraken doesn't offer a vast range of Coins and its support for feeing Currencies is somewhat limited Additionally users should be aware of The higher fees associated with instant Purchases and Swift Withdrawals right now now let's turn to Kucoin this exchange was launched in 2017 by Johnny L its current CEO like Okx it's headquartered in the SE shells All right for some isn't it now kucoin Is a major exchange ranking fifth in

Coin market caps top crypto spot Exchanges behind coinbase Kraken and Bybit kucoin boldly claims that one in Four crypto holders use the exchange and States that it has over 30 million Traders from over 200 countries and Regions now I know what you're thinking Guy how is that possible when there are Only 195 countries according to the UN Well if you take the CIA handbook which Includes countries disputed territories And dependent areas the number creeps up To 237 so we'll give kucoin the benefit of The doubt here however there are some Key markets where kucoin does not take Users and these include Canada Japan South Korea and of course the USA so Take note when it comes to transparency Kucoin is doing very well the exchange Is very clear in how it evidences Solvency it periodically requests an Independent third-party institution to Certify that there are one toone onchain Reserves for all user Assets in addition It carries out proof of reserves you can See the date of these reviews on its Website as well as that the exchange Details the reserve ratios of BTC eth Usdt and Usdc nice and clear other exchanges take Note when it comes to security however Cins processes do not stand out the Exchange says its assets are stored in

Independent and separate cold warm and Hot wallets without specifying the Percentages in each similarly it says Its private Key Management is quote Advanced but doesn't provide further Details we know that kucoin improved its Security following a significant hack Back in 2020 during which $275 million In customer funds were lost however According to certified and independent Security rating group kucoin has an a Rating and ranks number 34 in terms of Overall security by comparison coinbase Kraken and bybit have AAA ratings and Are in the top 10 kucoin therefore has a lot of room For improvement when it comes to Security on the other hand kucoin is in Another League when it comes to the Coins and tokens on offer at our latest Count it offers over 700 these span Everything from popular tokens stable Coins defi tokens meme coins and much More on top of that 28 Fiat currencies Are listed including the big three USD GBP and Euro now buying crypto on kucoin Is straightforward and the platform Accepts over 70 payment types bank Transfer is marginally cheaper than a Credit card for instance as we record This 100 USD will get you 99.99 usdt if you use Banker a Global Payments infrastructure provider for Crypto if you use an online bank account

Like wise you'll get 98 usdt when it Comes to fees kucoin offers a tiered Makeer taker fee model C coin's fees for Spot trading are very simple with a fee Of .1% for both maker and taker at the First tier they then drop across tiers To a low of 0.005% Sl.2 5% at the top tier users can rise Up the tier rankings by holding larger Amounts of C coin's native token KCs Overall then kucoin offers one of the Most competitive fees among Cryptocurrency exchanges but there is a Way for you to get up to 60% discount on These trading fees and that's by Visiting our C coin deal in the link Below be sure to do that while the deal Is still on off though Capiche now moving on to trading kucoin Offers its users a range of trading Alternatives including spot margin and Futures Trading to ensure a seamless Trading experience kucoin provides Multiple order types like Market limit And stop limit orders it also offers an Advanced trading bot that allows traders To automate their trading strategies as Usual we have in-depth guides about how To use kucoin and they'll be linked to In the description for you folks in Short though K coin is popular with Expert Traders because of its many coin Options and trading contests however its

Complex interface might confuse Beginners kucoin also has limited Support for regular money higher fees For quick buys and few Educational Tools and finally we turn to swissborg Now swissborg is not your typical Exchange rather it's a mobile first Crypto investment platform it offers a Wide Suite of services including crypto Portfolio management buying and selling Crypto earning yield and more it was Founded in early 2018 and is Headquartered in you guessed it Switzerland lozanne to be specific Cyrus Feazel is the co-founder and CEO the Company is much smaller than the other Exchanges in this review it has over 700,000 users 200 staff and operates Across more than 50 countries though I Should note it is not not or not yet Available in the US swissborg is Licensed and regulated in Switzerland France and Estonia and is certainly Proud of its links to Switzerland last Year in light of the FDX collapse Swissborg launched an initiative to Promote transparency and openness to the Community called quote in swissborg we Trust the initiative extends to the Company's measures to prove solvency its Proof of reserves is showcased through Public data and dashboards from its Partner fireblocks but that's not all This year swissborg released a proof of

