How To Start Affiliate Marketing | $32,437 per Month Passively

So one of my favorite business models That has made me millions of dollars Over the past few years for putting very Minimal time in is affiliate marketing This method of making money is in simple Terms getting someone to click buy or Use a product and in exchange you earn a Commission now this right here is one in About 10 different dashboards that we Use for some of our affiliate marketing Out of all the other ones that we use This is actually on the lower end for Our affiliate marketing income and by The way I also had some people thinking Like you know we're like faking this This isn't true guys first of all I do Not have the technical capabilities in Changing the code and this is not Photoshop I'm clicking around here Um we can do like last month this month I can refresh the page multiple times So just to verify it's true now Affiliate marketing has absolutely Changed my life it's something that I Got into about five years ago and right Now with all the tools that exist it is More than possible for you guys to get Started today so in this video we're Going to be going into the laboratory All right and I'm gonna take you through In my computer some real world examples On people doing affiliate marketing how Easy it is to get started we're also Going to find out how much money they're

Making and on top of that I'm going to Walk you through step by step to making Sure that you guys can get started today All right guys so here we are inside the Lab and I'm gonna take you through some Real world examples of people making Hundreds of thousands of dollars per Year right under our little noses All right so this morning my girlfriend Went ahead and sent me a DM on like a Collapsible cart Ridge all right so this is just an Example of your basic affiliate Marketing even without a website so the Way that this individual here has gone Ahead and set this up is that they have Right here tap Link in BIO or comment Shop so when you comment shop we'll go Ahead and do that normally what a lot of People are doing is they're setting up Something called a manychat automation Manychat is verified with Facebook and Instagram so this pretty much just Allows you to automatically send people The affiliate link within their DM and You also get more better conversions Inside the DM so if I posted that if I Go into my requests it says hello Girlfriend popping in with the link Obviously I'm not her Target demographic Also we do live in sometimes where you Know what she's in the wrong she needs To she she doesn't know my gender Pronoun anyways here's the link to it

Basically we're going to copy that we're Going to put it in here and what it Should do is take us to a page where she Is then able to make sure she gets the Affiliate commission so this is ltk this is just another one of Those websites where you can link Certain products from Amazon and the way I can tell this is an Amazon affiliate Link is if I copy the link address I put It in here judging by the URL you can Actually see if there's a tracking link On here so this one is a hundred percent An affiliate link it takes it to it it's 89 bucks so if I actually go ahead and Buy this she is going to get anywhere From like a one to three percent Conversion to verify those numbers what I'll do is go into And you'll actually notice that things Like Amazon games are going to pay out The highest commission they're going to Give 20 compared to like luxury Beauty Get 10 versus tools like this which I Consider to be anywhere from five Percent over to even three percent on The lowest now guys I've used Amazon Associates for a while I don't actually Promote anything on here so you're gonna See how low our earnings are but this is Completely passive like I don't remember Linking an Amazon product in the last Year or so so for us to even still get 18 is still pretty incredible now upon

Doing further research I noticed that This individual's account it's pretty Much all Amazon affiliate links or to Certain other brands like she does work With big Brands she also has a million Followers she has a tick tock account a YouTube account and more and this is Just another one of her Lincoln bio Pages where if I decide you know I want To I want to buy some bras even I know This there are bras right now from Popular companies called skims I believe This is the one owned by you know uh Kim Kardashian don't quote me on this it's Just what I pick up from the ladies Talks here and there on the weekends Basically I know some of these other Branded products cost way more money so If she is able to find a need within the Market where it's like oh this is like This product but it feels like you're Wearing nothing and you can get this Much for this low of a cost those things Can usually go viral so this person here Has obviously been doing an amazing job So I also went ahead and found her YouTube Just 370 videos posted here a Majority of them are actually shorts and You'll notice that a lot of the titles Is just tap Link in description I feel Like she's already crushing it so much On Instagram and she has a tick tock as Well that she's probably not really Focused too much on YouTube and also

