The Best NEW Business Credit Card For Your Business

So it's pretty rare that we get a new Credit card coming onto the market Especially a new Elite tier travel card But just recently Capital One just Launched a really unique card with a ton Of Great Value this card here is the Venturex business card basically the Business version of the personal Venture X so knowing that in this video I wanted To go over everything you need to know About this card from the welcome bonus To the benefits and then also give you My own personal thoughts on whether this Card is right for you so let's get right Into it starting with the welcome bonus So with this card here you can earn 150,000 bonus miles after spending $30,000 in the first 3 months with a Conservative valuation this will be Putting one point at being worth 1 cent Making the welcome bonus worth of $1,500 with that said though the Spending requirement on something like This is still fairly high at $30,000 or 10K a month so if you do the math it's Like earning 5% back on the first $30,000 in spend spend but how does this Stack up to similar cards well the Business Platinum gives you 120,000 Points after you spend $115,000 which is About 8% back with the chase Inc Business preferred you can get $ 100,000 Points after $8,000 in spend which Actually equates to about

12.5% back knowing that the welcome Bonus is still really good but there are Still some other things to consider when The personal Venture X was launched the Bonus was about $ 100,000 M after $10,000 in spend which is worth about 10% back later on it turns out that they Dropped this to 75,000 Mi after just $44,000 in spend Boosting that to an equivalent of 19% Back now the question is whether or not This might even happen with the business Venture X card and well personally for Me I think so now by the way I know a Lot of people might even assume that the Venture X business card is going to be Brand new but a little bit of a spoiler Here it ain't it turns out that this Card here was available since the start Of this year but it was never offered Publicly until now you would have had to Request the car through a capital 1 Business relations manager if you really Wanted to sign up Capital One decided to Make a better move instead where this Card is now accessible to a broad range Of people the one downside to this Though is that back when this offer was A bit more secretive you couldn't get it From the public website it was initially That you would get 250,000 Mi after spending $50,000 in the First 3 months so they've already nerfed The bonus to make the spend more

Reasonable once and I wouldn't be Surprised if they decide to do it again In about 6 months now I'm going to get Into the details of who this card is Best meant for later on in this video But to close off talking points about This bonus here's what I think so if You're already spending $110,000 a month Anyways I would definitely take Advantage of this bonus before that Nerf Might happen when possible if you do get The bonus just make sure that you're at Least able able to get 2 cents per point So you can increase the value of the Points that you earn we'll talk about More later on on how you can do that Exactly but for now with regards to some Of the other benefits of this card Here's what you're going to get so first Of all 10,000 mile anniversary bonus Annually so every year you'll be getting An additional $100 minimum in value just By holding this card now that right There is just going to be a free little Bonus where pretty much whenever the Annual fee hits you're getting an Initial knock off on that value in terms Of the category earning bonuses you'll Be getting 10x on hotels and rental cars Booked with the capital 1 Travel portal If you're traveling this is going to be Huge because Capital One offers a ton of Different benefits to make sure that You're still getting the best price as

Well on top of that they have price drop Protection and price match guarantee and Alerts on price changes so if you book Your flight and it turns out there's a Better deal on it like a week later on You can go ahead and get it matched to The better deal with this card you'll Also be getting 5 xon flights booked via The capital 1 Travel portal and again I Think that's a great earning rate and on Top of that you'll be getting an Unlimited 2x miles on all other Purchases so this card actually is very Simple first of all a lot of Similarities to the regular Capital One Venture X card on the personal side but Other than that you'd be getting 2x back Unlimited on everything which I think is Sometimes great especially because a lot Of the moves that you should be making As a business owner which this is geared More towards should be you working on The business should be you making that Money so something like this I just love The Simplicity aspect now some of the Cards that are more comparable to this Is definitely going to be the business Platinum Card which also offers 1 X on All other purchases now if you're Spending $10,000 a month with the Benefit on the Capital One Venture X Card with that 2x you're getting it's Going to be 250,000 points a year Minimum that right there will will add