Liabilities protocol which essentially Allows users to confirm that their Liabilities have been accounted for in The total Beyond this swissborg bolsters Solvency by retaining 2third of its own Assets in Fiat and stable coins Mitigating other crypto volatility risks Swissborg uses so-called multiparty Computation MPC technology to prevent Any single point of failure in his Custody in a nutshell MPC technology Splits the traditional private Keys into Multiple pieces Distributing them in Multiple places to ensure no one person Has full access to the whole private key And something else that swissborg claims To do is to segregate customer deposits From Company accounts this means that on The off chance that swissborg goes Bankrupt customers should technically Not suffer any losses by comparison Coinbase admitted in 2022 that if it Goes bust customers would lose their Deposits and I suspect they aren't the Only exchange on this list where that Would apply the last thing I'll say About Security in swissborg is that to Our knowledge the company has not Suffered any successful hacks to date And like the Swiss flag that is a big Plus Sorry now on to coin support which is by Far the smallest offering among the Exchanges covered here swissborg lists

71 cryptocurrencies at the the time of Writing including all the major ones and Support USD Euro GBP and Swiss Franks You can buy crypto on the swissborg app Through other exchanges dexes crypto ATMs and more and swissborg does not Charge deposit fees for your Cryptocurrencies still withdrawals from Your account are subject to an execution Fee of .1% with a minimum fee per Cryptocurrency and additional fees may Be charged depending on the network on Swiss Borg except for card deposit fees There are no other fees associated with The deposit of fat currencies stable Coins or crypto assets though you may be Charged a fee by your bank or platform From where you are sending the funds When it comes to trading fees these vary Swissborg has multiple premium tiers With names like Explorer Pioneer and Genesis they provide users with various Benefits including lower fees and higher Yields to access these tiers you need to Lock up increasing amounts of Swiss Borg's native token Borg for a period of A year for instance to reach the first Level Explorer you need 500 Borg which Is worth around $200 at today's rate on The upper end you need $2,000 which is Worth about $40,000 today of course you Have to be comfortable with locking up That amount of crypto of course it's not Risk-free but the reason swissborg

Stands out and why we've included it on Our list is because the company has Carved a niche For Itself by offering a Myriad of trading options and advanced Investment products one such product is Swissborg thematics which enables users To invest in crypto asset collections Based on distinct themes using an Automatic rebalancing system swissborg Thematics ensures optimized Investments By capitalizing on Market lows and highs Think of it like index funds in the Traditional stock market for instance Users can opt for a thematic B bundle That includes BTC and gold and Dynamically adjusts cryptocurrency Waiting based on Market fluctuations Pretty cool stuff at the same time the Trade-off to this feature is that it Comes with higher fees than if you were To trade on your own and if you want to Learn more about Swiss Borg's features And functionality of course we have you Covered with an in-depth review we also Have a special signup deal as well which You may want to make use of all down in The links below they go overall then Swissborg is particularly appealing for Beginners especially those who prefer Using their mobiles for trading it Provides an integrated solution for Crypto payments ensures Regulatory Compliance and offers support across Multiple blockchains networks and tokens

As I mentioned before swissborg Thematics is also a huge attraction for New Traders however potential users Should be mindful of its higher trading Fees limited cryptocurrency options and Scaned educational Content and that concludes my top Exchange picks for 2023 now as I Mentioned in the beginning of this video No matter how secure you think an Exchange is it's important to practice Self- custody so keep your coins and Tokens preferably in a hardware wallet As I've reiterated countless times not Your keys not your crypto we would also Strongly recommend that you delve deeper Into each of these exchanges on your own And don't forget about all the Additional resources that we've linked To in the description and don't forget To check out the coin Bureau deals page Which is home to the very best discounts And Promos in all of crypto that's about It for our video though but I would love To hear your feedback as well have you Used any of these exchanges are there Any other exchanges that you want us to Cover let me know in the comments below If you found this video helpful then Smash up that like button if you haven't Yet subscribed then what are you waiting For thank you for watching and I'll see You again Soon

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Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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