YouTube is not as user friendly with Promoting those affiliate links within Shorts now what's also cool is that this Person actually has a website and on her Website I went ahead and found in her About page basically her brand analytics Up to just one month so this is January 1st to February 15th at this time she Had less than a million followers so I Bet her analytics are much higher now Than it was before she also has a Blog And a Pinterest account which actually From reading this it looks like this is Probably where she's making the majority Of her money so out of this information Based on her brand package she gets 2 Million clicks per month and then out of That she gets about a three percent item Sold conversion rate all right so if you Want to know how much that is first of All 2 million Clicks in a month is Freaking insane it doesn't matter what Space you're in if you are getting 2 Million clicks on certain products You're actually doing a better job than A lot of these professional marketing Agencies that will be charging companies Six figures a month to help run their Ads going back into my impact portal on Average our CPC also known as the EPC Which is cost per click or earnings per Click so pretty much they'll round up How much I make per click so anytime Someone clicks on one of my impact links

What does it average into after the Payout happens it's about a dollar I Personally think her EPC is way higher Than mine but given this conversion if We do some math we can actually get a Rough estimate on how much you made for The month of January to February all Right so based off these numbers out of The two million clicks she gets let's Say that's 64 000 of them actually pay Out if we take my impact EPC which I'm Telling you is rather low just because I'm within the finance space and a lot Of my products don't sell because people Either need to hit a certain limit they Need to make a certain closet with her Items the EPC is going to be much higher Just because when people see an item They like they buy it the cost per click Goes up to what her payout is but you Know we'll give her the super Conservative estimate we'll give her Even a lower amount than me and just say She's making a dollar that basically Means she's making sixty four thousand Dollars a month just from Affiliates I Personally think she could be making way More than that but you know this whole Industry varies sometimes you know if You're not making content it can go down But for the most part I think it's safe To say that this individual here even Just offer Instagram and all these Amazon links that she has she's making

Well above thirty thousand dollars a Month and if you're making thirty Thousand dollars a month and all you're Doing is posting on social media things That you're wearing and you're working You know less than an hour a week these Are short videos these don't even take That much work to edit it's not a bad Gig at all now I'm going to take you Guys through a second example here as Well so this is say off the example that Instead of you running a social media Account because let's read be real all Right she she got the Aesthetics you Know she's she'd be working out Obviously and not a lot of people may be Able to post content to this level I Think the ones that don't involve her Like in the scene and it doesn't involve The background of what it seems like a Really nice home most people can do but Let me tell you from my attention to Detail this looks like fake marble wrap I actually can't tell but even if it is Fake marble or whatever there's still a Level of detail that she's putting in These videos like the lighting here is Near perfect you can see the reflection Coming off of some of these items these Angles are amazing even just the Rings And she's got her nails done and the Background of all this she is the Ultimate what we would call ugc content Creator so ugc content creators are what

Drop shippers and Amazon affiliate People were like five years ago when People just didn't even know how to use Social media this year is like the next New thing and this is because the brands Can make a lot of money and the people Promoting these Affiliates make a lot of Money because these shorts algorithms Are so good they push it out to people And when it's a genuine good product That other people can use it's just a Win-win-win business I've made a few Other affiliate marketing guide videos And we talk about this principle a lot Win win it needs to be a win for the Brand where they're also making money it Needs to be a win for the customer where They're happy with whatever they're Buying and then if there's a win on Those two ends you're going to get a win Because you're going to get cut a small Check from the affiliate commission that You make all right here's another one if I go on and I type in Something like Marathon Blog the first Result that comes up out of 213 million Different results is this blog right Here lazy girl running now you might Think this is a super simple blog and it Is this logo here I could make in my Sleep I don't even like this logo here Is just simple all right it's a very Easy simple blog but you'll notice that This person might actually be making a

Decent amount what I like to do is there Are tools where you can search up how Many visits a website is getting so I'm Gonna put in into Semrush right here and I can basically See how much traffic that they're Getting on their website so this website Here is actually still getting a decent Amount of clicks because they're still Resulting in you know on August 11th They got 586 organic traffic she does no Paid ads obviously just because it's a Personal blog but it looks like she's Still doing fairly well now going on our Website she even has outside of Affiliate links like training plans so If you're trying to run your first 5k on Our website right here you can actually Go ahead and buy some programs on Marathon running she doesn't sell this For that much and if this counter is True for 10 bucks she's made about 230 Dollars passively next thing we're going To go into though is her blog and this Is where you'll get a clear example of Using a Blog especially a personal blog To make some money off affiliate Marketing so you'll notice that she has Some blogs right here uh the most recent One was my post run recovery routine and You can tell this is personable you know She has a photo of herself here and she Has some sandals recovery I love it well You'll notice though and this is

