Crypto News: BTC, ETH Vs. SEC, Fed Cuts, Crypto in EU, TON & MORE!!

Welcome to the coin Bureau Weekly News Round my name is Jessica and my name is Guy here are the top stories in crypto This [Music] Week dump and pump BTC crashes because Of spat Bitcoin ETF outflows before Rallying in response to the fed's Hawkishness where is BTC headed next Ethereum under scrutiny the SEC Reportedly investigates the entity's Behind ethereum while it delays its spot ETF applications what does this mean for Eth anti- crypto EU European Union Politicians pass a controversial Bill Restricting crypto payments shortly Before Micah stablecoin laws will go Into effect while Europeans could soon Lose access to certain altcoins fed Cuts Incoming the Federal Reserve makes it Clear that it will stick to lowering Interest rates while the Central Bank of Switzerland delivers a surprise decrease How will this impact crypto and a closer Look at last week's top performing Cryptos and where they could be headed Next all this and More in just a Moment last week BTC experienced extreme Price volatility first it fell by double Digits this was believed to be due to All the outflows from grayscale spot Bitcoin ETF which totaled almost $900 Million at the same time the other spot Bitcoin ETFs saw some of their lowest

Inflows since launching two things to Note here the first is that the outflows From grayscale spot Bitcoin ETF could Continue for the next week or so this Assumes that most of these outflows are Coming from bankrupt crypto lender Genesis which was authorized to Liquidate $1.6 billion in gbtc back in February the second thing to note is That even though the other spot Bitcoin ETFs saw some of their lowest inflows Since launching they have not Experienced any significant outflows This suggests that ETF investors haven't Been phased by the recent correction Which is a very good sign if you watched Our video about the recent crypto dip You'll know that we predicted the Subsequent recovery rally and even noted That the Catalyst for it would likely be The fed's press conference you'll also Know that we could yet see a bigger Crash but we'll come back to that in a Second now the reason why the fed's Press conference was so bullish was Basically because Fed chair Jerome Powell made it clear that the Central Bank isn't concerned about inflation for Context the CPI and PPI had recently Come in higher than expected leading to Concerns that the FED would be more Hawkish when the FED came out as even More doish it created the perfect Catalyst for a rally in stocks and

Crypto the catch is that crypto and Stocks may have a harder time rallying In the absence of any additional bullish Catalysts this this depends on whether Passive investment flows resume in full Force or remain muted btc's charts Suggest that it could go in either Direction on the 4-Hour chart BTC is Struggling to break out of the downward Trend it's been in over the last two Weeks and on the daily chart BTC is well Below the Ballinger band moving average A key zone of support during the recent Rally now resistance the weekly chart Though is where things get spooky BTC Appears to be painting An Evening Star C C stick pattern this pattern typically Occurs at the end of an enormous uptrend And it marks a reversal I.E a big Downtrend not sure if you've noticed but BTC has been in an enormous uptrend for Months what would be truly scary however Would be if BTC continued to fall this Week and then painted An Evening Star Candlestick pattern on the monthly Barring any black swans though this is Very unlikely as interest rates are Coming down flows are coming back and Liquidity continues to rise now if you Plan on trading any volatility we could See in the interim then be sure to check Out the coin Bureau deals page it's got Trading fee discounts of up to 60% and Sign up bonuses of up to $60,000 on the

Best crypto exchanges these deals are Only available for our viewers and they Won't be around for long so be sure to Take advantage of them while they last Using the link in the Description now besides the spot Bitcoin ETF outflows the other Catalyst that Seems to have caused the crypto Market To fall was the news that the SEC is Investigating the ethereum foundation And other entities affiliated with Ethereum naturally the SEC is looking For proof that eth is a security three Things to note here the first is that The SEC has not charged the ethereum Foundation or any other ethereum Affiliated entities it's merely Investigating at this stage for all we Know this investigation could come away Empty-handed and given ethereum's Decentralization there is a good chance That it will the second thing to note However is that the risk of the SEC Going after entities behind ethereum Seems to be real logically they wouldn't Launch an investigation if they believed There was zero chance of eventual Success what's frustrating is that it's Not entirely clear what they're looking For the third thing to note meanwhile is The most important and that's that Gary Gendler isn't actually the the person You need to be paying attention to here Enforcement actions are overseen by the

