How To Trade Bitcoin: Complete Step-by-Step Guide To BTC Gains!

Bitcoin's BTC recently hit a new All-time high and if history is any Indication its price could soon go Parabolic you have a great chance here This presents an opportunity to make Lifechanging amounts of money assuming You know when to buy and when to sell That's why today we're going to give you A stepbystep guide on how to trade BTC Including when to buy the dip and how to Spot the top let's get Going I'll start by saying that nothing In this video is financial advice it's Purely educational content that's meant To help you become a better BTC Trader I'll also note that we'll leave links to Our previous technical analysis Tutorials in the description they will Help you put everything here into Practice and I should add of course that I personally hold BTC as the largest Single allocation in my portfolio okay With that said before you trade BTC you Need to create an account on a Cryptocurrency exchange that's right for You the coin Bureau deals page happens To have trading fee discounts of up to 60% and sign up bonuses of up to $50,000 on half a dozen of the best Crypto exchanges Out There Our preferred Cryptocurrency exchange these days is Bybit where that $50,000 signup bonus I Just mentioned is up for grabs if you Need a bybit tutorial that's linked to

In the top right here and if you want to Create an account right now and take Advantage of that limited time offer That is linked to in the description now The first step to trading BTC is to Decide how often you plan on trading it If you're planning on trading every day Then you may need to buy a stable coin Like usdt or usdc depending on the Exchange you're using that's because Most BTC trading happens against stable Coins they are the most liquid pairs if The crypto exchange you're using Supports your fiat currency or US Dollars you don't need to do this if You're planning on trading BTC once Every week or month then you're going to Need to get a crypto wallet to keep your BTC safe in between trades as a rule of Thumb you should never keep any BTC You're not actively trading on an Exchange as you could run the risk of Losing your funds and as it so happens The coin Bureau deals page also has the Biggest discount on the best hardware Wallets too and I'll remind you that the Link is down in the description okay so The second step to trading BTC is to Assess whether it's in a long-term Uptrend or in a long-term downtrend an Easy way to assess this is to adjust the Charts to the weekly and then the Monthly time frames at the time of Shooting BTC is in a very obvious

Uptrend this is important to assess Because it'll give you a sense of how Other Traders are positioned in the Market when BTC is in a long-term Uptrend most Traders tend to be long put Simply they're betting that btc's price Will go higher during long-term Downtrends they're betting btc's price Will go lower the Practical effect of This is that BTC tends to be very Volatile during long-term uptrends it's Common for its price to suddenly Fall by 10% or more before quickly recovering During long-term downtrends meanwhile It's common for btc's price to spike by 10 % or more before quickly crashing Again as such you need to be prepared For the possibility that BTC will swing In One Direction or the other by 10% or More in a very short period of time this Can temporarily invalidate your analysis And cause you to buy or sell at the Worst possible time one easy trick you Can use to avoid getting thrown off is To remember this quote from famous Technical analyst Richard woff quote all The fluctuations in the market and in All the various stocks should be studied As if they were the result of one man's Operations let us call him the composite Man who in theory sits behind the scenes And manipulates the stocks to your Disadvantage if you do not understand The game as he plays it and to your

Great profit if you do understand it More about the woff method in the Description I digress now the third step To trading BTC is to identify zones of Support and resistance on shorter term Time frames such as the daily and the 4H Hour this will give you a sense of how High or low BTC could go in the Shortterm keeping in mind that the Market leverage could cause a temporary Break above or below identifying zones Of support and resistance should be Straightforward it just involves looking At where btc's price clustered in the Past support is the lower range where BTC clustered and the resistance is the Upper range where it clustered note that This is all all relative to btc's Current price so suppose btc's price is Currently trading between support and Resistance if it rallies then chances Are the rally will be rejected at Resistance meaning that it will rally up Close to that Target and then crash a Bit conversely if BTC crashes then Chances are it will bounce at support Meaning that it will fall to that Target And then rally a bit if the longer term Trend is up then there's a good chance That BTC will break above its closest Zone of resistance and rally to the next Zone of resistance conversely if the Long-term trend is down then there's a Good chance BTC will break below support

And fall to the next zone of support FYI When BTC Falls below a zone of support It becomes resistance as it's now above Btc's price the same is true when BTC Breaks above a zone of resistance after That it becomes support and here's a pro Tip remember that zones of support and Resistance on longer time frames are Stronger than on shorter ones now Believe it or not trading between these Zones of support and resistance can be Enough to make big bucks trading BTC With enough practice there are however Just two caveats the first is that these Zones of support and resistance are also Seen by other Traders which can cause Premature bounces or rejections for Example if BTC starts to rally and its Next zone of resistance is say 100K then Chances are that Traders will start to Sell and take profits just under 100K in Other words they will front run all the Other traders who see the same thing Alternatively they could purposely pump The price above 100K to cause Liquidations one simple way to mitigate This is to sell just before a resistance Level is reached or buy just before a Support level is reached put differently Be less greedy than the other Traders With enough time and practice you'll Know rough ly how much earlier you Should buy or sell When approaching a Key level now the second caveat to

