Don’t HODL Crypto!

Hold up hold up don't just hoddle your Crypto make your assets work over time I've got five hot tips to take your Investing to the next level first up Stake your coins in proof of stake Networks for some easy passive income by Contributing to secure These Chains you Can earn sweet annual yields of around Five to ten percent next become a Liquidity provider on dexes like Uniswomp or pancake swap add your crypto To liquidity pools to earn trading fees From every swap that Taps your pool the More volume the more you earn just watch For impermanent loss cutting your gains Now you can go one step further and Stake those LP tokens on yield Farms This compounds your earning by farming Additional yield on top of your pool Fees but if you want a low risk yield Deposit stable coins or Bitcoin into Crypto savings accounts the easiest way To earn interest on idle assets rates May be a bit lower than D5 last but not Least lend out assets on decentralized Lending platforms you earn interest from Over collateralized loans with higher Risk but higher rewards there you have It five ways to make your Holdings work Over time just remember to do your own Research and only invest what you can Afford to lose cryptos are risky so Stack those stats smartly


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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