Important all all kit featured and this Was gifted by Adidas it was gifted so it Means that she didn't actually buy it They sent it to her and she probably is Doing like a ugc post on their behalf Now scrolling down this is a very easy Way to spot an affiliate marketing link And there's another way to verify too so She's been running in the Sweaty Betty Zero gravity running bra I just realized Too there's a lot of bra action going on In this video that was all an Unintentional okay so basically she Gives her review of the bra comes down Here you can buy from Sweaty Betty Online I'm gonna copy a clean link or Copy the link address and if you just Open this up first of all it's going to Take you to the link Sweaty Betty She is Most likely 99 make an affiliate Commission off of this if I scroll down They have affiliate section right here What does an affiliate do why join our Program how do you join next steps boom Boom boom and another way to verify is We take that same link that was on her Website you copy the clean link post it Out in here and it says something really Weird right Tim dot lead we're going to Copy that I'm going to post it into Google once again and you'll notice turns into a win and their Website is the fastest growing affiliate Marketing platform in North America so

This is actually one of our research Methods and finding different affiliate Programs because there's a lot of these That pop up nowadays and feels like it's Just hard to keep track of all of them So right here she has a redirect link She's earning commission and you know This is a product that she enjoys using And if someone buys it let's see how Much commission she's earning you earn a 12 commission so say you just buy one of Those bras it was 75 bucks so she's Earning about nine bucks per order if we Go back into the website she's getting About 450 to 300 clicks so say she's Getting 300 clicks a day so let's say Out of those 300 people about 10 percent Of that or 30 people actually end up Going on her blog clicking on a link They get interested in buying so if we Do 30 times the nine dollar commission Still about 270 a day now guys that's on A very Mac Pro scale on how you can make Money through affiliate marketing I just Want to prove to you the concept there's Many different ways to do this it's very Possible in making money and we've made Millions of dollars so far from Affiliate marketing and this is Something that you guys can literally Start today with zero dollars all right So what I'm gonna do next is I'm gonna Take you through a step-by-step process Of starting affiliate marketing within

My computer alright guys so I'm a very Visual learner and if you are too you're In for a treat the first thing you want To do is find a niche write down a lot Of the things that you enjoy talking About or that you have knowledge in for Me it's either going to be Fitness rugby Fishing even now it's like starting Affiliate marketing doing YouTube Finances credit cards after that you Want to think about how these niches Could fit into an industry where you Want to build your business around as an Example if I were doing fishing again You know I created a YouTube channel on Phishing I talked about this before and Then from there I got Amazon associate Links to basically different lures and Gear and anytime I go fishing and I use A product and I catch a fish I could Just mention by the way like what I Caught this on was a three inch fluke You guys can check that out link Down Below in the description now the problem With fishing though is that you're not Always going to catch fish and some days They're you know you get skunked a lot I Actually started to cross off different Things on my list like rugby it's harder To make an affiliate Commission because You know there's cleats which I think is A really good profitable Niche by the Way if you're reviewing cleats that's Another business I wanted to start back

Then Another one is if someone has like a Specific rugby training program like a Five to ten week program to become Really good they can give you a 20 split On that for me personally the way I Prioritize the Affiliates though is Based on the longevity of it how much it Pays out versus the work that I put in Out of that I think Finance is a great Niche too but oftentimes you also have To keep into consideration uh Blue Ocean Strategy so pretty much anyone in the World can start a fitness brand they can Start a fitness program there are a lot More people who can just execute you Know they're more committed to that game If I see it as too competitive I also Won't get into it so for me personally It just came down to finance credit Cards and ultimately that's actually What it created this YouTube channel Around now take your list guys whatever It might be and then come out with these Few questions which do you think can Make you the most amount of money which Do you have the most interest in and What would you have the most to talk About I would literally pause and do That it's pretty important all right Next crucial step is going to be finding An affiliate Network so the most Well-known one that you can get approved For is Amazon Associates but just think