Trading between zones of support and Resistance is that you don't always have A zone of resistance to work with Particularly when btc's price is hitting New all-time highs as it is at the Moment now there are two methods you can Use to give you a sense of How High BTC Could go when it's hitting new all-time Highs the first is to pay attention to Key psychological levels such as Visually appealing prices like 70k 71k 75k and even 70.5k or 70.1k depending on your time Frame the second method is to look at Btc's market cap this is something that Most BTC Traders forget to do consider That btc's previous top of around 69k Put its market cap at 1110th of Gold's Market cap this is significant because Many investors see BTC as as basically Being digital gold this time around Btc's price stalled when it reclaimed The $1 trillion market cap and it's Possible that it will see similar Resistance around 1.5 trillion and $2 Trillion market cap I'll quickly note That it's the market cap that ultimately Determines how much a crypto can rally Not its price anyways the fourth step to Trading BTC is to use any indicators and Patterns that could signal a change in The short-term Trend as I mentioned Earlier we have technical analysis Tutorials in the description that will

Help you with this and we recently did a Video about Candlestick patterns too now One indicator that we've been using a Lot lately is the Ballinger bands that's Because they show you when BTC is Overbought or oversold if btc's price is Above the upper band then it's Overbought and could see a short-term Crash if it's below the lower band then Then it's oversold and could see a Short-term rally in the middle you have The Ballinger band moving average which Serves as a surprisingly accurate zone Of support and resistance for BTC across Almost every time frame take the monthly Chart for instance the Ballinger band Moving average effectively showed you When BTC entered a new long-term uptrend Not only that but the Ballinger band Gives you a rough range within which BTC Could trade this is determined by the Distance between the upper and lower Bands the more volatile btc's price has Been The Wider the bands will be when Btc's volatility is low the narrower the Bands will be and when btc's volatility Has been low for a long time relative to The time frame you're looking at the Bands will become very narrow around Btc's price this is called a Ballinger Band squeeze and it foreshadows a big Move to the upside or the downside the Direction The Squeeze is likely to go in Depends on the trend regarding patterns

Meanwhile the most common ones you see For BTC are bull Flags bare Flags double Tops and double bottoms bull Flags Consist of btc's price rallying falling For a little bit and then rallying again You could say that longer term uptrends Are made up of multiple massive bull Flags what's cool is that you can Measure how much btc's price will pump By taking the distance of the initial Pump and multiplying it by two when BTC Breaks out so if BTC rallied from 42k to 52k the difference is 10K if BTC pulls Back a bit and then rallies above 52k Chances are it'll hit close to 62k again You must remember that other Traders can See these patterns too so it's prudent To take profits slightly before the Targets you've identified at the same Time you need to remember how Traders Are positioned based on the trend and Remember that you could see prices go Higher than you expect to now bare flags Are just bull Flags in Reverse they Consist of BTC crashing rallying a bit And then crashing again to assess how Much BTC could crash take the difference Of the initial crash and multiply it by Two once prices fall back below the Initial level they fell to before the Temporary rally as for double tops and Double bottoms meanwhile these are some Of the easiest patterns to spot and also The most useful now a double top

Consists of BTC rallying crashing and Then rallying back to the price in the First rally while a double bottom Consists of BTC crashing rallying and Then crashing back to the price of the First crash now a double top is a Bearish reversal pattern meaning that it Suggests btc's price is about to crash You can measure how much btc's price Will crash by taking the distance of the Rallies and subtracting them from btc's Price once it breaks below the price at Which the rallies began these often Occur near local Tops on the flip side Meanwhile a double bottom is a bullish Reversal pattern and suggests that btc's Price is about to Rally you can measure How much BTC will rally by taking the Distance of the crashes and adding them To btc's price once it breaks above the Price at which prices crashed these Often occur near local bottoms and if You're finding these patterns confusing Remember but there are more detailed Tutorials in the description now the Fifth step to trading BTC is to learn How to spot the top and how to buy the Dip and we happen to have in-depth Videos about both topics which we'll Also leave in the description anyhow the Trick to spotting the top and buying the Dip is to use different types of Analysis namely cycle and sentiment Analysis to clarify the tops I'm

