“I Got Rich When I Understood This” | Billionaire Michael Saylor

I feel I feel like I became successful When I understood the value of focus I Asked billionaire Michael Saylor how do I become rich this is what he told me I Felt I feel like I became successful When I understood the value of focus The idea that you have you have many Ideas there are many things you could Pursue the world is full of lots and Lots of good ideas lots lots of Temptation and If you see a hundred things you'll Probably have a hundred ideas about how To improve each one of those things but You have limited time in the day And the world's a very competitive place And so if you're going to be successful You pick the one thing that you you are Most passionate about and you focus all Of your intellectual energy all your Passion all of your work On the one thing The world the world Has eight billion people and they all Got to do something right So leave some space for the other eight Billion people to do their thing And you figure out what you stand for Right I mean oftentimes I I describe a Pyramid right there's at the top of the Pyramid there's the one thing I say and I focus on publicly right Bitcoin Bitcoin advocacy Bitcoin education There's the 10 things that I need to do

To stay alive Right You know I need I need to cook or clean Or move or or you know whatever it is There's 10 things but you know I'm not Posting videos about you know my sleep Habits or about my exercise habits or or Uh you know about all the other things I Do at work or how I clean out my desk or How I commute or my opinions about Crossing streets right right I I got to Do those things right you jump in the Water you don't know how to swim you Drowned and it's all over for you so I Have to do it but it doesn't mean it's Uh it's what I share with the public or What I focus on I don't I don't Harbor Any illusions that I'm the world's Greatest swimmer or I'm the world's you Know greatest diet Advocate or the World's greatest exercise Advocate or Even you know whatever it is I I Occasionally I buy Bitcoin I'm not Telling you how to buy the Bitcoin Right there might be someone that's Better at it I'm not going to tell you Exactly how to do it I'm not going to Give you advice on this bank that Counterparty Etc even though I have to do those Things but I recognize uh with a sense Of humility That uh that in and of itself you know If you want to do a review of every

Bitcoin custodian in the world in every Country with every tax jurisdiction that In and of itself is a full-time job Right so focus and then of course I have Hundreds of opinions I could I could give you an opinion on Everything under the sun right I keep those from my friends and my Family Right you can share your opinions about You know what what's your favorite color You know and whether you like cashmere Fabric or what kind of shoes you like to Wear or political opinions or business Opinions But if you think of it as a pyramid at The top of the pyramid is the one thing That that you're going to stand for in This world where you're going to make Your living right Focus on the one thing Keep the 10 things dude do the ten Things Because you got to live Right and the hundred things I keep to Myself right I keep to your your close Circle and I think that if you have that Formula I think you'll be more most Successful either in advocacy Or in education Or in entertainment or in execution Right there's that famous phrase shut up And sing One year of the world's greatest

Bluegrass singer People don't want your political opinion On monetary policy in Japan Right they want you to Play the banjo because that's what they Care about there's someone else that Spends 4 000 hours a year Thinking about monetary policy in Japan You might have an opinion Keep it to yourself and and focus upon Maybe instead of a two-hour podcast on Your political opinions maybe you create A two-hour banjo concert I think that'll Run harder So that's that's my suggestion laser Eyes Laser eyes mean laser focus mean have Some humility And if If you are the smartest person out of a Hundred thousand people You know if you're the smartest person Out of a million people There's 8 000 other people on the planet That are as smart as you you see There's 80 000 people on the planet that Are the smartest out of a hundred Thousand person There's not eighty thousand topics that The average person follows right you see The average person follows 100 200 Topics so if you're the smartest person On the planet in that thing and you Spend three thousand five hundred hours

A year in that thing and you have people That that actually are interested in Your opinion I think don't let your ego get out of Control and think that just because you Have a following in one area that you're Now qualified to opine on 99 other Things right and and and start to to Pursue that the world gets really messed Up I think when uh when people they Spread their focus too broadly and As a you know A lot of the problems in the world are Are people with too much power That have a hundred opinions on a Hundred different things and they have The power to enforce their opinion on 100 million other people without anybody Being able to engage in that discussion So that's that's the problem of too much Central Power And then I think if if you don't if You're not lucky enough to own a mega Company or a mega country and you're Just an individual working your way up I Think focus upon the thing you're going To do the thing you're going to stand For and just be really good at that the Best you can be at that And uh try not to get distracted Or deluded in your focus Because uh because all these other Things are Temptations they're either Temptations that make you less excellent

And the one thing or they just dilute Your credibility and and you know It's like As soon as you express a political Opinion on the left or the right you Lose half your audience You know you could almost say expressing 10 unrelated opinions cause you to cut Your audience in half ten times and Pretty soon you've got one divided by Two to the tenth as many people that are Paying attention to you because you Wanted to opine on all these other Things which They're not going to help you Solve your problem if you're the world's Greatest banjo player Telling people how stupid the welfare System is and the 197th country that You're thinking about didn't make your Banjo music more enjoyable it just made A set of people dislike you intensely Forever And so I I would say you know that Focus be sure to watch the full Michael Saylor interview it is linked down below And whether we're speaking to other Prominent billionaires top filmmakers Rock stars as well as a plethora of the Top Financial Minds in the space click Subscribe we drop a video every single Day you do not want to miss one like Always see you tomorrow


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