About different products that you can Use now there are a ton of other Affiliate marketing platforms you just Have to do a bit more research but I'll Actually make another video on my Channel going over all the top affiliate Programs you can have access to today The one that we showed earlier in this Video though is impact they also have a Ton of brands on there I believe they Have 1200 plus Brands it's easy to use I've been using it for five plus years Now and it's just very straightforward All right so as an example guys I'll go Back into impact so right off the bat There if I go into fine Brands here and Then all brands you're going to be able To see a ton of them now even in this Video like I didn't even expect this but We have a many chat subscription here And this is what we're talking about Earlier on what this individual here was Using when you type in something on our Video like makeup and then it'll Automatically send the automation just Like how I'm teaching you guys in this Video If you taught someone what I Taught you you could actually earn a Hundred percent for the first three six Nine twelve four months for their Subscription and I believe their Subscriptions like 15 or 30 dollars a Month so what I would do is I'd press Join and I would give them a brief

Description about myself I am a YouTuber Making content educating others within The finance space I have whatever Followers you have 1.4 million Subscribers and mainly post on YouTube This is just a easy example so I press Join and my application was Auto Approved normally after that I would Just go into create link create it here I'd be good to go just going through This I've used Chegg before when I was In college to study and it looks like They also pay out an affiliate Commission a lot of these subscription Services pay you out a percentage of Their subscription and another one here Is Credit Sesame so they'll pay you per Revenue on the transaction and you can Just find different programs here now Some of these don't fit what you like to Do you can actually sort it based on how Much they pay out so like we can do a CPI payout percentage see what's paying Out the highest we can also do sale Payout amount so if you didn't want to Do subscription we can actually see what Pays out the most so as an example Kindred Motorworks right here if you get Them a pre-order they'll pay you two Thousand dollars as an affiliate the Thing you want to just do is make sure It's a legitimate company and they say a Kindred Kindred oh this is really cool Wow if you bring them pre-order I mean

They're expensive but this looks amazing Look if I was rich rich guys like rich Rich rich I would really consider this Like an old school Bronco that is clean You can sign up for their affiliate Program right here make a Blog make a Short form website uh you could even hop On a call with people to answer some of Their questions to get them to sign up And then you're almost acting as if You're a salesperson for these people But you still work on your own terms Another cool one here is toast this is a B2B service so as you guys know I own my Own restaurant here with a few other Investors in Rockville Maryland come Check it out guzo if you guys live in The area but basically toast is a system Where it allows restaurants to do the Whole payment you know thing you can add Tips whatever it is it's a payment Provider if you get someone to sign up For toast they'll give you a thousand Dollars within 45 days and if you get Someone to just do a demo request They're gonna pay you 150 out that right There is insane the way I would get Affiliate Commission on this is I would Go on YouTube and I would make guides on How to start a restaurant business or You know how a restaurant business could Save x amount of time and money and You'll actually notice if we go onto Their website they'll give you all the

Marketing tools you need so I'm sure Toast will compare themselves to some of The other bigger Brands you know they're Ranked as the number one point of sale G2s and it's just about making content Educating people on this because some People just don't know this stuff exists Or another way is to literally just be Knocking on restaurant doors like hey You know I work for a POS system company Not actually but you know I'm an Affiliate lead generator so you could go To restaurants in your area some of them Are super old school and be like hey Listen I know y'all are using this Terrible system right here but if you Switch over to toast you guys can make a Lot more money I'd recommend you guys Set up a demo call and if you don't want To put in that work where you're like Knocking on doors and stuff too you Could send out a mass email just get all The emails of the restaurants in your Area and then let them know like hey I Run this agency here's like a quick 30 Minute tutorial video if you guys want To check it out and what we believe is Good for you is toast so they'll think You work for toast you actually don't But you do get paid commission so in Essence you do if you're making a lot of Money and with something like this guys If you're able to convert people like Just say 10 restaurants you're making