Sec's director of enforcement gerer Greywell now we'll be doing an in-depth Video about all of this later this week So to make sure you don't miss it Subscribe to the channel and ping that Notification Bell and while you're at it Smash that like button to give this Video a boost now the Revelation that The SEC was probing entities in Ethereum's ecosystem had a predictable Effect on eth's price it flash crashed To almost 3K before recovering but is Still looking weak compared to BTC this Can be clearly seen on the eth BTC chart Which looks weak across all time frames Eth's 4our chart is looking a little More bullish but the apparent recovery Could just as easily be painting a Massive bare flag eth is also very far Below the Ballinger band moving average On The Daily but it's being held by the Strong zones of support around 3K from The previous crypto cycle meanwhile eths Weekly chart looks like a classic Blowoff top and its monthly chart is Dangerously close to painting the Evening star Candlestick pattern I Talked about earlier taken together it Paints a very Bleak picture for eth but The fact that asset managers haven't Withdrawn their ETF applications says it All it stands to reason that black rock And Co would have withdrawn their spot Ethereum ETF applications if they

Thought there was a real risk that the SEC would go after eth not not only did They not do this but Black Rock actually Launched a tokenized fund on ethereum Underscoring how bullish it is on eth Moreover the SEC decided to delay van X Spot ethereum ETF application again it Stands to reason that the SEC would have Rejected the ETF if it truly believed Eth was a security then again the SEC Could just be Bing its time ahead of the Final decision date in May before Rejecting all applications whatever the Case the fact that the sec's Investigation hasn't materialized into Anything meaningful thus far probably Means that there's no immediate cause For concern this is reflected in eth's Quick recovery after investors digested The news with a bit of luck it will Start catching up in BTC terms too and You can learn more about how ethereum's Been doing since the denune upgrade Using the link in the description now Speaking of regulations the EU has Approved a law which would effectively Ban crypto payments made from self- Custodial wallets that's because it Requires all crypto payments from self- Custodial wallets to involve kyc this Will add costs to Merchants and Discourage them from accepting crypto One important thing to note here Contrary to what you may have seen on

Social media the eu's new law does not Ban crypto transfers between wallets nor Does it ban crypto transfers between Your personal wallet and crypto Exchanges this law specifically targets Crypto payments made from wallets even So if you watched any of our videos About the fat F you'll know that the Endgame of its so-called recommendations Is to make it next to impossible to do Anything in crypto without an Intermediary by labeling all Non-intermediation activities as high Risk some would say this is a big step In that direction on that note there is No question that this law law is anti- Crypto that's because the same law Allows for cash payments of up to €3,000 to be made without kyc but the Limit for crypto is zero if this law was Truly neutral the limit for crypto Payments would likewise have been set at €3,000 the eu's anti- crypto stance is Not surprising though given How Concerned it seems to be about Competitors to the euro what is Surprising is that this same law Includes a total ban on all cash Payments worth more than €10,000 for what it's worth this band Seems to be limited to business settings But back to the euro now if you've been Keeping up with our coverage of the Digital Euro you'll know that the ECB is

Genuinely terrified that another Currency including the US dollar could Compete with the Euro this is why the ECB is developing a digital Euro and why The EU is cracking down on stable coins In case you missed the memo the EU will Essentially ban all USD stable coins on The 30th of June this means that European users of crypto exchanges will Lose access to usdt pairs now this is a Very big problem considering that most Cryptos trade against usdt and not all Crypto exchanges offer Euro trading Pairs the even bigger problem though is That the cost of supporting Euro trading Pairs for smaller crypto projects may Not be worth it the consequence is is That it could become harder for Europeans to access small cap Altcoins with a bit of luck a Euro Stablecoin will be approved but Apparently none have been yet so this Begs the question of what you can do if You're a European crypto investor or Trader well the short answer is that you Should seriously consider reaching out To the crypto exchange you're using and Asking if they plan on listing Euro Pairs for the altcoins that you hold or Act L trade if they don't then you need To make sure that the altcoins you hold Can still be traded somewhere else such As a DEX for example consider that you Could be an altcoin millionaire but if

All your wealth is in an altcoin that You can't sell on an exchange because of EU restrictions then it doesn't exactly Count now the Silver Lining to all this Overreach is that time is still on your Side I'll repeat that the deadline for Stablecoin D listings in the EU is the 30th of June between now and then we're Likely to see most exchanges provide Euro trading Pairs and it's possible That a Euro stable coin will be approved By Regulators at the very least you Should get enough of a heads up from The Exchange you're using to know how these Regulations will affect your crypto Portfolio but I'll reiterate that Reaching out to them first may be a good Idea the last thing you want is to be Stuck with customer support when it's All going down now realistically the Stable coin D listings will only last Until the EU has approved some Euro Stable coins believe it or not but this Is something the EU wants that's because Euro stable coins will be backed by European government debt and this will Make it possible to subsidize EU Government spending this is probably why There may never be a Crackdown on Tether Usdt having a market cap of more than 100 billion means that over $100 billion Of US Government debt has been bought in Other words crypto Deens like you and me Are unknowingly subsidizing the spending

