“Bitcoin Will Explode To $148,000 by 2025” | Fed Jerome Powell Speech at Jackson Hole [PREPARE]

I've been through three massive bear Markets in 10 years and I could admit in The first few of those I was really Sweating and I was like I don't know What blockchain's gonna work you know Maybe the government's gonna Outlaw it You know maybe something really bad Happens Um this cycle is totally different major Hedge fund Pantera Capital with assets Over 4.2 billion along with their CEO Dan Moorhead just made a public Statement that the Bitcoin having Happening next year in 2024 can take the Bitcoin price to over a hundred and Forty eight thousand dollars by July 2025. this was in their public Newsletter they backed their projection Up with data and while the fed's annual Jackson Hole Symposium is happening now Be ready how can Pantera justify to me This insane price prediction number one The Bitcoin price has been suppressed Long enough we've actually been through The longest period of negative Year-over-year returns ever lasting 15 Months from around February of 2022 to June of 2023 Bitcoin has never been this Suppressed the longest period prior was Just under a year from the end of 2014 To October of 2015. so this period right Here of course we know what Bitcoin did After and now Pantera is publicly on Record our view is that we've seen

Enough there's just so long markets can Be down we believe the combination of Recent positive events the xrp ruling The endorsements by Blackrock in Addition to the Bitcoin having provide a Strong setup for the next bull market For digital assets so Pantera is saying That Bitcoin has strong product Market Fit has strong fundamentals and then of Course the Bitcoin having which is near The exact opposite of what traditional Markets are used to the money supply Function of the Bitcoin protocol is the Polar opposite of of quantitative easing Today 6.25 Bitcoins are issued every 10 Minutes and unlike traditional markets There's no green span put if a Politically powered group like Homeowners or people who own equities is Suffering it's just 6.25 BTC every 10 Minutes and no entity on Earth can Change that every four years the block Reward is cut in half this process Repeats until the year 2140 and next year's having as outlined By Pantera will be big the next having Is projected to occur on April 20th 2024 The block reward for Bitcoin will get Cut in half again and if demand for new Bitcoins just stays constant and the Supply of new Bitcoins is then cut in Half this will force the price up but Austin if everybody knows this is about To occur then isn't it already priced in

Well this is also known as the efficient Markets Theory which says if we all know It's going to happen then it has to be Priced in well in response to that and Referencing famed investor Warren Buffett the markets are almost always Efficient but the difference between Almost and always is 80 billion to me Thus Pantera States for the record even If we think everybody knows something it Doesn't mean there isn't a ton of money To be made so next year's having is not Priced in says Pantera and then based Historically where Bitcoin is bottomed Pantera has a guess on where Bitcoin Could top Bitcoin has historically Bottomed 477 days prior to the having Then climbed leading into it and then Exploded afterwards if history were to Repeat itself the price of Bitcoin Should have bottomed around December 30th 2022. now that didn't happen as of Today the actual low for Bitcoin Occurred on November 9th 2022 amidst the FTX collapse a month and a bit earlier That means things have been sped up that Means the current price of Bitcoin is Actually outpacing Pantera's projection They were thinking BTC would be around 3 500 at the having date while we saw Around a 679 percent increase from the Last having after 2020. they're Expecting a 317 percent increase in 2024 Into 25 and that would take us to almost

A 150 000 Bitcoin now of course this is Pantera's projection long term but Short-term Jerome Powell the FED may Have other plans Jerome Powell set to Deliver his annual Jackson Hole speech That tanked stocks last year tomorrow Fed chair Jerome Powell is scheduled to Speak at the Kansas fed's annual Jackson Hole Gathering Kansas City feds in last Year's speech which lasted only eight Minutes he was clear in his warning that The central bank would continue its Rapid rate hike campaign to combat Inflation which back then was clocking In at around nine percent so Powell will Take this stage Friday at 10 05 a.m Eastern time as part of the three-day Gathering in Jackson Hole Wyoming at the Same Gathering last August Powell Famously warned the U.S may need to Enter a lengthy period of very Restrictive monetary policy that will Bring some pain so last year he warned The market the S P 500 fell more than 3 Percent the day of Powell's 2022 speech And then crashed 13 a month after Jackson Hole and thus today with the Monetary policy already so aggressive Yet with inflation still sticky what Should we expect from Jerome I think It's going to be completely different Last year inflation was Rising they had Pivoted from saying it was transitory to Being the number one priority you ripped