Up especially if you're in a business That spends even more than that now Furthermore you're going to be getting $300 in annual credits for bookings made Through the capital and travel portal so This is going to be perfect for anyone Booking flights hotels rental cars and It's just a great boost to help make up The extra value of just holding this Card now most premium Tier credit cards Are going to offer this $100 credit for TSA pre-check or Global Entry but it's Still just a great benefit to mention Especially if this happens to be one of Your very few luxury here cards on top Of that you're also getting a $100 Experience credit on all Capital One Premier collections hotel stays and These are going to be highly curated Hotels within the Capital One travel Platform I'd compare this to something Like the Chase Sapphire Hotel Collection Or the AMX fine hotels and resorts Program with capital ones benefit you Get a $100 experience credit you'll also Get daily breakfast for two early Check-in late checkout and room upgrades When available now here's where I think The card is is going to be most valuable And this is the lounge access so I Recently came back from a conference in Austin Texas and I experienced two Different lounges so I went into the Austin Texas Lounge where they had the

Outdoor Chase Sapphire thing yo guys That was terrible it was so crowded I'll Throw up some videos here yeah no bueno But actually before going to Austin Texas I went ahead and checked out the Brand new capital 1 Lounge at my local Airport which is doas now that Lounge Was great the only downside is that Because I didn't have the Venture X Business card on me I actually had to Pay the daily entrance fee of $65 and on Top of that they throw this whole screen In your face where it's like how much Are you going to tip us they're looking At you two of them were looking at me I Was like man I'm not going to not be Able to tip them so with tip included it Was about 75 bucks for me to sit at a Lounge for about an hour I don't know if The ROI was there but if I went in there For free definitely this is a brand new Lounge I really appreciate it it and the Food out of all the lounges I've ever Been to it was actually some of the best In this DC one now currently Capital One Only has one in Dallas and in DC but two More are coming up in Denver and also in Vegas by also getting this card you're Going to have access to Priority pass And Plaza premium which gives you access To over 1,300 lounges worldwide and Unlimited access with up to two guests On each visit now these benefits are Pretty great especially compared to some

Of the other business credit cards on The market like I mentioned this card is Though going to be most comparable to The business platinum card because it is Still more travel focused on those Benefits and the credits you get the Best part though compared to that card This comes to you at an annual fee of Just $395 a year so if we break that Down just with the $300 travel credit And the 10,000 Mi anniversary bonus You've already made up that fee right Away every single year last but not Least you can also get free employee Credits for everyone else at your Business which I think is a fine little Perk because these days some credit card Issuers are going to go ahead and charge You even for those cards now at this Point you might have noticed something Different which is the fact that the Venture X business card is nearly Identical to the Venture X personal card So real quick here are the three key Differences between the personal and the Business venture X Card first of all Welcome bonus offer we already talked About this but the business version is Literally double the value where the Spending requirement is also $26,000 More for that doubled value the second Biggest difference is the fact that the Personal Venture X is your standard Credit card with a limit that you get

But with the business venture X this is Actually considered to be a charge card With no credit limit this means that Your maximum monthly spend is going to Constantly fluctuate based on your spend Payment history and more also usually Charge cards will have a bit more of a Maximum spend amount but I want you guys To know it's not infinite and it can get Really high but just make sure no matter What if you use a charge card don't miss A payment because they could take it Back from you meaning literally if you Don't pay off your charge card in time They will send you a notice in the email Or in your mailbox like hey if you don't Pay off this card we could go ahead and Close it now the premium tier Business Credit Card Market is definitely more Focused on your typical business Expenses think about your Chase Ink Cards think about your American Express Blue business Plus Card generally Business credit cards they're going to Give you more back on business expenses Now with the business venture X card From the benefits that we talked about Obviously you guys can tell that with This card in particular you get more Travel benefits with this business Credit card in particular so if you are Running a podcast show if you are Running a Consulting agency and you're Actually traveling a whole bunch and you

