BITCOIN PARABOLIC MOVE COMING! + Donald Trump & Altcoin News [Vechain, AI Coins, FriendTech]

The number one factor affecting the Price of Bitcoin and crypto assets today Is Federal Reserve policy you need to Hear this Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell just made a speech on policy fed Policy he seems hawkish so you need to Understand these three things number one He reaffirmed inflation is still too High number two he says he is prepared To raise rates if needed number three he Has doubled down on two percent Inflation Target listen two percent is And will remain our inflation Target We are committed to achieving and Sustain sustaining a stance of monetary Policy that is sufficiently restrictive To bring inflation down to that level Over time As is often the case we are navigating By the stars under Cloudy Skies In such circumstances risk management Considerations are critical At upcoming meetings we will assess our Progress Based on the totality of the data and The evolving Outlook and risks Based on this assessment we will proceed Carefully as we decide whether to Tighten further or instead to hold the Policy rate constant and await further Data Restoring price stability is essential To achieving both sides of our dual Mandate

We will need price stability to achieve A sustained period of strong labor Market conditions that benefit all And we will keep at it until the job is Done look my friends the longer the bear The bigger the bull we follow the market Every day we're bullish on bitcoin and Crypto here if you want more of our Outlook take a look at yesterday's video Bitcoin will explode to 148 thousand Dollars by 2025 smash the like button Let's get into some altcoin news V chain And AI project team up on AI to fight Climate change do you like V chain do You like Singularity let me know in the Comments this is the news artificial Intelligence firm and Blockchain firm V chain have become the Latest firms to marry blockchain with Artificial intelligence this time with The aim of cutting down carbon emissions Over the last year the crypto industry Has seen an increasing amount of Collaboration between blockchain and AI On August 24th V chain a smart contract Compatible blockchain used for supply Chain track tracking announced a Strategic collaboration with the Decentralized AI service sharing Platform singularity in a joint Statement The Firm said the partnership Will merge vechain's Enterprise data With singularity's Advanced AI

Algorithms to enhance automation of Manual processes and provide real-time Data singularitynet founder and CEO Ben Told cointelegraph that blockchain and Ai go hand in hand and can solve Problems where traditional approaches Often fail quote the last few years have Taught the world that when the right AI Algorithms meet the right data on Sufficient processing power a little Magic can happen OG ethereum mixing Service tornado cache this is a tool to Help you stay private the founders have Been charged with laundering more than One billion including Millions for North Korea they just wrote the code they're Getting charged for what other people Did with the code that they wrote this Is insane U.S prosecutors charge the Founders of tornado cash with laundering More than a billion dollars including Millions to North Korea in a newly Unsealed indictment Roman storm and Roman seminar were both accused of Sanctions violations and laundering Money through the tornado cash platform Now that indictment also alleges that Tornado cash failed to implement know Your customer or anti-money laundering Rules as required by law storm was Arrested in Washington on Wednesday but Seminoff who's a Russian national Remains at large the FBI's James Smith Told CNBC quote we're treating this like

Any other fugitive now we will work Whatever Avenues whatever we need to do To arrest whether it be domestic or International so everything that anybody Did on their platform tornado cash They're getting charged for so storm was Arrested Wednesday in Washington state He's now out on bail and then the other Guy remains at large here's the thing They just wrote code it's like speech They shouldn't get arrested did for just Writing code I don't think and in Particular they shouldn't get charged With something that somebody did in North Korea speaking of trouble in Paradise binance is going through it MasterCard and binance to end crypto Card partnership master card is cutting Ties with crypto exchange binance the Payments giant said it will no longer Offer binance branded debit cards in the Middle East and Latin America those Cards let customers make purchases with Their crypto Holdings in a post on X the Platform formerly known as Twitter Finance Customer Support said this will Affect fewer than one percent of users In those markets existing card holders Can continue using their cards until September 21st binance of the cards will Stop working after that yes MasterCard And binance will end their four crypto Card programs in Argentina Brazil Colombia and Bahrain as of September

22nd this binance card allows users to Make payments in traditional currencies Funded by their cryptocurrency Holdings On Exchange is this kind of a canary in The coal mine of sorts as you know Binance is facing legal and Regulatory Challenges U.S Regulators sued the Crypto exchange and its CEO CZ in June Alleging operating a web of deception by Chance has said it would defend itself Vigorously is binance in trouble is the Question because Regulators are accusing Binance of mishandling funds and lying To Regulators the SEC said that binance Exchange makes the billions of dollars In customer funds and secretly sent them To a separate company controlled by Binance's founder CZ I've been full-time Crypto for almost six years now I'll say This Finance year after year has gone Through fud similar to this they've Always come out on top it has always Been fud we do know that the SEC you Know going after coinbase the SEC seems To be in the wrong in a lot of ways but Then again I have no idea about the Internal workings of binance I'm wishing Them the best but we'll see what happens New information is coming to light about Major crypto custodian Prime trust Prime Trust parent company lost 8 million Investing in Terra USD Prime core Technologies is the parent company said That under prior management event it

Lost 6 million in user funds and 2 Million in treasury funds through Investment in the algorithmic stable Coin bankrupt crypto custodian Prime Trust has revealed it lost Millions in Last year's fall of Terra USD and the Thursday Court filing Prime trust Disclosed that it invested both customer Funds and corporate treasury funds into The doomed stablecoin project and lost About 6 million dollars in client funds After Tara collapsed as well as about Two million dollars in treasury funds And that same court filing the company Detailed a separate incident where it Mistakenly sent customer deposits to a Wallet it no longer had access to and Had to spend 76 million dollars to buy Eth and cover customer withdrawals as You recall primetrust filed for Bankruptcy in the United States in August estimating at the time it had Roughly 100 million to 500 million in Liabilities between twenty five thousand Fifty thousand creditors and as you know The collapse of Terror in 2022 was Considered by many to be one of the Major precipitating events leading to The major crypto crash in Bear Market Several firms collapsed or filed for Bankruptcy that year including FTX block 5 Celsius Network Voyager digital Believe it or not this stuff coming to Light is actually bullish and signals

That were at the end of this kind of Stuff that the fraud The Leverage the Risk has been flushed out and we're Moving forward as an industry moving Forward as an industry with stuff like This apparently Trump nft sale volume Skyrocketed by three thousand seven Hundred percent following the mug shot Release did you see Trump's mug shot What do you think it certainly made his Nft collections send he has two Collections as you recall the increase In sales volume boosted The Collection Floor prices with the first collections Floor price and market cap rising to 313 And 14 million dollars likewise the Second collection saw its floor price And market cap climbed to 50 and 2.3 Million meanwhile this marks another Instance of a trump-related event Influencing the value of his nft Collection earlier this year the sales Volume of former president series one Collection Rose almost 500 percent after The grand jury indicted him seems like His base loves him more when this stuff Happens and people are using crypto to Take bets on the upcoming presidential Election poly Market Wagers favor Trump For nomination ramaswamy bid gains Momentum what do you think coinbase has An ethereum layer 2 it's called base Base news base hit 16 transactions per Second yesterday Lots due to friend Tech

But still incredible growth are you Following me on friendtech yet we have 45 people in the group private chat Sometimes celebrities pop in here's Mario I was in Mario's friend Tech Spaces earlier sharing exclusive Pictures of us on the set of killer Whales dropping in a few months check Out this video right here if you want to Find out how to onboard hopefully you Come on over to our group I'm just about To drop three altcoin picks not in the Top 50 that I really like


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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