Ten thousand dollars in a single day or A month however long it takes on the Topic of that impact has doordash on Here so there are some restaurants that Still don't use doordash and this is Where they can get food delivery set up So I'd be like hey you know I've been Coming to this pizza place my whole life I love what you guys do but I noticed You're not on doordash let's get you Guys set up because it's going to bring You more revenue for your business it's Really easy I'll handle setting it up it Takes me 30 minutes and then you make Sure that they sign up using your own Affiliate link here so these are all the Ones you know what's crazy there's Gusto Right here we've used Gusto before I Could have even gotten my link use my Link and then made more videos talking About this too so when a lot of people Say that it's hard to make money out Here or it's impossible and getting Started I've literally just given you Guys the full blueprint on five Different affiliate marketing businesses That you could start today now impact is One of just many different platforms Like I mentioned but at the end of the Day I think affiliate marketing it's Great if you want to make good passive Income but I'm all about things that are Sustainable that live on the ecosystem Of different platforms social media

Engines and one way that you can Actually extend the lifetime of your Affiliate program and have it run on the Back end passively I'd say blogs is Still one of the most underrated best Ways to do this the reason why I say Blogs is better than a lot of social Media traffic is because when people are Looking to sign up for a certain product Or an item they're gonna look it up on Google before they look it up on YouTube Or Tick Tock first now things like that May change in the next few years but as An example if I'm looking up Gusto Reviews because Google owns YouTube Sometimes you'll notice that YouTube Videos pull up on the bottom of this so If I wanted to do something like Printify review this this is a Print-on-demand service for getting your Own custom merch you'll notice there are Videos here and then if I click on this Video and then I click on one of her Funnels so if I get a free Etsy startup Guide most likely guaranteed she's going To email me also a link to uh setting up My printify and then printify I believe Has a hundred or two hundred dollar Affiliate commission right there outside Of the social media content though if I Made a Blog say they Went ahead and they actually wrote out Like a full comparison the good the bad They make it very clear and usually what

They'll do is at the bottom of it they Say we recommend printify if I copy the Link address you'll see that there's Actually a tracking code right here so They're earning affiliate Commission on This too the benefit of blogs guys is The fact that with tools like chat GPT You can automate a lot of the blogging Process where you don't have to be in Front of a camera record videos put Yourself out there and you can make Hundreds of thousands of dollars every Single month passively anonymously Without having to move your kahuchi Right off the sea so the first step in Creating a website for yourself is Finding a good web hosting platform Personally I've used a lot of them Because I've built many websites for Myself but I think one of the best ones That you guys can take advantage of Today is hostinger now before we even Partnered with hostinger I actually use Them to build my own personal website And the biggest reason for this is that You can actually get a free domain with An annual plan and these literally start As low as 3.99 now by the way we're Already scripting this video and then we Decided we've worked with them before And I like them let's see if they'll Sponsor this episode and they said yeah So this integration actually works out Perfect and with hostinger whether

You're trying to make your own blog Version kind of like the one we're Seeing here or you're trying to make Your own e-commerce store they have a Ton of great tools and they have even Things like the AI WordPress tool to Help build you the website all right so To get started really easy go into Hosting click on your website link Down Below in the description for this select The WordPress platform to build your Website and from there you can choose to Add plugins to help collect data and Improve your website function Personality right then and there now all You have to do is choose a theme that You think looks good and then select Your preference for the colors and Styling and the next step is that you Need to enter a website name and a basic Description of what will actually be on Your website so let's say for example I'm creating a website for my affiliate Products so I'll enter the name there in A basic description it'll be like Jung Reviews for the website description I'll Type in something like on this website You'll find the best products from Within the finance and investing Niche To help people get ahead in their Finances and start from one simple Place Using those prompts hostingers AI WordPress tool is then going to build a Website that you can use them to direct