Referring to here are local top and Cycle tops while the dips I'm referring To are the local bottoms and cycle Bottoms in plain English the highest and Lowest levels that BTC will go in the Medium-term and the long-term meaning Months and years not days and weeks as Most of you will know BTC has Historically followed a 4-year cycle That consists of 1 to two years of bull Market I.E a long-term uptrend and 2 to Three years of bare Market I.E a longm Term downtrend this fundamentally Depends on your definition of bull and Bare Market but let's set that aside for Now at the time of shooting this video BTC has already begun the 1 to twoyear Bull market phase this means that we're Likely to see another 12 to 18 months of Uptrend at the very most between now and Then we're likely to see multiple local Tops multiple local bottoms and a cycle Top somewhere in between naturally the Cycle top is the highest price BTC will Hit during this 4-year cycle and there Have been no shortage of predictions About what this number will be if you Watched our recent crypto market update You'll know that we believe that btc's Cycle top could be around $180,000 or even slightly Higher this is based on a combination of Btc's diminishing returns over time plus The possibility that the cumulative 40%

Inflation we saw during the pandemic due Due to all the money printing means that You need to add 40% to btc's Non-inflation adjusted price btc's Non-inflation adjusted cycle top would Be around 120k the bigger question however is when Btc's cycle top will take place previous Cycles suggest that it should occur Somewhere between April and October next Year the thing is that the introduction Of the spot Bitcoin ETFs could have Brought this cycle top forward to as Soon as later this year this underscores The importance of sentiment analysis in This equation chances are that the cycle Top will happen around some event that Is so bullish that it causes everyone to Buy BTC we suspect that this Catalyst Could be a major Central Bank buying BTC Something that they will be allowed to Do starting in 2025 and you can learn More about that using the link in the Description moving on now by the same Token local tops are likely to be marked By bullish events that cause people to Buy BTC the difference is that these Catalysts are unlikely to be ones that Will cause widespread fomo among both Institutional and Retail investors and There needs to be widespread awareness For a cycle top to happen on the other Hand meanwhile local bottoms will likely Be marked by bearish events that cause

People to sell BTC and cycle bottoms Will be marked by a catalyst that so Damn bearish it causes people to panic Cell BTC and make no mistake technical Analysis often goes out of the window During local and cycle tops and bottoms During these pivotal moments you're Going to see enormous amounts of Leverage and even more volatility unless You're incredibly experienced it's Better to avoid trading around these Kinds of catalysts there's a reason why They say you shouldn't try to catch a Falling knife during Trading on that Note the cycle bottom is the lowest Price BTC will go during the bare Market Phase of the four-year cycle cycle Bottoms have historically occurred Around 1 year after btc's cycle top as With the cycle tops it's impossible to Predict exactly how low BTC will go During the next cycle bottom or when for What it's worth we believe that Potential buying by large investors such As central banks will limit how much BTC Will crash by during the next cycle Bottom that's because this is exactly What central banks have been doing with Gold recently its price would otherwise Have fallen due to Rising interest rates Now to wrap things up I want to give you A few tips for trading BTC the first is To understand that your returns are Likely to be close to the same as if you

Had just held BTC instead statistically Speaking this all depends on how much Time you're willing to dedicate to Trading BTC the more you practice the Better you'll get the second tip is to Understand that the returns you get with BTC will not be nearly as large as the Returns you could get trading altcoins This is because of what I mentioned Earlier about market cap BTC has the Largest market cap of any crypto and That means it's harder for its price to Move in percentage terms the third tip Is to understand that BTC is the best Performing asset of the last century and It's likely to continue to appreciate in Price in the long term this means that You might be better off stacking SATs Like most BTC holders do just gradually Allocating to BTC over the years as a de Facto savings account the fourth tip is To understand that even if you don't Plan on actively trading BTC you should Still learn because it'll help you Understand what's going on in the Markets as a cherry on top it'll help You know when the best time is to sell The BTC you've been stacking to say Buy Buy a house or a car for instance now The last tip is the most important of All and that's to understand that BTC Does not exist in a bubble it continues To be correlated to other assets namely Tech stocks this means that you should

Consider checking the charts for things Like the S&P 500 the NASDAQ and even the US dollar which BTC tends to be Inversely correlated to when the dxy Goes down BTC tends to go up so with all Of this information in mind you should Have everything you need to succeed when Trading BTC and we at the coin Bureau Wish you the very best of Luck and that's all for today's video Folks so if you learned something new Smash that like button to let us know if You want to keep learning subscribe to The channel and ping that notification Bell and if you want to help others Learn how to trade BTC then be sure to Share this video with them as always Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you in the next one this is Guy Signing [Music] Off


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