Why TikTok could actually be banned, or sold to an American bidder | TechCrunch Minute

Is Tik Tok going to get banned in the United States well there's a bill making Its way through Congress that could have Just that effect and a lot of people are Pretty mad let's talk about it a bill Recently passed a house subcommittee With a vote of 50 to zero that would Force bite Dan Tik tok's parent company To sell it or face a ban in the United States now if bite dance was to divest Tik Tok it would be for a massive payday And there are people lining up already To work on on that deal if you are Having a strange feeling of oh my gosh Deja Vu don't worry you're not crazy We've been here before the idea that Bite dance should sell off Tik Tok is Absolutely not new and former American President Donald Trump pushed for that Back in 2020 now more recently current President Joe Biden has said that he Will sign this bill if it does reach his Desk since then we've also seen Donald Trump go a bit of a 180 on this issue he Recently said that no he does not think That Tik Tok should be forced to divest From its parent company why the change Of heart well Donald Trump met with a Very powerful and Wealthy conservative Mega donor who has a lot of upside in Tik tok's financial success and people Are pointing to that as the reason why He is now gone against his former and Very deeply held position if your teen

Has a smartphone the chance that they Have Tik Tok on it is incredibly high It's a very popular consumer technology Service it's part of our culture now and It's popular across age ranges now keep In mind that Tik Tok has a lot of us Users it collects a lot of data and its Parent company is Chinese and given Chinese laws about corporate data well People are concerned that American data Could end up in the hands of the Chinese Government that's a serious concern but Perhaps not the most pressing other People have noticed instead that how Tik Tok actually operates could be the Biggest risk and there have been studies That show at least in their view that Tik Tok systematically promotes or Demotes content based on the priorities Of the Chinese government so essentially You can consider Tik Tok to be a massive Trojan horse for Chinese Communist Party Propaganda into the minds of American Citizens all this could be resolved if Bite dance would just divest Tik Tok for An absolutely massive payday and then we Can all go back to our lips zincing and Dance videos no harm no foul we'll see What Congress does if this passes the House we'll talk about it in the Senate And then it has to get to the president And then become law so we're a long way Out from that happening but if Congress Can agree on something for once keep

Your eyes peeled for a mega deal or a Lot of very sad twins


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