Your traffic to your affiliate links you Also don't have to worry about quality Because the content is already going to Be SEO optimized when using the WordPress AI assistant which I believe Can save you tons of time in creating Managing your content on top of that Hostinger is going to give you a ton of Useful features so they're going to hook You up with a 200 gigabyte of storage The ability to launch 100 websites as Well as backups to keep your website Safe and with the plan that that I Mentioned you get a free domain with an Annual plan that can cost as little as 3.99 so if you guys also want a little Bit of a discount code Brian Jung 10 Link Down Below in the description so Once you have your website up just write Out some content with the help of AI Chachybt whatever it is make sure you Proofread it you know and ideally you Want to be as authentic as possible make Sure whatever it's saying you align with The values of it and then from there put In your affiliate link and then you got To drive your traffic so you can either Drive organic traffic or you can do paid Ads organic is going to cost you zero Dollars only gonna cost you time and to Get started with that make videos on Tick Tock make videos on YouTube use Pinterest there are a ton of ways to Drive free traffic right now now going

To the details on mastering organic SEO Or even running paid ads is a whole Separate video but at least for the Basis of this you guys got the Inspiration you need in order to get Started so here are some tips for Success you have to choose the right Product for the right Niche okay if you Choose a crappy product you don't know What Market is in affiliate marketing is Not going to work out for you keep also In mind it's called affiliate marketing Not affiliate selling not affiliate Business affiliate marketing so what Will really help is getting books on Knowing the principles of marketing how To get people to convert and there are a Lot of great resources on that one of my Favorite books is by Alex formosi 100 Million dollar offers and in that he Talks about giving someone an Irresistible Grand Slam offer so usually The best Affiliates are the ones where It's a no-brainer for people so as an Example this is all real life stuff that I personally do let's take a credit card If you get a credit card you pay it off Info every single month you earn points Or cash back that is free money if I Were to tell you hey here's two hundred Dollars take it and you would have to be A mad person to say no right with credit Cards the only catches you have to spend A certain amount but usually people are

Spending that amount anyways but if you Break down the information for people to Know and then I use a referral link and Then I earn additional points or Commission on that sale and people are Also benefiting too it's the win-win-win Trifecta from that example I have a high Quality product I know how to Source Traffic from I know how to provide Information and value that allows me to Also get more organic content and if People are happy the banks are happy With the traffic and I'm able to get a Commission it's a sustainable business Some other good tips for success is if You're not able to go viral you can Focus on high ticket products so instead Of getting a thousand people to buy a Sports bra for like five buck commission That you get you can sell one product That's really good a high ticket product Where one person will earn you a Thousand dollar commission instead this Year is a lot easier to get traffic on But realize High ticket products mean People have to spend more money Oftentimes so it is a bit more difficult If you're able to at least get people to Buy as simple as like a little tool you Know like a pen if you can get someone To buy a small thing like a pen and You're able to master Marketing in that Degree eventually you can do high ticket Affiliate programs where you can scale

This to an incredible degree so don't go For the super high ticket affiliate Programs in the beginning sell the easy Stuff first get in the Rhythm and then From there you can scale up the next Thing which I think is probably the most Important build trust with your audience If you have a Blog if you have a website If you have social media if you have a Pinterest account whatever it is you Need to build authenticity and trust and That is one of the reasons why I've been Successful over the years it's because I've given enough value to many people I've impacted lives and I don't want to Be true to my horn it sounds like I'm Tooting my horn there's no other way to Say it I impact people in a positive way With high value content and in return if They use affiliate links that is what Also spins that flywheel of the Win-win-win business model if you're not Approaching the you know Instagram stuff Just do it with your blog even someone That we've reviewed the lazy marathon Runner she's showing realistic results She's showing her time her improvements She's showing photos so we know there is A level of authenticity and we're living In a time right now where AI is Completely taking over and dominating The space so it's just so important to Show people that you actually are real And that it's not all written by AI

Either because at the end of the day I Think the most successful people are the Ones that are truly authentic with Themselves and Their audience plus it Also feels good when you're authentic Guys instead of feeling all sleazy so Those are going to be the main tips if You guys did find any value in this Video be sure to check out the links Down Below in the description as well Follow me over on Instagram over on Twitter subscribe to this YouTube Channel and if you guys want to see more Videos on affiliate marketing if you Guys want me to talk about the Advanced Techniques all for free I'm here to do That for you and serve my audience so I Appreciate y'all I love you all let me Know if you guys like the different Format here in today's video take care Stay blessed I'll see you all soon peace


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