Why Floki Is the #1 Crypto Meme Coin! (BIG NEWS)

It is very rare when a meme coin project Rises above and beyond its meme coin Routes to even grab the attention of the General public cycle after cycle is rare But to lead the trends to set the tone To raise the bar now that is rare indeed Floy is that crypto and now floi is Raising the bar even higher maybe you Saw their recent billboard in Times Square Maybe you've seen some of their Celebrity endorsements Tyson Fury here Trust me when I tell you that Floy is Establishing massive Partnerships all Over the world and yet I would bet most Likely what you've seen from FY is from Their millions and millions of community Members across the globe posting their Flaky stories sharing their flaky memes Y yo yo bro what's your favorite Cryptocurrency right nowy Floy get ity Yeah the best the best the flaky Community is one of the largest and Strongest crypto communities in the Space flaky is the people's Cryptocurrency we've been floky fans a Long time we've partnered with them Today to make this video possible I Think over the next 8 minutes even you Will become a flaky fan so what makes Flaky unique what makes flaky special Why would you ever want to get behind a Project like flaky and really it's fi's Three pillars that truly makes them

Unique and differentiates them they do These three different initiatives really Really well they have a huge Community We'll go over these numbers in just a Second they have massive utility like Seriously they have so many different Products a lot of utility here and of Course their charity like flaky does Give away a lot of money to charity they Truly are helping people around the World so the flaky Community is the Heart and soul of the flaky project and I think it's worth going over these Numbers because it is hard to get these Numbers many cryptos can't do it flak is Doing it and these numbers are growing On X over half a million Discord 177,000 Instagram 22,000 Tik Tok 36,000 Facebook 10,000 telegram 175,000 YouTube 13,000 Reddit 8,000 Twitch 2500 and then a fl's news Telegram just the announcements only 450 In this one this one's new you can be an Early adopter of this one but truly Awesome to see what fi has done as far As building up the community let's talk About some of fi's Flagship products They're utility a lot of meme coins talk About the utility that they're going to Eventually provide and some do have Different verticals of utility in my Opinion and it's not just an opinion you Can see right here FY truly has many Different Flagship products under their

Belt and a lot of utility for their Token so let's start here Valhalla Valhalla is fi's flagship ship game it's A play to earn Valhalla is a play to Earn nft metaverse game powered by the Flaky token on mainnet users will be Able to hold a certain amount of flaky In their wallet to make a character Playable users will also be able to earn Flaky tokens for battling everything That you obtain in the metaverse is Yours to own and sell as you please you Can play their Alpha release right now You will be entering one of the first Metaverses which is actually designed to Be a fun game instead of just another Virtual representation of the real world Intense music entertaining gameplay Amazing visuals after you click play Game it allows you to select two Different play modes the intro slopen World start here wander the Curious Aisle hang out with Vikings while you Try to raise and tame the mightiest Vera Or their battle Hub relax prepare and Battle fellow Vikings and wild veras They're constantly updating this game And providing Community updates and then Within the game you can battle try to Outwit your opponent and beat them you Can raid take over Islands strike Neutral or rival Clans find your place In the power hierarchy of the world you Can Farm you know cultivate resources

Grow your crops you can join clans Players will be able to create and join And hang out within these communities There will be a competitive element Between different Clans you can complete Quests anybody who likes gaming loves to Complete quests and you can craft Resource Gathering and cultivation would Not be complete without a crafting System [Music] What [Music] Val T tamed you know besides Bitcoin Itself I barely messed with any Cryptocurrency that doesn't at least Give me the option to earn some passive Yield and have the option of a robust Staking ecosystem and Flaky has that Stake earn claim rewards stake your Flaky token and earn flaky's sister Reward token token are intuitive easy to Use interface will help you safely stake And start earning today you can see the Apy on the eth chain and the B&B chain Right now they have 2.2 trillion staked And yes in case that wasn't clear FY is Both an ethereum and a BNB crypto so Yeah right now there are 460,000 plus Holders with 596 million being staked That's in USD and that's 2.2 trillion Flaky itself the uiux quite intuitive Easy to understand pretty Straightforward if you've ever Stak

Before token fi is a really cool product Under the flaky umbrella this basically Sets the standard to tokenize real world Assets it's an all-in-one platform that You can use even if you don't write one Line of code multichain we did a whole Deep dive on token fi so if you truly Want to understand the value prop I'm Going to link this like 11 12 minute Video below again token fi is the Ultimate crypto and real world asset Tokenization platform they're aiming to Make tokenization seamless and easy for The masses check out our video for the Full value prop Deep dive then we have Floify locker floify locker is a crypto Locker protocol that allows users mainly Other cryptos to securely lock various Types of digital assets such as a Crypto's LP the liquidity pool tokens Fungible tokens non-fungible tokens Multi- tokens so with this the utility Here is benefiting other tokens outside The FY ecosystem they can leverage Floy And the Floy file locker so that they Have a better product and then flaky Itself benefits from the use it's a Genius product who likes nfts maybe You'll like the flaky tars look at these Cute little flaky tars actually flaky Has three nft collections that provide Holders power ful benefits within the Flaky ecosystem for instance flaky tar Holders gain a special advantage in

Valhalla but only if they elect to burn The nft to throw it in the trash forever Basically when Valhalla is fully live The 10K Floy tar Supply will begin to Decrease the decision to burn or huddle Will not be an easy one plus they're Really fun we mentioned flaky's charity Work a lot in our last flaky video I Would like to sincerely send my Appreciation to Floy and T foundation For this gigantic project that bring to Our local government thank you fy now I Can come back to this school thank you Fy I like my new school thank you to FY We remain grateful and God will bless You thank You thank you it's important to keep in Mind that almost everything they do There's aspects of Charity turkey Earthquake relief nfts 100% of initial Sales donated to relief from the 23 Earthquake that devastated turkey and Surrounding Nations so keep in mind guys We can't get into everything here but a Big feature that sets flaky apart is how They give to charity the flaky cards are A really neat feature for this ecosystem Basically these are MasterCard and Visa Prepaid gift cards that you fund with Your flaky tokens through a widget on This page visa and MasterCard accepted Everywhere add it to your Apple pay or Google pay there's a 5k limit it's Refillable the balance of course is

Priced in US USD Limitless card quantity And the really cool feature the reason Why so many members of the flaky Community are using this is because There's a 1% buy back and burn Initiative here 1% of every transaction Buys and burns Floy making the token Further deflationary that's right flaky Is deflationary and the widget where you Can load up your flaky card is at the Very bottom of this page FY also has Their flaky places their Marketplace to Get merch and digital merch as well as University of floi their crypto Education platform fi just released an Updated 2024 road map with that we see Innovations to the flaky debit cards the University of flaky a flaky trading bot Integrating with big banking Giants Flaky domain names flaky staking as a Service also the Valhalla mainnet launch And then Valhalla Chinese mainnet launch By the way the Valhalla mobile app will Be released later this year again Powered by flaky as flaky and Flaky Ecosystem tokens continue to get burnt As flaky continues to get talked about As flaky infrastructure and plumbing Continues to get integrated and built up Very few crypto projects make as big of An impact as flaky they're just about to Reach an audience of 450 million in Their latest sporting partnership they Are the official partners of the World

Table Tennis Championships in South Korea I mean there's just so much to Talk about with flaky guys smash the Like button subscribe to the channel Subscribe to flaky follow flaky let's Get these numbers up my name is Aaron at Altcoin Daily see you tomorrow my Friends


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