Of the US government now subsidizing Spending is something the US desperately Needs given that it's projected to run At a $1.6 trillion deficit this year in Plain English the US government is going To spend 1.6 trillion more than it Collects in taxes this means that it Will need to issue 1.6 trillion of debt Now all of this government spending has Had the convenient effect of keeping the Economy a float while the Federal Reserve has been holding interest rates At multi-decade highs for those Unfamiliar the FED started raising Interest rates back in 2022 in order to Combat inflation which has since Subsided Although inflation isn't coming down Nearly as fast as some expected it's Coming down fast enough for the FED to Still feel comfortable lowering interest Rates later this year per the updated Summary of economic projections or SCP Specifically three cuts are on the Schedule between now and December now It's believed that the FED will either Do these Cuts in April June July or December because doing them in September Or November would be perceived as a Political move because of the upcoming US presidential election and funnily Enough the treasury Department will Simultaneously begin buying back some of Its debt over the summer put simply the

Money printer is about to turn back on In a big way in the United States in Other countries meanwhile they've Already flicked the switch most notably Switzerland which announced a surprise Rate cut last week Apparently this is not that surprising Given that the Swiss like to front run The EU still it highlights the fact that Central banks around the world are Starting to switch from tightening to Easing this will result in a global Increase in borrowing which combined With obscene levels of government Spending will set the stage for Outrageous all-time highs in crypto and Elsewhere now the caveat is something I Mentioned earlier and that's the possib Possibility that something somewhere in The financial system could break this Could be Pension funds going under Because of exposure to commercial real Estate or the Chinese economy imploding Because of well real estate oddly though It seems that real estate prices never Seem to go down despite all the apparent Crises that seem to be emerging around The world if it makes you feel any Better housing prices tend to lag the Most meaning that if you make big gains In crypto you could still be early to Buying property not Financial advice of Course and with all that said it's about Time we looked at last week's top

Performing cryptos so Jessica take it Away thanks Guy well last week's top Performing cryptos were Ono Stacks ton Coin ecash and Phantom starting with Ono It's Ono token appears to have pered in Response to the news that black rock had Tokenized a fun on ethereum that's Because Ono is a defi protocol focused On real world assets or Rwas many smaller rwa related cryptos Also seem to have pumped in response as You can see Ando appears to be painting A bull flag on the daily chart if it Plays out it could easily rise over a Dollar in the coming days at that point It would be in fullon price discovery Mode meaning it would be hard to know Just how high it could go if in the Short Term next up we have Stax whose STX coin Appears to have pumped in response to The hype around the upcoming Nakamoto Upgrade which is expected in late April Now if we understand correctly it will Significantly increase the scalability Of stacks which is a de facto Layer Two On bitcoin as you can see STX appears to Be breaking out of a massive bull flag If it plays out STX could rise over $4 In the next few days or weeks this Wouldn't be surprising given the stx's Price action is highly correlated to BTC And btc's price is likely to rise Leading up to the hving which is also in

Late April now as for ton coin ton Appears to have pumped on the news that Ton Community rewards will be increasing On the 1st of April as you can see T's Price action appears to be play out just As we expected in last week's analysis When it comes to ecash it's XC coin Appears to have pumped in response to Another exchange listing the recent Upgrade it underwent likely also Contributed to the rally as you can see Xcc also appears to painting a bull flag On the weekly if it plays out xcc could Pump by more than 40% just note that it faces a lot of Resistance on the way up finally we have Phantom whose FTM coin appears to have Pumped in response to the speculation Around its upcoming Sonic upgrade which Will of course significantly increase Phantom speed notably the Sonic upgrade Will replace Phantom's existing operate Blockchain implementation it's a brand New chain as you can see FTM doesn't Appear to be painting a clear technical Pattern of any kind it also seems to be Struggling to get above the $1 Resistance level it's possible that it Will see a pullback before moving higher On the news of the Sonic upgrade which Is expected in the next few weeks and if You want to keep track of which cryptos Are pumping and also where you can trade Them be sure to check out the coin

Bureau tegram Channel using the link in The Description and that's all for today's Coin Bureau weekly crypto review if you Enjoyed it then you know what to do hit That like button subscribe button and Bell icon too don't forget to check out Our deals page where we have massive Trading fee and Hardware wallet Discounts as well as sign up bonuses of Up to $60,000 on some of the best exchanges Only for the viewers of this channel Also if you want to pick up some snazzy Crypto merch the Quia merch store has it All you can find the link to those Resources and many others in the Description below thank you so much for Watching and we'll see you all in next Week's Episode [Music]


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