Really prefer Capital One this card Might be perfect for you as long as You're able to hit that minimum spend Requirement for that welcome bonus offer But there's even a few additional tips And tricks that you can do to get that Which I'll talk about soon so now that We covered the benefits how the card Compares some of the misconceptions a Lot of people think it's a credit card It is not let's go into my honest Opinion my real thoughts and I don't Know are we doing a jungk tomato score For this n no not for this video but I'm Going at least give you guys my first Impressions too of what this card is all About so we'll start with the good we'll Start with the bad let's start with the Bad first though so bad thing Capital One reports your business card activity To your personal credit report now this Might not be the best if you have high Spend going on every month and for some Reason you're carrying some type of Balance month-to month this is going to Definitely impact your personal credit Score negatively that being said the Fact that it is a charge card it might Actually help increase your personal Credit and it could also be a way that It benefits you as long as you're paying Off your card in full and this is Something that we preach on our Channel Every single time I make a video so

Unless you're getting a 0% interest Credit card that you know you're going To pay it off on time for please make Sure that whichever card you get you're Always paying off that balance in full Every single month one key area of Concern that we need to cover is Definitely going to be the welcome bonus Offer so for the $330,000 worth of spend Yes you can get the welcome bonus offer From the Capital One venturex business Card or for $29,000 to spend it turns Out you can get the bonus for the Chasing business Cash Card the chase Inc Business Preferred Card and even the American Express business platinum card With those three cards you'd actually End up getting more in points precisely It'd be 295,000 points alongside those Three different accounts and then you'd Be getting $2,950 in value on the minimum my point Here is the fact that the capital Inventurex business card it's got a huge Spend requirement so I will not be Putting it at the top of my list but if You follow these methods and you fit Within this criteria I still think this Card might be one of the best to come Out on this market so far so who is this Card best meant for well first of all if You're a business owner you're making a Lot of money and you have a decent Amount of spend at least $110,000 a

Month this card here I think is a great Choice this is because if you travel and You book through that portal you're Getting 5 to 10x back which is pretty Solid there if you also happen to be Someone who's late game you've gotten All the other business credit cards and You've run out of different ones to get This is another option I think Regardless if you're someone who owns Your business and say you're not even Spending $120,000 a year here if you Have a big tax bill coming up this card Is perfect for something like that tax Season is going to be here what 3 to 6 Months from now and during that time if You've paid a lot of money before in Taxes and you know you got a bigger tax Bill coming up this C could really Offset those fees as someone who's paid The government now millions of dollars In taxes kind of crazy saying that this Would be one of the cards that I'd Consider to get especially if you're Someone who's paying all your taxes just Once at the end of the year or even even If you're a high spender if you're Spending all that money on taxes every Quarter and you're able to hit this Minimum spend requirement I still think There is value in that now the good Points on this card the benefits the Positives here's what we know for the Annual fee you get a ton of travel value

And most other travel focused business Credit cards they do not spread Themselves out this much to be Classified as a good business travel Credit card I also mentioned earlier in This video but I got to emphasize it Again just with the travel credit and That anniversary bonus you're getting Positive value from the offset of the Annual fee meaning you come out on top Aside from that reason too this is just A simple great catchall card and the 2x That you get back compares to cards like The blue business Plus card or the blue Business Cash Card which is usually Limited in how much you actually spend This card is unlimited so you don't have To worry about a cap and it's a charge Card and it could also help build your Credit if you're paying off your card in Full every single month so who's this Card not meant for I would say it's a Decent amount of people if you don't Have a business if you're not spending High amounts this card may not be it for You now if you happen to be within that Very small demographic by chance and You're like okay this card actually is Perfect for me I got taxes to pay I'm Spending money on my businesses I'm late Game whatever it is be sure to check out The links Down Below in the description Sign up it supports our Channel at no Cost to you but just make sure that

You're always getting the best offer for Yourself as well by the way April of 2024 still a long ways from now but I at Least wanted to mention that I'm going To be speaking at the travel Summit I Would love for you guys to join we're Also going to plan to do a little bit of Like a credit Society meet up maybe Outside of that I don't know we're still Planning it out but if you guys are Interested you want to pick up an early Bird ticket be sure to check out the Link Down Below in the description for That one last thing don't forget to Check out the links to pick up your free Stocks with Weeble and with Mumu so Thank you all so much again for watching This video If you guys like to join our Facebook group and the disc ORD the Links for that will also be down below Have an amazing day stay blessed I'll See you all soon peace


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