Up the usual speech made it much shorter And so the same thing eight times Inflation is our priority this year he Doesn't need to do that because they Have made inflation the priority they've Raised rates really rapidly inflation Has come down and so I think we're going To Pivot back to a more standard speech Where they'll be talking about the Prospects for the labor market the Prospects for inflation he's already Talked about how things are a little bit More balanced they're getting close to Being balanced and so I think he's going To leave open the possibility of of more More increases but it's going to be a Very different speech than last year I Think the fed and I think what Powell is Going to say tomorrow is we're in a Place we can hang out and watch for a While I don't think he has to lay down a Major landmark policy speech as he did Last year because I think the Outlook is Much more uncertain as to what the FED Needs to do the minute I get results From this I'll make a video I will keep You updated but just understand Even If The Fed says the US dollar is strong When in doubt zoom out and think about The purchasing power today of the dollar Compared to where we used to be put a New term on Tick Tock today that made me Stop in my tracks we are living in the Silent depression this guy believes we

Are not just living in worse than the Great Depression we're living in the Silent depression the average annual Income in 1930 for an American Individual was a little over forty eight Hundred dollars sounds like nothing but If you adjust that for inflation a Little over forty eight hundred dollars A year in 1930 is equivalent to almost 85 000 annually for the average salary For one person right now the average Annual salary is fifty six thousand Dollars a year we currently are making Less than the height of the Great Depression in 1930 gas was on average 10 Cents a gallon that would be about 1.73 In case you haven't filled up your car Lately average cost of a gallon of gas Is 3.55 and of course the most coveted Aspect of the American dream being able To buy a house in 1930 cost about thirty Nine hundred dollars less than seventy Thousand dollars I spend way too much Time on Zillow so maybe this isn't Surprising to me but the average price Of a home in America today is 416 Thousand dollars so how this affects you As a crypto holder long-term post having Bitcoin is looking super bullish Fundamentally because of the fed and Because of macro anything anything is Possible in the short term especially if The FED pushes till something breaks Bitcoin will crash like the stock market

Date in 2030 Bloomberg analyst predicts And he does back this with data one of The best performing Assets in history And a leading indicator Bitcoin appears Similar to the stock market in 1930 so Back in 1930 statistician and Entrepreneur Roger Babson began warning About elevated Equity prices well before Economist Irvin Fisher proclaimed a Permanently High plateau in 1929 the FED Tilts or bias towards a stance similar To babson's today for Bitcoin so he's Essentially saying don't fight the fed And in this above chart it goes from 1920 to 1931 with a white line being the Dow Jones 100 week moving average so This stock market with the yellow line Being the FED interest rate back in the 1920s and then of course we see after The FED had stopped hiking they actually Already started pivoting they pushed Markets till they broke and the Dow Jones obviously went into a severe Correction but Bloomberg is saying that It's very similar to what we're seeing With Bitcoin the white line is bitcoin's 100 week moving average with the yellow Obviously being the U.S federal funds Rate the 100 week moving average for Bitcoin has already turned with many People projecting one more hike possible And then we pivot with the Fed so while I am bullish long term anything is Possible short term and I will push back

A little that it's sort of an unfair Comparison for Bitcoin versus Traditional markets because although I Don't totally disagree last time I Checked the Dow Jones does not cut its New Supply in half every four years in Fact quite the opposite is true boom Times equal increase new issue wins if You'll be in Amsterdam in October be Sure to join us at Bitcoin Amsterdam Conference use code altcoin daily for 10 Off your ticket link down below see you Tomorrow like always


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